Cut your Capsule Budget in Half.

Pink Blazer: H&M, White shirt: H&M, Pink T: H&M, Jeans: Zara, Boots: New Look, Bag: Zara

Cut your capsule budget in half.

The best way to cut your budget in half? Buy out of season.

Unlike fruits and vegetables if you can deal with not buying on trend pieces, buying out of season clothing can save you a pretty buck or two.

Firstly I’d like to introduce you to my new boots! I bought these in the New Look sale after unsuccessfully ordering a pair of their greatly reduced leather range last Friday. How they saved me a pretty penny? Well firstly I managed to buy three pairs for only £30 and even better, one pair is in the stores, Leather collection. Made from suede my first pair was originally priced at around £39.99 and I got these beauties for the tiny price of £14.00!

So I didn’t exactly buy these on a whim, this last year my faux leather boots from New Look finally kicked their last rainfall. I have owned these boots since 2012 and I actually bought them in the sale for about £8 originally I think and it was really only late this winter when the top of them finally started to peel itself away from the sole. With my toes suitably soaked from the rain I took a brave step that I would probably be too scared of a while ago and I threw them away that night.

Fast forward a month and the weathers gotten warmer and with it rainy days spell trouble. With my ankle boots all unsuitable for rain days (blue suede and fur lined? No thanks) I was beginning to worry about my hasty throwing decision. So one rainy morning before work I went into a New Look store and all they had left in their shoes sale? All size nine which was pretty awesome but they were all heels and cut out shoes none of which fit for purpose so I went away, shoved on my least loved suede boots and figured I would wait until Autumn.

Then we looked online over lunch and there was a perfect (or so I thought) leather pair of boots! Trying them on however and they were not the perfect fit that I had hoped, but on the plus side I tried them on in store and with that I faced my next challenge the wall of boots on sale opposite me. Never the less Josh spent the next hour watching me try on as many pairs of boots as I could. He’s just lucky I only came away with three pairs! On the plus side however they worked out at £10 a pair which really isn’t bad!

Since teaching myself to be more sensible with clothes purchases I have become more in tuned with buying only good quality shoes. Clothes I’m still learning about but whereas before I would have jumped at plastic leather shoes for only £8 I no longer feel the instant attraction. So far I have only bought my shoes on deals and offers but they have all been excellent quality shoes with suitable support mainly from Clarks. I have spent more on my shoes and bought less but in the long run I have been reaping the benefits.

I’m so pleased with these boots and I love the added benefit of having caught a good deal!

Now onto clothing, I also recently bought a white knitted jumper from H&M. On my list for a long time there has been an over sized, simple white knit. I have wanted nothing fancy just a simple, classic sweater and this is it!

The best bit? It was only £7. What a bargain! This really is the way to start cutting your capsule prices sure you’re investing ahead of times and some things cannot be bought yet but if you focus on basics and timeless style that appeals to you then why not? Why not get a £300 coat for a £100 it shouldn’t matter that you’ve bought it half a year ahead of time just remember that come Autumn you probably don’t need that second coat!

Points for uniformed dressing . . .


In the last two weeks I left my car unlocked. Not a big deal I hear from you, but it is, when you own a 2006 Honda Civic. Why am I telling you this? Because not only have I killed our formally perfect car but also, my dress sense.

Of course the fact that I also have to make my fashion decisions at six in the morning probably doesn’t help matters. So for pretty much the last two weeks I have worn my clothes almost like an eighties kid wore a mullet. Serious in the front, party in the back.

To try and save myself from yet another impending clown outfit I did what any self-respecting girl would do in an emergency, I reverted back to my old style ‘uniform’. A classic combination of a blazer and jeans and the best fitting t-shirts in my closet I felt as if I was at least semi armed to attack the rest of the week but if there was something I never fully considered it was the shoes.

I have been trying to be more sensible with my footwear choices. More support, more flats and better quality, again this should never have affected two weeks of dressing the way it did. Only my weather and sensible shoe confusion led me down a path lined with so many bad decisions (hello knock of vans with cropped boyfriend jeans) that I’d rather not count or admit to them.

But these two weeks did teach me something about my current style and that’s, a, sometimes you need a uniform. A look you can pull together with multiple items and still know that it’ll make you look fabulous and secondly girl work out your shoe situation and make the ‘good’ shoes more easily visible at six in the morning. Your eye sight really isn’t as good as it used to be.

Now comes the tough part of course, working out what my best uniform could be . . .

Tough Love and Cut Backs

DSC_0208DSC_0210DSC_0242 DSC_0207

I’m having to be careful because I can feel myself slipping again. Slipping back into those bad buying habit shoes. So for the rest of the month it has been re-decided that I need to teach myself some tough love and clamp down on spending again and maybe into next month as well. It happens gradually and I have begun to see where the problems lie in momentary purchases . . .

