30×30 Challenge . . .


So, I’ve been (lets be honest) petrified of finally taking the 30×30 plunge. I mean limiting myself to only 30 items for 30 outfits? Scar-ey so firstly I’m chickening out, thirty items in three weeks? That’s close enough right?

Saying that, however, really what am I worrying about? It’s not as if I wear my entire wardrobe anyway. Don’t tell my partner but I have more than one item of clothing that I’m holding onto just because I don’t wanna throw it out. For instance I bought a pair of green jeans back in 2011 sometime and I wore them for the first time in September . . . 2012! I don’t even like green that much!

That being said, I had a green shoes day . . .


However, for these reasons it only makes more sense to undertake the challenge. As I’ll be the first to admit that in recent years my shopping ability as made a sudden drop south. I’ve immersed myself in bad shopping habits, buying cheap as chips clothing and buying trends because I want them to look good on me, not because they suit me. Worst still I have repeatedly settled for clothing, to get that buzz that shopping creates when in fact it perhaps hasn’t properly fitted me. Tall girl problems.

I also got stuck in many a rut, millions of pairs of leggings? Check. Plain long t-shirts to go with legging’s? Check. Unsuitably cold jumpers that also make me bigger than I am? Check. Finally, jeans and trousers too short in the leg and poorly tailored? Hell yeah, I have some terrible rut clothing none of which is particularly my style in fact! Now as I feel I’m coming back to myself I find myself wearing more and more of the clothes that I bought back in secondary school. This being the case that because back then I bought higher quality, well fitting and colour suiting clothes, I wasn’t so swayed by fashion fads and better still my mum ever the honest one regularly filled me in in what didn’t suit me.

I miss her helpfulness. Unlike many girls, I love an honest opinion, but of course with that you need someone who you don’t mind hearing that from, so I figure josh or my mother are pretty much the only sensible people to take shopping with me . . . but then again living two hours away from my mother means its down to josh and to be honest I don’t know if he could put up with the amount of shopping I do . . .

Therefore it’s probably a good thing that I’m trying to not shop during this experience!

I am also currently loving BBC’s Some Girls, even though I’m English myself their leg. Accents just make this show even more amazing!