2013: In Review and Resolutions . . .


Two Thousand and Thirteen

Thirteen, an unlucky number for some, I thought would be the best year for me, for us. But as it turns out it was a year of hard lessons and of learning them, the hard way. Im not saying 2014 is going to be easy either, but after 2013 I’m pretty sure its gonna be better. 

Before leaving for india I thought I had already learnt this years lessons and grown but as it turned out it really took going to India for them all to sink in. So in going forward I know that in 2014 I want to;

Enjoy the little things and each day as it comes. and ignore the inner voice telling me how teenage me expected to be somewhere completely different and getting there a lot quicker. 

Spend more time with my people whether thats, family, friends or even going to more work functions. 

Theres lots of things I have been thinking about doing and so for 2014 I want to actually act on these things rather than just keep giving myself excuses for as to why I need to wait to do them. So no more waiting!

All my other resolutions are kinda boring, you know the ones, save more, spend less, be more sensible, more exercise, less bad eating! you know, the norm!

What are your new years resolutions, is there any big lessons you learnt in 2013 that you need to take forward into 2014? This is my first year for resolutions so I’m pretty pumped!! 

Weekend Wear



It was a bright kind of day, one which I was going to properly document, but I had bad hair and my skin just wasn’t looking good . . . you know one of those days.

But it was a good day because I am finally wearing colour again! I’ve recently been going through my wardrobe to really weed out the bad pieces from the good. Its been a part of my 2013 resolutions which i’ll tell you about in an upcoming post.

For 2013 its all about the statement pieces and the classics. So with that in mind im bringing the colour back. It’ll just be interesting find the ones that suit and the ones that certainly don’t!

and yes, I did wear ear muffs and a pom pom scarf today – cause im whimsical like that.

Goodbye’s and Hellos



I am currently listening to the new Ellie Goulding the song, Anything Could Happen suddenly struck a cord this morning. I think that nowadays its relatively easy to forget that anything could really happen.

I blame life, sometimes it just gets in the way! As a child I would have spent hours of everyday dreaming up what my life might look like and what could happen, how it would happen, how I would feel. However, having grown up a bit and moved out and on and having gathered a bit more perspective im easy to forget to think about the possibilities and instead just think of the here and now.

So today instead of just focusing on the here and now I figured that I might just look back at 2012 and think about what has happened so I can begin thinking that anything could happen. I give thanks to everything thats shaped me and changed me this year for without it I’d still be that silly little girl who couldn’t see her present only made up futures.

2012 saw me;

– Recover from my broken ankle and finally walk without crutches and get back into heels

– Graduate University with a respectable 2:1 (or 2:! when im particularly excited)

– Move in with the boy and move from London to Hetfordshire and down to Kent

– Undertake my first Internship ever

– Start two blogs, this one and thevintagecupboardLifestyles

– Help and watch my mothers new business take shape

– See the family business operate its last days and get excited for a new future with my family

– Get my first proper job and become a London commuter (rather than just living there)

– Run my first event with University peeps

– and start learning how to really live as an adult, not a student and not as someone living at home or even in her home town.

I’ve only included the positives of this year, because in all honesty I’ve done enough dwelling and as we head into 2013 I figure we have had enough sad and depressing things happen so this time lets have a minimally stressful and wonderful new year.