I cut in bangs, completely forgetting it wasn’t so long ago that I had them before…


“When you were a kid, did you ever have a flash image of who you would/might be one day? Not quite a plan, but more a premonition? In mine, I had bangs. 2016 sucked but 2017? It might just be the year that everything changes and in the meanwhile, fall right into place.”

Post-wedding hair meant that I had very long, natural brown hair with barely a layer cut in. Too lazy to make a post wedding haircut I left it growing until it was so long and unmanageable that I had taken to wrapping it thousands of times around itself into a bun.

Finally four months later on a whim I made an appointment with a hairdresser, I was at least getting a trim. Something however, made me think about a fringe.

When I was a lot younger I had a vision of myself as an adult. In it I was striding towards the post box (of all things) in my hometown of Hitchin. That part of the vision is more than likely attributed to my mother. The amount of times I came into town to see my mum on a post office/bank run is unreal. However, when I saw myself I was wearing a dark trouser/pant suit (I don’t see that particular look in my future) but I had long, straight hair and a fringe/bangs.

I don’t know why but after 2016 and the four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A year in the life, I felt almost as if it was time to bring that vision of myself to life. As a kid I kept that vision as a placeholder of who I would eventually become. As you can guess it said nothing about what I would do or who I am in the slightest just that that person would be content and happy and so, if 2017 should achieve just one thing its that we should all be happy.

So I cut a fringe in and so far, I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Running On Repairs



On my mind at the moment? Injuries. As you may have seen, I have recently re taken up running and cycling and since starting I’ve come to re learn and realise the extent on an accident which happened at work in September 2011. I have been debating posting this as do you really care that im hulking a ton of metal in my leg around? but then I thought maybe this could be interesting? And to be honest the scars I’m now rocking are such a part of life and how things have shaped up since then has so much to do with this injury that its tied up into everything. My clothes (no big heels 😦 ), My home (which was chosen because it had a lift and I was still on and off crutches at the time), my exercise (lack of movement need I say more?), my job (not working for a year really puts things in perspective and pretty much everything else. So here goes, the tale of when I broke my ankle . . .

As someone who appears doesn’t do anything by halves I was just about to see Boris Johnson in the VIP section of the Westfield shopping centre when the worst happened. I fell down a redonkulously small step. Dislocated and broke my ankle in two places resulting in a surgery needing, unstable break. I was meant to go on holiday for the first time with the boy when this happened as well. See I had all these plans to go shopping for holiday clothes after work but instead I found myself on Morphine and in the back of an ambulance texting Josh how “I don’t think I can go on holiday . . .” (Who said you were meant to make sense on pain drugs?) Worst still, I broke it three days after my 21st birthday, broke it on my Great grandmothers birthday and had surgery on my mothers, what a birthday celebration!

So now my ankle looks a little something like this  . . . (this is not my ankle – its someone else’s with rough guidelines of my metal work. I never got to keep my x ray much to my families disappointment.)



I took the bottom of my fibula clean off which almost meant that i would have to spend another two weeks (on top of six) in a cast but thankfully that didn’t come to fruition. 



This is so poorly done its crazy . . . (my apologies) but anyway I ended up with a grand total of nine screws and a plate, joy of joys. The hardware has never really been a problem however, its been everything else.

Unless you’ve been through a joint break you don’t necessarily think about recovery. Six weeks in a cast and then your walking right? Try six months on crutches in fact and for myself physio twice a week, talk about a long recovery! and yet even now almost two years down the line and i’m stuck with an ankle with only 65% movement, swelling with the weather plans on raining or snowing, no heels of a certain height, no flip flops/dolly shoes for long periods of time. 

Sometimes I wish this never happened, I miss tall, sky scrapper heels or bending my ankle properly and not running like a dork, that would be nice. But alas, you can’t have everything and one thing I can’t have is a non damaged ankle so getting back into proper exercise has been an interesting journey so far.

So far the best thing for me is swimming, cycling and the odd session on a Powerplate (with ankle stretches this sort of jiggles the bones and relaxes the muscles a bit and allows me a few minutes of perfectly normal walking. However before the injury I had fallen in love with running. I love the high you get after, the feeling once you’ve pushed through the ‘run fat boy run’ mental wall, the freedom feeling and just knocking yourself out at full pelt. 

So I took the risk. I look silly (most of the time) while warming up but after a month or two its beginning to come back together. By using a form of interval training (walk, jog, walk, jog, run, walk, walk, jog) I’m lucky enough to be able to begin building the ankle back up. Sure I have set backs, but I’m pretty sure that by the anniversary of the break (13th of September) this year that me and my ankle are going to be that much closer to not running like Phoebe from friends. 

If you’ve broken a joint before what exercises did you do to build its strength and flexibility back up and if you haven’t, try not to. It’s so much better in the long run I promise.