Lazy Girls beauty routine . . .

I caught my reflection in the train window the other day and I’ve gotta say . . . It wasn’t all that pretty. Talk about a girls got bags! On my face of all places, doesn’t life know by now that I only like bags when they are filled with clothes that I preferably didn’t pay for? But I guess that’s what I get for long commuting hours and not enough sleep, allergies and a cold. 

Under eye bags, the worst. 

So I figured I should troll the internet (classy use of those once upon a time sleeping hours) and try finding a manmade solution to my problems, because let’s be honest really all I want is another vacay to India to solve my problems.

Luckily I stumbled upon Carly who was writing a piece for HSN (Find it here+) who was talking all about night time skin routines. It was there that it hit me, I get home, pull of the days make up (what’s left of it) and go to bed. I’ve put moisturising into my morning routine but did I ever really think about my night-time one? Nope, no I did not. For shame.

So I kept going (after all who said sleep was important?) and looked up how I can best look after my skin in my twenties. The first thing I had to think of of course is, I don’t have a lot of time, or energy to put into elaborate skincare routines, its not me now and I don’t particularly see me as being that in the future either!

The articles I liked other than Carly’s was this one from Refinery 29 which focuses on adult acne (a great problem I have suffered with!) and then for those of you maybe worrying about ageing (its never too early to consider your skin right?) Web MD always has the answers . . .  So what am I going to do moving forward?

– Well I think its time for a little moisturiser before bed when my skins feeling not its best. I love this one+ its probably the only moisturiser that I have ever used that doesn’t make me breakout

– Thanks to Refinery I’m continuing to use my favourite facial scrub by St Ives here+ 

– Now when I get a cold (which has been annoyingly often in recent years) my normally oiling skin goes to uber dry and flaky – gross. Its really only then that I break out a face mask. I have been using a magazine freebee (classy) from Aromatherapy associates hydrating face mask  which can ordinarily make me break out, but when you have had a big stinking cold? you need that hydration!

– Suncream. If theres one thing a good moisturiser/foundation needs, its sunscreen. Although I’m not a big sun worshipper I realise that the sun can affect your skin in only a few minutes so keeping it protected is key. Especially if your worrying about ageing!

As well as that I try and use vitamin E oil and Bio oil for my many scars, when I remember that is. But really? Most important I think, is water and a consistent routine. Since leaving university I have drunk more water than I can ever remember and man do I feel it when I don’t have enough! So there we have it, the lazy girls guide to ‘trying’ to have a good skincare routine both night and day.

Worst case scenario, drink water and sleep, at least I have that down.

Psst . . . If your interested in purchasing any of the lovely Carlys suggestions you can! Ack! Check it out at HSN here+