Sports Luxe and Tailoring . . .

So as a follow on to last weeks post about summer boredom the lovely “Wonder of Something Curvy” (click for her blog)  asked about styling the loose shorts that all over the high street at the moment. So this for me was petrifying im not the skinniest of girls so i did worry about the way they would hang. I found a great pair which can be seen on Lauras blog (All the Tall Things) here+ But they weren’t perfect for me. However because I had tried on the black pair I had wondered whether maybe a patterned pair would be better for me?

So I went back in and of course most of those had sold out but these above had not. Now disclaimer, they are by no means modest, they have two slits up the sides (which I intend to sew down sometimes this week) and they are also slightly see-through and when I say slightly I mean wear nude pants or keep these for the beach. But for £7 I figured it was worth a splash to see if they would work for me. They fit fine so the next question was how to style them?

On Friday I’ll show you how to wear them (or how I would) on the weekend but today I thought lets dress them up! I love the look for dressed up shorts they are so easily made casual or beach ready that I find the contrast of silky sports shorts with a tailored blazer and pointed heels so much more appealing.

I actually love this look, especially since it looks like all that cycling is paying off on the legs front! In fact I’m hoping to wear this out on mine and the bears next date night! I think this actually looks great with more tailored and form fitting pieces. On friday you’ll see my original thoughts of these shorts which included a loose top but this one above is for sure my favourite!



Day to Night Sports Luxe


(I assure you my heads not really twice the size of my body – I think . . . and hope quite frankly . . .)

Snood: Next, Blazer: F21, Top: Next, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Boots: New Look Find my go to make up look here+ 




I have a love hate relationship with these boots. Firstly I bought them on a whim when I was addicted to having as many pairs of ankle boots as is humanly possible! Now that was great before I hurt my metatarsals and found that all heels hated me and that flats were the only way to go. So couple that with the endless rain we found ourselves having I literally lived in these boots!

So now if I can avoid them I try too which is silly because I have really worn them in nicely now and they look quite good with this get up. This outfit I think is great from going from work to night I feel like I can wear this for date night as well as the work day which in my mind is always a keeper! And also, who can pass up an opportunity to wear an uber comfy tee like this one?