The Capsule Wardrobe | Wants, Needs and Laundry

I forgot to wash my clothes.

I never thought that I would say that on the blog but heres the deal I ran out of viable capsule items and this was the result. Parts of the next capsule? Possibly.

Let me tell you about this white shirt. When I put together my capsule I knew one thing, there were not enough smart options and one of those things where shirts. So as the months have gone by I made a plan, a x3 plan and that involves, a chambray shirt, a plaid shirt and a white shirt. So when India came around I purchased a white shirt. Simple.

Now having purchased the shirt in early October for India I wore it in a more masculine way. Often tucked into black tapered trousers. But then this week I went into full on skirt mode. I didn’t include this skirt in the Fall Capsule because I felt like I wore it an awful lot and it wasn’t necessarily that professional After all it is known as the bumblebee skirt! But somehow this skirt just keeps making it back, why? because it is so uber flattering! I can’t deny this skirt anything it wants I swear! So when I added the white shirt it was a match made in heaven.

Now for a smart shirt buttoned up on an apple shape? It really shouldn’t work and yet somehow it does. So much so that I even Instagramed a shot of it on Monday. This outfit is unusual for me and unexpected but at the same time it feels more like me than some of the other outfits that I had tried in the beginning of the capsule. Its fun but predictable and although I always said buttoned up shirts wouldn’t work on me in some cases they can and it also didn’t hurt that Josh had such a great reaction this outfit either ;).

Also if you follow me over on Instagram then you will know that I made a mass of knitted turbans this weekend, so what do you think? Maybe worth setting up a little Etsy shop for them?

Dressing up.

DSC_0195 - Version 2


Blazer: Vintage, Stole: Vintage, Perspex Necklace: Accessorize Similar, Top (dress): New Look, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Similar Heels: New Look




DSC_0207DSC_0198 - Version 2


I may have told you this before. But I work in a casual smart office. Its a place where jeans are welcome. Huzzah! But sometimes a girl needs a little dressing up and date night is the perfect excuse. I feel very mad men in this outfit. The dress is from our anniversary last year, but its a bit of a clinger so I have to be honest it doesn’t get much wear nowadays however mixed with some vintage and a pencil skirt you just can’t go wrong!

Who said July’s too early?

So for todays lunch break I went online shopping (with my cards firmly locked away – as im trying to not buy anything else this month!) and in my quest to look at potential sandals I went on to find that they already hjad their autumn clothes up already! Now, yes i know this is too early but I figure its best to get prepared and so i scrolled through and thought i’d share my wants for this Autumn/Winter . . .



Leather Leggings! I want, I want, I want! and will hopefully stand a chance of getting this winter! I love these in chocolate as its always so nice having a change from black. i’m thinking it should be paired with a fancy jumper and heels for casual fridays or a top with a bit of sparkle for nights out . . .

I love this jumper – a thicker fabric is great for winter as I always get cold in winter but also its really smart and structured, imagine paired with the above! perfect!





Long cardigans and high waisted jeans? the autumn dream . . .


a much needed pencil skirt . . .



a spotted cardigan and new boots? oh go on then . . .

But for right now? I need another pair of sandals preferably smart with arch support and not too strappy, another patterned sundress and loose fabric trousers. . .



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What are you guys on the look out for for summer/autumn this year?