“The time for l…

“The time for living is now.”

It must be a “Low” thing but they are the ones for ‘the inspirational quote”. For a while my dads was, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. (For whenever my terrible Uni were being less than helpful.) Now though, my grandmother (my fathers mum) has also gotten in on the action. 

Although with a slightly more inspirational one rather than aggressive “The time for living is now” is the quote she finishes off all my letters and cards with. As a keen traveler and explorer as well as quite frankly being one of the strongest and kindest people in my life I couldn’t agree more.

After all, if 2012/13 has taught me anything its that we need a little more courage, a little more confidence and much more living. Living for the weekend, the day? the moment no longer matters.

Its what your doing that counts.

So with that I must ask,

“What are you doing today to make your life now, be as fulfilling and amazing as you want it to be?”