Cause everybody’s gotta get there somehow


I know, I know, you haven’t even seen my face yet so far this week! Unfortunately with our weekend away photos went completely out of the window and with it, blog posts. I also had pictures of the shop which of course where the ones that got wiped earlier in the week so I have been too afraid this week of attempting again.

So here we have it. My new favourite Pinterest pin. Its been roughly five years since I left my parents home for university and I consider all those years of me becoming an adult. Although I have gone through alot and changed even more I still wouldn’t say that I am anywhere near where I thought I would be or where I wanted to be. So this quote is perfect for me in this moment. A sweet reminder for everyday that almost 24 isn’t old and that we can’t all have Hilary Duff success at a young age and instead we hit our stride at different times. 

If theres anything I need to be reminded of its that you don’t have to have it all figured out, you just need to enjoy the good moments that happen regardless.

So heres to the weekend and the future ahead!

When nothing goes right . . . go left.

When nothing goes right . . . go left.

So, i’m really sorry but I don’t have a full blog post for you today, I know the shame. . . I’ve also had a creative block of late so maybe thats not helping . . . I blame Ikea. Why? were going there on Friday and I’m pretty damn excited! Sad, I know, but Ikea folks! Ikea!!!

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Soon though you’ll get to see my Downton abby hat though so that should contain you!

But on another note post wise, what do you guys like best? Just fashion? Fashion and Home? the odd quote your views on selfies I’m having a blog crises and I’m not even middle aged yet!