The Case of The Demonic Child And A Colour Explosion.


DSC_0025 CSC_0162 CSC_0158 CSC_0163 DSC_0019 CSC_0156 DSC_0011 DSC_0009 DSC_0006

So two things happened today. A, my wardrobe spat this outfit at me after I loudly complained about my wardrobes lack of colours and patterns. I swear I once had an awesome fun and bright wardrobe and now it takes a couple of hours to even find a colourful outfit to put on!

Secondly we met a demon child today while we shot this at the park. I could already tell that she was gonna be odd before she had her demonic possession  I dont joke, she literally stared me down as we shot this and then screamed (Q, creepy demonic voice) “Help! Help!” until her father moved her bike. But it freaked me out, other peoples children *shudder*

So maybe theres a reason I only wear dark colours, so the demons can’t get me . . .