These boots were made for walking . . .


My favourite boots bit the dust today.

I’m pretty upset about it. Long gone are now the days of mocking their ability to make a skirt or dress look slightly cowboyish or when worn with jeans look like a pirate. I’m gonna miss them. My super £15 buys . . . I have said to Josh though that this time round (autumn) I’m gonna actually go all out buy a decent pair of boots, maybe even leather this time! Really push the boot out . . .

On the plus side I bought a cute patterned umbrella. As all my perfectly good ones seemed to have gone missing this morning. Don’t you just hate that when you lose boring things and have to get new cuter versions? yeah me too, hate it.


Now, although its been raining and cold for like forever in England I have found myself some sunglasses (on the of chance that we might get some type of a summer – but don’t keep your fingers crossed too long, you might get cramp). I’d like to to now drop some big names but I’ve got to be honest i’m miss cheapy pants at the moment and these are actually freebies from magazines, but you know what? I kind of love them anyway. I’ve got fun cat eyes for up do’s and fancy days and aviators which Josh calls cruising glasses . . .



You can’t blame me though especially when this weekend I did a carrie ala the second Sex in The City Movie and cheated on fashion with homewares but its so cute its worth it! Even if it was £56 but they had a sale so I felt I could justify it. £33 yeah, ok, pricy, but I love soft furnishings! and look how cute . . .


If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad . . .



Finally, you get to see these photos! I’ve been sitting on these beauties for what feels like months now. But you’ll be glad to know its only been about a week or two. But yes this was me hoping that if I brought out the summer sandals that we might get some sun! So far not so much luck, but it might be looking up come sunday! fingers crossed! 

After all are we meant to be wearing leather jackets in spring?

Capsule Closets



This is my backup outfit, jeans a good tee, a fitted blazer and boots? I wear outfits like this on a regular basis, both to work and at the weekend. Although I know many people prefer casual dressing, I personally never feel that I suit the whole casual thing. Mainly because casual to me is like looking like a sack of spuds. Honestly if I wanted to go casual you’d find me in leggings and an oversized tee and jumper and that (I feel) on a girl like me never looks good.


Since starting this blog I feel like I have made so many new revolutions on what suits me and what doesn’t, that when I look at my wardrobe now a lot of what I see is things that I should donate to charity. Because of this I have created myself a little capsule wardrobe. Im hoping that in the next week or two i’ll be able to show this to you here on the blog.


It’s been an amazing discovery when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Even at six in the morning I find myself incapable of putting a bad outfit on. It has however also pulled other things into the light, like where are all the colours? my wardrobe used to be fit to bursting and now? Now I stick to calmer colour’s and i’d say that I have mainly four/to five colours in my wardrobe, black, white, navy, green and red. Also patterns! where have they gone? This does make dressing easy but it can also make it boring so im also excited that with this first step that I am now able to buy clothes n the future with a better foresight and buy what I only really need rather than ten pairs of black jeans!


What colours do you seem to stick to? just a few or every colour under the sun?

Bootsmass . . .



Happy bootsmass! everyone! So originally I had these two looks (for the same top) to post but to be honest I had so many good photo’s from this one that I figured i might just bore you with a second post for this top! Also did you see the boots? the boots of joy one might call them! I love them only a . . . huge, huge bit! 

I’d wear them all the time but Josh probably would think I was taking it to far if I wore them in bed. Even though I perhaps want to! 

but until them enjoy the rest of the festive season!