Less Cute.



Jumper: Next Scarf: Accessorize (Sale) Chambray Shirt: H&M (Mens) Belt: Next (old) Bag: Accessorize (sale) Black Skirt: H&M (Old) Leggings: H&M Basics, Boots: New Look (Old)



I try to keep the backgrounds of these images different. Cause honestly who wants to look at the same blank wall every week? But the weather has been conspiring against us. Our town flooded over Christmas and has since then left our park half flooded and taken with it some of our favourite photog places. Add constant rain, wind and bad weather all round has meant a lot of walls and inside shots so I apologise.

So todays post is less cute. There were less cute pictures than these believe me.

Thanks Kid President, I needed that.

So, maybe you’ve seen this before, maybe you haven’t. But regardless, I think everyone should re-watch, watch this, because quite frankly Mondays aren’t the enemy. Its that Wednesday lull that stops creativity (at least for me).

So with that pep-talk under my belt, lets continue, now where are my sparkle boots? Sparkle boots make everything better . . .