Epic Fails all round.


See Post . . . “. . . Like Father”

I have no new pictures. How silly is that? I don’t mean I never took them, because I did but I forgot to upload them. Who does that? A tired girl petrified at the thought of more tube strikes thats who. So heres a little bitty about life recently until later when I can get you the goods I mean, photos.

Lesson 1: How not to fall off your bike, Aka; Read the Instructions.

“I have a plaster on my knee. (And a bruise. Whats one without the other?) and now everytime I see it I remember one important thing, every 23 year old should probably already know. Lesson 1; when getting your newly delivered bycycle read the instructions first.

I didn’t read the instructions. So my new bike and I came to not so much of a screaming hault but more of a slow-mo fall to the ground sideways. It was classy, especially with all the local smokers staring at me. Number two? I probably shouldn’t have done it in sparkle boots either but I like to live on the edge. 
Luckily Josh made me feel better, fed me chicken dippers, and gave me a plaster. I already felt like a six year old whats one more thing?”
Stay tuned folks – I promise to post photos soon.

The £1 Fish of a skirt And other fashion choices . . .





I have just got to tell you all about this skirt I bought. A £1!!! Who buys a skirt for a £1 these days? and on top of that who buys it brand new, rather than thrifted for just a £1!? no one, I tell you, no one. It pretty much made my day.

I promise, also that I will photograph it properly. See, I went through this great period in time when I dressed up for the weekend, I even wore make up I just really enjoyed getting dressed. However, with the good weather and the fact that I don’t have a particularly bad cold right now we have begun going out more and more on the weekend. Most of which involves dressing up in work out clothes or sweat pants to move our flat’s furniture around so I must say that my weekend dressing has been anything but great and I miss it! 

I miss actually putting something great together, I’d like to say that next weekend i’ll be out of sweats but exercise? Good thing we have such great weather still when I get home from work, huh?

On top of that you see, this great little denim jacket? Well I have been searching for one for, forever . . . but they have always been too boxy and too short in the body. But then finally I found one in the tall section of next. In my size, I was ready to order. But of course I waited a day (so it would be in store for Saturday) and of course I go to order it and its out of stock in every damn size. So I suppose what i’m asking is, if you see a slightly fitted denim jacket in a tall section somewhere, tell me!!! 

’cause i’m going crazy over here, the one summer staple and I can’t find one to save my life! Typical . . . Typical . . .

 I also have a small stripe addiction and by small I mean HUGE.