The Weekend | What to wear and where to go…

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Hallelujah! Its Friday!

I’m going to let you in on a secret, I think me and Josh have this weekend business down pat.

We’ve stopped food shopping on Saturdays (friday nights ftw – we live a wild life) Last weekend we were able to get in blog photos, lay ins, a pub trip, dinner out in Maidstone, catching Dr Strange in Rochester, a walk around Emmetts Garden in Sevenoaks, we made sausage rolls and got in copious amounts of Gilmore Girls (Josh is watching the whole series from the start to prepare for the new series!) that is some serious going!

I have to add that in terms of wellness getting in what you like to do on the weekend is the key to ultimate happiness. Things like making sure we have a walk makes the weekend almost too perfect, in fact it makes Monday pretty hard to stomach, you mean I have to travel on a train? Write things professionally and respond to phone calls and emails? Torture… torture I tell you…


Blogging: The other side of the camera.

If you take all your photos via a timer with your camera mounted on a tri-pod you might not think twice about the other side of the lens however for people like myself who do rope in our boyfriends and significant others, the other side of the camera is just as important as the photos you see on this page.

It was interesting this weekend as we tried out new and alternative camera angles as to how each of us view photography differently.

For me, great photography  is about finding a clear focus often trying something unexpected, cutting each photo in a different and alternative angle but it has in the past created a conflict between myself and Josh because where as I know what I want from a photo its much harder for me to explain and replay this to Josh. Not because he doesn’t do excellent things with a camera in his hands but that we each have our own way of looking at things.

This made me think about how in blogging there is always more than what you finally see post photo cuts and so instead of a full on post today I just wanted to say a quick thanks to my number one photographer, Josh.

He puts up with my wacky ideas, takes photos on an almost weekly basis and even suffers with strangers stares!

So thanks Josh for trying to see what I do and for becoming an awesome photographer!

Dark Days and Dark Lips.


Today, I’m sort of in mourning. Although I love Autumn, (with a passion) when the clocks go back I can’t help but feel a little sad. After all this means way less light, getting up in the dark, leaving the office in the dark . . . Its always dark, dark dark.

Never mind though because at least its an excuse to wear my favourite plum lipstick, again. I just hope you don’t all get sick of it too soon!

Also, this dress looks far better in person. I do hate how some things look incredible in real life and terrible in photos, or great in photos but terrible in life . . . I just wish that these photos came out better we took a tonne and got four.

Total success.