Fashion | The Last of the Summer Shorts


Sleeveless jacket: New Look, White and grey linen dress: H&M, Patterned Shorts: Sainsburys TU, Shoes: Clarks


Honestly I am shocked by how long I have managed to wear shorts into what should be autumn. In fact in the UK autumn starts in September however this week we have had highs of 30 and I’ve worn shorts and T shirts, its that hot.

I’m actually beginning to wonder whether autumn will ever happen, maybe we will have that summer wedding after all . . . regardless I’m still hoping that these might be the last of the summer shorts, I’ve worn them religiously for the last few months so to be honest they are probably looking forward to a rest!

Fashion | Why aren’t you discussing summer style?

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 19.13.03

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I feel like I should be discussing summer clothes. I had previously believed that me and Josh would spend our summer on our bikes in the countryside. Reality is we have probably used our bikes about three times and those three times where all in late winter/early spring.

Its interesting to find your plans change. General life it seems, changes at the drop of the hat and whilst I thought this would be a carefree summer it instead seems to be plagued with chores and a whole lot of growing up and meetings! I’m hoping for next summer to be that biking and walks for coffee adventures but for this summer . . . I have sort of given up.

If you live in the UK you know, we have had so much rain, temperate weather, I have seen women on my walk to work, wear tights, jackets, scarves and jeans even in the middle of a supposed summer!

Back in January when it was cold I had dreams of outfits like above. A fancy, floral midi skirt, long maxi dresses and comfortable sandals and relaxed styling. Now I’m looking to a winter holiday in the sun, hoping that that instead might give me chance to wear something summery because for this summer I have been wearing my boots into the ground, skirts like they are going out of style, t shirts and jackets, everyday without fail.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 19.21.59

Thankfully, I picked up this jersey longline jacket from Anthropologie in the sale and its been a god send in this strange non-summer, summer. I originally imagined wearing it with jeans, trainers and my paris jumper with a grey jersey scarf but now I have paired it with almost everything I own. Keep an eye out next week for me wearing it with relaxed harem trousers and a Zara neck scarf tied around my wrist. Its relaxed and so comfortable, its 100% me.

Similarly I have also picked up a sleeveless jersey blazer as well which I’ve loved for the even hotter days (when I apparently still need layers . . .) its looked grey with the striped linen dress and made me feel dressed up even when I’m not.

Most hilariously, I bought two pairs of shorts for this year (prepared for summer!) only to have only worn the soft jersey pair from Sainsbury’s Tu in our back garden one afternoon.

Instead I keep catching myself mid-writing developing plans for Autumn, I’ve started collecting endless pins on AW2016 and devising looks and a work wear wardrobe to rock all year round. I’m trying on all the boots as they become available and stopping myself. You don’t want to know about Autumn yet, right? Are you sure? Let me know, because the unpublished posts are stacking up in response to a severe lack of summertime posts!