Bake! | Oh Protein balls…

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The easiest thing you’ll ever make via Pinterest? Protein Balls.

Honestly I read a lot of recipes about these little balls of joy and I came to one conclusion. These were originally created by someone very hungry who quickly resorted to pulling out their favourite things from their stock cupboard to create a treat which was more exciting than a piece of fruit.

Its like the concoctions you made as a child when your parents weren’t looking and you felt like you were starving after school. You had nothing in the house bar stock cupboard ingredients and resorted to eating Nutella out of the jar. We’ve all been there. Sorry Mum.

So how do you make these uber easy, Pinterest/Instagram ready snacks? Basically you need a few ingredients. Something to act like a binding ingredient (peanut/almond butter/Dates) something pretend healthy ( pistachios/some trendy nut or seed) and something bad, coco/cacao powder then something to roll it in (more chocolate substitute or coconut). Oh and Protein powder, if your into that.

Its the greatest thing that you can literally take anything and make these and alter them to your personal tastes as you go along. To create you ideally need a mixer so you can throw all the ingredients in and voila! Its really is that easy! In fact theres almost no point to protein ball posts because all you need is a little imagination, a bit of time and a whole load of childhood memories aiding you in creating what could be quite possibly the grossest thing you’ll ever eat!

As it is, these taste pretty good and they are, Peanut Butter, Coco Powder (for baking), desiccated coconut, dates, honey and a mixed linseed.

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