The Capsule Wardrobe: When you don’t have to follow the rules.

When you first start looking into capsule wardrobes it can be the most daunting experience, especially for those of us who became accustomed to lots of shopping and large extendable wardrobes.

However as my year of capsules has gone on I have begun to realise that participants can take big and small liberties with their rules. But thats great for newbies like me because it means you can decide how you change your shopping habits.

Now onto the reason for this post? I have some strange and painful foot issues at the moment and because of this (as you’ve probably already noticed) I am taking shoes out of my capsule. This means my capsule number is dropping but that my shoe choices will be more varied than most other capsule bloggers.

In this time however I will not be popping down the shops every other week for new shoes, thats not the point. Instead I will be wearing my shoes that I own and working out what works best with my feet and body and this will hopefully help me come October if I need any other pieces.I am also hoping this will mean I can donate a few more pieces and lighten how much stuff is in our home!

Summertime Sadness. . . .

The on going question about blogging in summer? How do I make my outfits interesting? The reality is for the most part I wear dresses, cropped jeans and harem pants for the majority of the summer season which is great for the day to day but are the outfits that interesting?

The answer is quite obviously no but I’m willing to try. I know I’ll never be as amazing as Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller (man does that woman know what makes an interesting outfit!) but I’d so like to make my summer outfits as interesting as my autumn/winter ones!

What would you suggest for keeping your summer wardrobe interesting? Is there anything you’d like me to try styling? Any summer trends your not sure about? Drop me a comment or an email! and lets see if summer 2014 can be that little bit more exciting!

The art of sleepwalking . . .

I have always been an odd sleeper. My mum in fact even told me that as a child I would come down the stairs a few hours after bedtime and with eyes open I would sit down on the couch beside them completely unresponsive and unspeaking and my mum would say “its time for bed” and I would go back to my room. Entirely asleep. Creepy right? Well I think so. Lucky for me, if before bedtime I tell myself no dreams, no sleep walking, no sleep talking then I tend to not to do it but remembering to do so isn’t always my forte.

So my poor Josh puts up with an awful lot of my sleep chatting but I think he has at least gotten used to it now as long as I’m not too annoying! (one night I may or may not have rolled over sat up and pointed my finger at an awake Josh and told him under no uncertain terms that, “There will be no drugs in this house!” Apparently it was quite frightening, I wouldn’t know, I was still asleep. Sorry cutie!) but anyway, it wasn’t until I uploaded these photos on flickr that I noticed it, my eyes are closed for most of these pictures! I promise I was awake this time but apparently windy weather means keeping my eyes open is extremely difficult!

and one last one for good measure. I call this mid-nap jess . . .


Monday commuting





Fingers crossed and I might have just managed a whole post on a smartphone. This is pretty big for me. As for the first time ever, I have the best (biased) phone on the market. This never happens to me, like ever. Not even when nokias were big!

So these photos are from the weekend, taken on the S4’s camera and I don’t think they are too bad at all! The weekend was warmish so the perfect time for maxi’s and hair pulled to the side don’t you think?

The dress is h&m basics the top is also h&m last winter and the shoes are next sole survivors!

Now i’m off to sleep away this hours train ride and then go swimming . . . Maybe in the massive puddles, but somewhere at least . . .