The Capsule Wardrobe | “I got some splainin to do”

If tiredness had a face, it would be this one. For reasons I won’t get into yet myself and Josh have been spending every free second running between places and feeling a little lost. To combat this we have been desperately trying to fit in things like going for breakfast or a walk after work down the river or just making time to eat (nothing healthy I may add) just to give ourselves a little time. Reality is however that when you have a lot going on which you’re balancing, often clothes (and photographing them) takes the hit.

Also these sunglasses look fine in real life (I think) but in our rushing to take these photos and in getting dressed I ignored the wrinkles, the odd combination of my eyebrows above my sunglasses and the fact that I haven’t worked out in weeks all for just keeping going. So honestly, the blog might look a little messy, I might look a little messy but this is my reality at least for a little while and therefore my capsule wardrobe.

So honestly? More often than not I don’t iron my clothes. My shoes often don’t match my outfit, part of my make up is missing because I have a cold/come sinus infection and I keep going between contacts and glasses which makes my perception all kinds of loopy. Its a crazy strange time for us right now and I think my clothes are a reflection of that. Currently most of my photos were of me pulling faces and being silly and funnily thats what our summers are most. Walks, breakfasts and less careful outfits.

Josh quote of the week.

Josh quote of the week.

The other day Josh asked me, “Do you think other couples are as silly as us, or do they just sit down? . . .”

I’m not sure baby, but thankfully our weirdness is pretty much insync so probably not. But I think that thats rather wonderful . . .

Thank god for Dr. Seuss and his wisdom . . .