When you show off your date night on a Monday (So cruel I am)



Isn’t it mean when the blog your reading advertises their romantic weekend on a Monday . . . Yeah me too, its akin to someone constantly updating about their fancy holiday away somewhere hot and you’ve only got a short weekend months away! 


But apparently i’m not above all that so here goes . . . I had a wonderful weekend. We decided to see despicable me on the weekend and as we won’t get time next weekend we figured we’d start celebrating Joshes birthday a week early (any excuse). 

So of to Rochester we trot and got dinner at pizza express and that calls for only one thing, incredibly high sandals and coloured jeans. Of course by the time we went to the movie I figured it was time for a shoe change and a chance to drive the car!

therefore . . .



and all that equals one perfect date night . . .

Sad Mac.



Its been a long week and an even longer blogging week as I couldn’t update. It all started last Wednesday when I was watching the second half of Made in Chelsea. (As it usually does)

Do you remember the episode of sex and the city when Carries beloved MacBook sad mac’d? I do. I’ve always watched this episode in writer/photographer/graphic designer hell. How would I survive without all my images and all the work I’ve done for various sites, blogs and work etc . . . Yet even after all this had I ever thought of backing up my one year old MacBook Pro? Sadly not . . .

So this last Wednesday, the worst happened, while watching Made in Chelsea, my computer froze – Now I’ve been having the odd safari freeze for a while now and had been seriously considering going over to Chrome, but had yet to. With a complete freeze and thinking I’m late for work! I did a hard shut down.

Well long story short, my hard-drive crashed, my BF solved it but wiped everything to do so, we bought an expensive recovery programme, got it all back and my hard-drive crashed. Needless to say a frustrated and tired pair took Mr Moss (The mac’ – he’s named after this+ awesome guy. (My old one was called Sheldon+ if you also wanted to know) to the local apple store to hopefully get his hard-drive changed. 

The worst thing I think was the fact that my beautiful SLR pictures were all gone when we recovered some, not one was saved and worst still I had three shoots worth that I hadnt shared yet and was going to during the week! Needless to say i’m now getting myself a flicker account cant go about losing anymore!


and people, back up! back up! BACK UP! (I now have an external harddrive to help too!)

Needless to say I’ll be gone a little while until Moss is back so fingers crossed its soon! and this picture was the only one remaining as I put it on facebook, typical . . .