It was the week for Mac-Accidents.


I couldn’t help but share this+ post by the one and only Man Repeller Leandra Medine, who recently lost her Macbook Pro to old age. Poor Lidia and underneath was a slew of comments about others beloved macbook’s going to the geniuses or slowly starting to die! and I couldn’t help but wonder, have we all been sent something to try and make us buy the new one, because to be honest I dont think I would cope with losing my little Moss again!

Thankfully for Leandra, she is not a Carrie like myself, so she wont be losing any of her fabulous outfit posts!

Until next time . . . Jessx

Sad Mac.



Its been a long week and an even longer blogging week as I couldn’t update. It all started last Wednesday when I was watching the second half of Made in Chelsea. (As it usually does)

Do you remember the episode of sex and the city when Carries beloved MacBook sad mac’d? I do. I’ve always watched this episode in writer/photographer/graphic designer hell. How would I survive without all my images and all the work I’ve done for various sites, blogs and work etc . . . Yet even after all this had I ever thought of backing up my one year old MacBook Pro? Sadly not . . .

So this last Wednesday, the worst happened, while watching Made in Chelsea, my computer froze – Now I’ve been having the odd safari freeze for a while now and had been seriously considering going over to Chrome, but had yet to. With a complete freeze and thinking I’m late for work! I did a hard shut down.

Well long story short, my hard-drive crashed, my BF solved it but wiped everything to do so, we bought an expensive recovery programme, got it all back and my hard-drive crashed. Needless to say a frustrated and tired pair took Mr Moss (The mac’ – he’s named after this+ awesome guy. (My old one was called Sheldon+ if you also wanted to know) to the local apple store to hopefully get his hard-drive changed. 

The worst thing I think was the fact that my beautiful SLR pictures were all gone when we recovered some, not one was saved and worst still I had three shoots worth that I hadnt shared yet and was going to during the week! Needless to say i’m now getting myself a flicker account cant go about losing anymore!


and people, back up! back up! BACK UP! (I now have an external harddrive to help too!)

Needless to say I’ll be gone a little while until Moss is back so fingers crossed its soon! and this picture was the only one remaining as I put it on facebook, typical . . .