The Search for Trousers and Fox socks

(p.s. That last photo is because . . . well I’m wearing fox socks ok? If that doesn’t call for silliness what does?)

In search of trousers (pants) . . .

Trousers. It’s a simple request in that I want a pair. Not even a fancy pair, just a simple one, possibly grey, possibly navy but a smart pair none the less. But smart trousers seem to be beyond my grasp nowadays and not because I’m not looking because I have spent a vast amount of time lately getting flustered in hot changing rooms and wishing that maybe, just maybe the next pair will work for me. But the truth that keeps surfacing is that no, these magical, mystical trousers just aren’t going to happen.

The little voice in the back of my head keeps whispering as well, “maybe it’s me; maybe I was just not meant to own a pair of trousers.” I am apple shaped and I am under no illusion that that makes trousers a difficult feat, but an impossible one? That seems a little daft.

I’m not asking for that much, just a pair of smart trousers with stretch, with a button/zip, with pockets on the front and back and legs that don’t either swallow me whole or stick like a second skin to not only my thighs but ankles as well. If they could be patterned then that’s doubly great but not always necessary.

The same problems keep arising however, high waists that are just an IBS attack waiting to happen, narrow waistbands and widths of fabric for my none existent hips, these are all a problem, even jeans are a problem for me on even my good days and its beginning to get to me.

The reason I am putting so much behind this search is because I want something warm and comfortable for the rest of fall and winter. Don’t get me wrong I love skirts and dresses as much as the next girl but I also can’t stand tights (they fall down, the grip uncomfortably most of the time, they make fabrics stick to you like glue, need I say more?) leggings look bulky a lot of the time and bare legs? Spare me from the col friends! Spare me! My other problems are dresses and skirts seem so clingy nowadays even pencil skirts have taken a step further into second skin territory! Like yeah, jersey is great for bloating days and super comfy but additionally it shows up every bump and gives you no idea of how much weight you’ve put on with Christmas foods! So yeah I’m not so pleased with the whole clothing situation at the moment!

On Wednesday I’m going to fill you in on my recent capsule wardrobe crisis (yep, I thought I would make it through loving everyday – I haven’t. But more of that on Wednesday.)

So this is what I need to look out for a smart trouser with a little give (elastin is not to be sniffed at my friends) with a tapered (no bootcut!) leg which doesn’t need a shoe horn to get you in a waist that doesn’t taper in too much. It doesn’t even need a long leg I don’t mind an ankle grazer, I just need a great pair of trousers. But maybe that’s too much to ask?

Dressing up.

DSC_0195 - Version 2


Blazer: Vintage, Stole: Vintage, Perspex Necklace: Accessorize Similar, Top (dress): New Look, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Similar Heels: New Look




DSC_0207DSC_0198 - Version 2


I may have told you this before. But I work in a casual smart office. Its a place where jeans are welcome. Huzzah! But sometimes a girl needs a little dressing up and date night is the perfect excuse. I feel very mad men in this outfit. The dress is from our anniversary last year, but its a bit of a clinger so I have to be honest it doesn’t get much wear nowadays however mixed with some vintage and a pencil skirt you just can’t go wrong!