The Capsule Wardrobe W2015 | Lets Get Real. Basics.

Shirt: Gap, Dress: H&M, Boots: George, Asda, Bag: Zara, Belt: FatFace

I was on the train the other day when suddenly I had a moment where all I wanted was an uber soft, V-neck jumper that I could go to in all crises (read: bloating, pms, not wanting to get out of pajamas). I realise now that I had that only last year but in a fit of trying to minimise my wardrobe and get rid of old habits (leggings; still failing) I threw the dream out but then I had to shake myself. Sure, that incarnation had gone but in its place I have my Paris jumper by Long Tall Sally & my striped Gap jumper in Blue which really do fit the bill. So I thought as its Friday, why not share some of my must have basics!


Try as I might to not include them, I need to. Leggings have multiple uses, being worn around the house with a T-shirt, exercise, as a thicker, warmer option than tights, leggings really still are a necessity rather than something I’m allowed to wear outside like trousers.


The red headed step child to Leggings, Jeggings combine the soft stretchyness of leggings with the look of jeans. The ones I’m including as basics are ones with pockets and are made of a thick jersey. You may be surprised to see me including them but here’s the deal, if you have ever bloated or maybe you’re currently at the beginning (or even end) of the baby train then you have probably found yourself wishing that whatever stretch free bottoms your wearing would instantly transform into the softest and stretchiest jersey and this is when these come into play. My H&M pair which I bought for India are always on the back burner for days when I feel too chunky or uncomfortable for regular jeans and when paired with a long T-shirt these have saved me more often then I’d like. So give yourself and find yourself a pair of comfy jeggings! H&M “Tregging” ones!

That dress that’s not so tight and still flattering:

Lets be honest during the week I rarely want to wear trousers. Instead I’m a dress and skirts girl primarily, I usually wear two pairs of trousers/jeans to three skirts/dresses. Sure that means rewear stuff a lot but trousers and the like are never quite as comfortable. Maybe you lean more towards trousers but regardless a slouchy timeless, can still be worn to work dress makes everyday easier whether its because you only have to pull on one thing or because there less confining lines a great dress will take you far! I love gap for their cozy jersey dresses.

The Pencil Skirt.

This is a personal one but a black pencil skirt is a must to at least have on hand. I haven’t included mine in either capsules and let me tell you its been tough. I love how classic the pencil skirt is. It works great at work as a separate and also paired with a black T-shirt or Shirt it has the potential of becoming a dress also. I also think that a well fitting pencil skirt is also one of the most flattering pieces in a woman’s wardrobe.

Smart but comfortable Trousers.

It took me a while to find them but now that I have? Well I am never going to let them go.

The oversized Jumper/Sweater

Just like the V-neck I have a hankering for an oversized Jumper. I have now seen enough pins on Pinterest to now wish that I could have them in multiple colours and in enough styles to wear them constantly. The downside? They don’t really suit me, maybe in a thiner, lighter fabric perhaps but since my brains now gone Spring it probably won’t be this year but the over sized jumper has many uses. To fend of the cold weather, to hide yourself when you feel self conscious and to slip on on cold summer nights, paired with scarves and woollen coats in winter, so many ways, oh how I missed out! So if you have one, hold onto it tight, this ones a keeper!

Christmas Casual

Buy this outfit: Black T-Shirt, Zara (went to find this online and couldn’t? Its in stores however!), Plaid Shirt: Gap, Denim Jeans: Zara, Boots: George, Asda, Tote (old): Accessorize.

During my fall capsule one thing I kicked myself about not adding was a plaid shirt. The one i’m wearing above is from Gap last November (2013) I absolutely adored this shirt from the get go and if other girls blogs is anything to go by then most of us love ourselves a good bit of plaid! Although this blog is too young for it I’m sure If I had have been around in 2010/11 I probably would have loved the gingham trend as well! What is it about stealing one from the boys that we all love so much? Boyfriend jeans, the white shirt, gingham/plaid? We all seem to love taking our Q’s from the boys! and I have no problem with that!

Although I really missed this look during fall (plaid always goes with those autumn colours and pumpkins! Am I right? I am actually pretty glad I waited since this one is really warm! I probably would have over heated would I have worn it, even in early November!

. . . Continues below

I would also like to introduce you to my winter capsule jeans! Again Zara came through and saved me! You can’t see it too well in these photos but they have a cut in the knee and is distressed throughout which I really love for this winter! Plus myself and my work colleagues have decided that this is a must have top from Zara (again!) after we all found we had it in our online baskets! Annoyingly once I went to find it for this post, I couldn’t so I am sure it is somewhere online but its also in stores for sure.

What I love most about this outfit is its so great for winter weekends and chilling I think this will more than likely be my go to while we are off for Christmas! Speaking of christmas! Can you believe that there are only a few days to go? I feel like this has crept up super fast this year! and to think this time last year we were already in India! So mad about where this year has gone! But before I get gooey, have a fantastic weekend and see you all Monday!