As a perpetual shopper I have learnt increasingly bad habits over the years since leaving the little town of Hitchin (where clothes shops were short on numbers) going from that to London full time meant that having hundreds of shops at my disposal more than nine hours a day meant that my shopping went up, my cash went down and my style with it! But you knew that!

What perhaps you didn’t know is that I do still feel pressure to bring out new items here on the therealjlow, which is silly really when I set out with the idea that this would be “the real jlow” not the girl who constantly shops because for most people that just isn’t a viable options and really I don’t think it should be. After a year of this blog I decided to try focusing more on quality over quantity and doing more with less so as I caught myself this morning I realised I need to look more in my closet rather than online and in other peoples so from here on out this month (and maybe next) no more new and far more remixed! I’ve also realised that if I have ten minutes I buy more and buy with less thought yet when I go out with several hours a whole afternoon I am far more sensible and hold on to more of my cash. So I’m cutting the spending and upping the time when I do go!

So here goes . . . it’s those blasted pink jeans again!

Weekend Runnings


Scarf: Accessorize, Tunic: Dorothy Perkins, Jumper: Next (old) Similar, Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins, Converse: Converse

Happy Thursday! Do you no what the best thing about Thursdays are? Its close to Friday. Which means we can pull out those weekend clothes again! Can I get a whoop whoop?

So last weekend me and the boy went to London ( I might have mentioned that . . .) for the weekend and thought it would be sensible to pack all our clothes and stuff into our rucksacks rather than taking unnessessary luggage which was great, if not a little annoying but it meant that comfy clothes and re mixable ones were key! During the day I wore this tunic like this and then in the evening I switched it up with my red heels and leggings.

Whats funny is I hardly wear my many pairs of converse these days but we took these pictures in my university campus and I used to always wear Converse to class! In fact I’m pretty sure if you asked anyone from my classes what my style was Converse would be mentioned! rocking them again was fun until I got killer cramp which has plagued me all week since but it was worth it for running round in something other than boots (walking or otherwise).

Whats your most comfortable about town shoe? And if you’re a bigger footed lady like myself where do you love for great priced but supportive shoes that don’t look like you’ve stolen your grandmothers orthopedics*. Or that they have made a comeback from the nineties . . . I hate that.

*my grandmothers would like to add that they don’t in fact wear orthopedic shoes. these are the type of offending shoe I was thinking of . . . *shudders* pale peach what?!?


Ready, Set, Save.

It’s official. We are seriously saving for a house this year. Why am I telling you this you ask? Well, mainly because I’m telling everyone and you guys, I trust. And when I say trust I mean trust to tell me that there will still be fashion a few years down the line when I can afford to buy it again.

I joke, there’s no way I can go without new clothes. (Sorry Josh.)

However, one thing is for certain, I can’t go on the way I have and afford a house. So there are certain cuts being made and that includes my clothing budget. Instead, I’m definitely limiting new buys to maybe one thing a month, or as my mother has been encouraging me to do is look at what I’m considering, walk away, look at it again, walk away and then on the third time, if it’s still what I want, buy it.

This is already killing me, it’s been a day since the New Year and I’m already having withdrawal pangs. Lucky for me Josh is acting in charge of my shopping for a while. Aka I’ll try sneaking him into shops without him noticing and he’ll guide me back out with that incredible, “I’m disappointed in your lack of fashion control face”.

I’ll pout, he’ll give me a hug and tell me there are shoes and clothes out there that I should save for, that’ll mean more. I don’t need to go in H&M, or New Look and certainly no more Primarni, the horror. Anyhoo you know what this means right? Less clothes.

Here’s the second thing. I suggested we do a big house clean out as well this weekend, but you know that one area that’s gonna take the hit right? My clothing, again. I know it’s for the best, I know I need to get a grip but less? I’m not very good at that, but at least I know it’s not just me. My mum informed me also that my dad has clothes in a chest of drawers and in four of the five wardrobes in their house, so at least I now know who to blame for my obsession . . .

So to hold me off this month I have pre shopped a bit but promised myself to wait until at least the last week of the month until I can buy anything new. This month I’m looking at investing in . . . a dress and possible jumpsuit below.

Somehow I always start a new season in Next I’m not entirely sure how it happens to be honest. I may have also gone in the store this morning also and found a tunic I would consider wearing at a short dress . . . opps. £50 to save though, that’s not too bad right?

jumpsuit summer dress

Find the Jumpsuit (In Tall!) Find the Dress (Not In Tall 😦 )