The Weekend | Summer BBQ

BBQ hot rocksDSC_0458

The BBQ is one of those amazing food choices which I can’t fail to full for year on year. Alongside family picnics (which I have mixed in here) the BBQ always feels somewhat indulgent and ultimately the best way to relax into a summer evening, wherever you are.
Food for a Great British BBQ

On the Menu (for a feast)

  • Burgers (bun or bunless – Lettuce wraps are equally amazing!) +
  • Chicken Drumsticks wrapped in bacon or Joshes Korean BBQ version (Josh uses a sauce mix and rub leaving them in this mixture over night in the fridge within a bowl firmly covered by clingfilm.)
  • Sausage Rolls (homemade)
  • Apple Rockcakes (recipe below)
  • Strawberries and clotted Cream
  • Joshes Mocktail/Cocktail

chickenapple rock cakes

Apple Rockcakes/buns

I have a whole host of BBQ/Picnic Staples from my childhood which I wanted to share for this post but none have been so prevalent as the Apple Rockcake. A recipe taken from my mums Sainsbury’s companion cookbook from the late 80’s (I’m guessing here) I have a lot of fond memories of these little piece of apple goodness.

You will need;

200grams Plain or wholemeal flour

25grams Ground Rice

2 teaspoons of baking powder

pinch of salt

75grams of butter

75grams Demerara sugar

250grams of dessert apples, cored and diced

1 egg

2 tablespoons of milk

  1. sift the dry ingredients into a large bowl; if using wholemeal flour, just stir all the dry ingredients together.
  2. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine crumbs, then stir in the sugar and apple
  3. Whisk the egg and milk together, add to the mixture and mix into a stiff dough.
  4. Divide the mixture into eight and place the mounds on a greased baking sheet, Bake in a preheated oven, 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6, for 15-20 minutes, until firm to the touch. Cool slightly on a wire rack and serve warm.

The perfect mix of food for a delicious afternoon and evening in the garden complete with a nice glass of wine or cold beer . . .


The Weekend | Happiness is . . .

_DSC0396 _DSC0440
It might sound obvious but finding time off on the weekend has not always been that easy for me. Although in the past I’ve been known to be a homebody as an adult I took on some many side projects that filling the weekend was more than easy to do.

Since moving we have slowed this down and have found more downtime in our weekends for relaxed fun. This weekend we spent saturday literally running errands and napping. Although we did fit in a quick walk around the village as the sun went down which was amazing.

On Sunday however we weren’t so certain what the day would hold. We started off with some fruit and cooked breakfast before heading off to a national trust property in Sevenoaks. Unfortunately it turned out that everyone else had had a similar idea so not long after we found ourselves in Tonbridge. Getting out of the house seems to be a key component for feeling happy. There is really little better than time spent wondering with Josh before coming home to paint our fence in the sunshine.

This weeks happiness therefore was simple. Happiness is . . . doing very little at all.


Simple, Effortless Style: Jeans and a T-Shirt

_DSC0678 All of these clothes are really, really old . . . _DSC0683

_DSC0703 _DSC0687

Sometimes easy clothes are the answer. In fact, scrap that easy clothes are always the answer. I love wearing a fancy outfit but honestly most of the time I want comfort and easy style.

Jeans are a prime example of this (for most). After having found the dream denim in New Look I was actually (shockingly) a little sad to wear these from last year’s Zara collection.

Don’t get me wrong I still love them but in comparison they are just not as comfy but this look is an uber simple one. Just jeans and a T-shirt.

If anyone tells you fashion needs to be hard then may I present them jeans a T?

The Weekend | A one day Knit, Leg warmers.

Pink & Purple Wool from the Women’s Institute collection at Hobby Craft.

Before we get started I’m going to be honest. A few years back now I bought leg warmers. They were grey with a dark and light grey faux fur pom poms and I loved them. They were especially handy the following year when I broke my ankle. For anyone who has ever hurt/damaged a bone or muscles when the weather gets cold your joints get for lack of a better word, tetchy. So a leg warmer when I’m sat at home (or sometimes even at work, works wonders when you start getting a chill). So what I’m being honest about is this, I only made one.

Yes, thats just one leg warmer, for one leg! Why? Because I lost one of my grey leg warmers when I moved in with Joshey and so I figured, well . . . no ones gonna see me so if thats the case I only need to make one! Of course I also had grey wool available, but wheres the fun in that?

I used two different colours (basically I knitted two swatches and sewed them together, you can go from one to the other but I’m always rubbish with that! I used a really basic, Mattress Stitch Seam to join the two pieces.)

Because my hands hurt using the smaller ones and I’m lazy I went for my trusty size 10 knitting needles. The wool itself actually suggest using 9mm (US 13) ones which would make a better, closer stitch.

To size your leg warmer you can measure your leg but I honestly just cast on to a length I thought would work well knitted three rows in your basic knit stitch then mid row (I used 30 so my leg could swell freely!) doubled it back and checked it against myself.

On the top section I used two stitches, classic knit and the drop stitch.

How I introduced the drop stitch is through adding additional rows in the row before so effectively doubling them and then dropping those doubles on the next row. If I made the other or this again I think I would also pull the number of stitches in at the top to better hold it in place when being worn.

For the second colour (pink!) this was again two stitches. I went entirely off the cuff when it came to making this initially so decided towards the end that along with tapering it down I also wanted to switch over to purl just to make it feel like this was the end of the garment.

For the pink end I started tapering really early starting off at 30 I began tying off one stitch every two rows until I got to a size that just fit over my heel but would still grip my ankle (with a little swelling room).

Once you’ve completed your swatches next its time to connect them. Firstly I connected the two different colours both at the 30 end so if you started tapering with your first colour you’ll need to match that to your second. Then sew your edges together (again I used mattress).

I am a little slapdash so everything I do is a little messy! But whatever, just flip your leg warmer inside out and I promise it always looks better on the other side! Then all you have to do is tie of your ends as neatly as possible and there you have it, a fantastic leg warmer!

This one took me about 2 hours all together maybe less so its super easy, super quick and if you have that need to do a craft feeling this is a fantastically simple one!