Simple, Effortless Style: Jeans and a T-Shirt

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Sometimes easy clothes are the answer. In fact, scrap that easy clothes are always the answer. I love wearing a fancy outfit but honestly most of the time I want comfort and easy style.

Jeans are a prime example of this (for most). After having found the dream denim in New Look I was actually (shockingly) a little sad to wear these from last year’s Zara collection.

Don’t get me wrong I still love them but in comparison they are just not as comfy but this look is an uber simple one. Just jeans and a T-shirt.

If anyone tells you fashion needs to be hard then may I present them jeans a T?

SS15 Capsule Wardrobe | I wore a Playsuit out and this is what happened.

Denim Shirt: Men’s H&M, Black Playsuit: H&M Basics, leather belt: Fat Face, Bag: Zara, Shoes: Clarks (on sale!)

Welcome to the backstreets of Rochester folks! Let me introduce you to this a basics playsuit from H&M. If you followed me last year you’ll know that I bought myself a playsuit last year from next and although I adore it beyond words the weather was just never quite perfect enough and the one time I did wear it (to my best friends house in the summer) I got followed by bees all day! Success? Not entirely.

There’s an awkwardness to Playsuit wearing. The worry about getting in and out of it but then there is also a comfort to it. It’s something I wear around my house a lot to lounge in, add to the fact that legs are pretty loose and relaxed only adds to the reclining feel of it.

So I wore this Playsuit out from about half ten until four and with the beginnings of a cold, so to be honest I wasn’t in the greatest trialing mood but here’s the thing, it really wasn’t so bad. My floral Playsuit is a bit of a bugger to get in and out of and yet this one allowed me to use public bathrooms! and I didn’t freak out, too much at least.

For you tall girls out there its not too short, I felt a little self conscious but it is certainly doable and I think if I wore this out with Joshey on a night out I would pair it with my suede heels. Having spent the day out and about in it I can certainly see the benefits to the one piece life but I’m not entirely convinced that it would be something that I would wear all the time!

What are your thoughts on playsuits? are they a yes or a no?

Less Cute.



Jumper: Next Scarf: Accessorize (Sale) Chambray Shirt: H&M (Mens) Belt: Next (old) Bag: Accessorize (sale) Black Skirt: H&M (Old) Leggings: H&M Basics, Boots: New Look (Old)



I try to keep the backgrounds of these images different. Cause honestly who wants to look at the same blank wall every week? But the weather has been conspiring against us. Our town flooded over Christmas and has since then left our park half flooded and taken with it some of our favourite photog places. Add constant rain, wind and bad weather all round has meant a lot of walls and inside shots so I apologise.

So todays post is less cute. There were less cute pictures than these believe me.