Fun Flats Friday.


Bright Red!: New Look, Dark Red: New Look, Dark Green: Next, Bright Yellow!: New Look, Leopard: New Look

There is always time for a cute pair of flats. Whether I am stuffing them into my purse on another rainy morning for padding around the office in, backup shoes for nights out in heels or even actually leaving the house to go food shopping there is always time for a good pair of flats.

With my brain overloaded on brown and black shoes I am super psyched to share my recent purchases, bright red! Bright yellow! And yes most of them are from New Look but when you’ve got clown feet like myself you’ve gotta go with what works sometimes!

And the fact that two pairs only cost £8 I can officially throw them out after a few wears if I want and Josh doesn’t mind. Even when it means I might drag him shopping again . . .

Weekend Runnings


Scarf: Accessorize, Tunic: Dorothy Perkins, Jumper: Next (old) Similar, Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins, Converse: Converse

Happy Thursday! Do you no what the best thing about Thursdays are? Its close to Friday. Which means we can pull out those weekend clothes again! Can I get a whoop whoop?

So last weekend me and the boy went to London ( I might have mentioned that . . .) for the weekend and thought it would be sensible to pack all our clothes and stuff into our rucksacks rather than taking unnessessary luggage which was great, if not a little annoying but it meant that comfy clothes and re mixable ones were key! During the day I wore this tunic like this and then in the evening I switched it up with my red heels and leggings.

Whats funny is I hardly wear my many pairs of converse these days but we took these pictures in my university campus and I used to always wear Converse to class! In fact I’m pretty sure if you asked anyone from my classes what my style was Converse would be mentioned! rocking them again was fun until I got killer cramp which has plagued me all week since but it was worth it for running round in something other than boots (walking or otherwise).

Whats your most comfortable about town shoe? And if you’re a bigger footed lady like myself where do you love for great priced but supportive shoes that don’t look like you’ve stolen your grandmothers orthopedics*. Or that they have made a comeback from the nineties . . . I hate that.

*my grandmothers would like to add that they don’t in fact wear orthopedic shoes. these are the type of offending shoe I was thinking of . . . *shudders* pale peach what?!?