Save, Spend, Splurge: Summer 2015

Zara T-Shirt, Oliver Bonas Bag, Miu Miu Sunglasses


Re buying white T-shirts can sometimes be a drag but in all honesty they are so cheap nowadays why not re buy? These T-shirts are ace, my orange one in the capsule is this shape and look at that price! Can you say get in my shopper!


This bucket bag. I take lunch time trips just to see it. I wish I could tell you I was joking. I’m not.

It’s colour is just as fantastic in real life as you see here the only thing holding me back, is it too fashion for that price? Your right, something so beautiful . . . is never a no.


Some people might tell you that pink sparkle sunglasses are not a must, but I am telling you that they quite obviously are! Why? Well because look at these beauties! They are quite obviously a piece of art and one that needs to be worn!

Furthermore spending £225 on a pair of sunglasses should make the best of us bulk but here’s the thing I have found with sunglasses is you buy quality you get quality, although I love a good freebie sunglasses as much as the next person these rarely have adequate protection from the sun which you would get from a better pair of shades. Also they just feel better. . . I don’t know about you guys but for a summer splurge these are the things!

Sunglasses | Traditional or funky?

Sunglasses: Accessorize, Dress: Monsoon, Cardigan: Next, Boots: Clarks

Josh doesn’t like my more fun sunglasses. Whereas I saw mirrored, clear frames with pink dipped ends that just screamed yes please wear me, Josh saw odd, crazy reflective lenses that didn’t flatter as much as my many tortoiseshell numbers that I own already. That however is the difference between last years sunglasses and this years; they are all designed to be a little bit more whimsical than flattering and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Don’t get me wrong I love great flattering shades. If I was going to a wedding or a fancy event I would wear more flattering shades in an instant. but going to the beach? Spending Saturday in town or going out for coffee? Then please hand me my funky shades instead!

Initially I really wanted pink frames but once I saw these barbie princess style shades? I was sold. Accessories really are a girls best friend and I love how they have the ability to completely transform an outfit with a simple piece of plastic.

These boots were made for walking . . .


My favourite boots bit the dust today.

I’m pretty upset about it. Long gone are now the days of mocking their ability to make a skirt or dress look slightly cowboyish or when worn with jeans look like a pirate. I’m gonna miss them. My super £15 buys . . . I have said to Josh though that this time round (autumn) I’m gonna actually go all out buy a decent pair of boots, maybe even leather this time! Really push the boot out . . .

On the plus side I bought a cute patterned umbrella. As all my perfectly good ones seemed to have gone missing this morning. Don’t you just hate that when you lose boring things and have to get new cuter versions? yeah me too, hate it.


Now, although its been raining and cold for like forever in England I have found myself some sunglasses (on the of chance that we might get some type of a summer – but don’t keep your fingers crossed too long, you might get cramp). I’d like to to now drop some big names but I’ve got to be honest i’m miss cheapy pants at the moment and these are actually freebies from magazines, but you know what? I kind of love them anyway. I’ve got fun cat eyes for up do’s and fancy days and aviators which Josh calls cruising glasses . . .



You can’t blame me though especially when this weekend I did a carrie ala the second Sex in The City Movie and cheated on fashion with homewares but its so cute its worth it! Even if it was £56 but they had a sale so I felt I could justify it. £33 yeah, ok, pricy, but I love soft furnishings! and look how cute . . .