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srkle copy

Longline Sparkle Cardi, Faux fur wrap, Shimmer top, Sequin shoes

I hate to say that shopping can be problematic because honestly its one of my favourite hobbies. However when shopping for Christmas with family and friends over the age of about eight it gets a lot harder. Gone are the days of buying the latest toy obsession for my cousins or there being something you really wanted but couldn’t afford. Instead we all buy what we want, when we want it making it all around harder come Christmas time. Whats a girl to do?

Look at the pretty things of course!

The first problem will be this, will they love it? Whilst the second, will they wear it? I actually found that most of these items could work for any number of women in my family, the key was to find something beautiful or sparkly mixed in with what we need, so for my mum and nanna they like something to keep them warm so mix sparkle with a cardi and that is a keeper! Pair a handy faux fur stole with it and voila! A seasonally appropriate winter outfit + a must needed boost of warmth! Then obviously glittery shoes (perfect for my sister in law (Boo) or even a great friend) a mildly shimmery top with cut sleeves all paired with jeans makes an easy look, festive.

fuxfur copy

Faux Fur Gilet

Oh, faux fur. Come to me.

I knew exactly what I was looking for this winter and it looked a lot like a faux fur gilet. I have considered them for the longest time, but now is when to take the plunge! This makes me want to mix fabrics, adding leather makes it tougher, sheer tops or silk add glamour whilst pulled over another jacket mixes practical with fun.

2nd copyBlanket Scarf, Chevron Stitch Poncho, Suede Skirt, Shimmer Box T,  Faux fur trim gloves

Eventually it might get cold in the UK and when it does, we want to be ready. The suede skirt is 100% my mum, she adores suede, in fact if she could have an outfit made of suede then I think she would! For me I also love the brand, Taller Than Your Averages collaboration with Long Tall Sally’s (TTYA London) suede dress which looks phenomenal.

trjl sli

You should never underestimate the power of a good pair of slippers. When it comes to christmas I am all about stocking up with a nice warm pair to keep my toes toasty when it gets icy.

These are just a few of the items I love from Long Tall Sally this season, check out their site for more ideas and follow the hashtag #oneforyouoneforme to see other bloggers favourites and recommendations!

When is a coat not a coat? When its a Coatigan.

Coatigan: Long Tall Sally (C/O), Khaki Tunic: Zara, Patterned Leggings: H&M, Chelsea Boots: Long Tall Sally (C/O), Slip on Trainers, Barefoot Tess for Long Tall Sally (C/O), Brown Bag: Zara 2014/15, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

When is a coat not a coat? When it’s a coatigan*

If you remember a while back I shared some of my top fall picks from various companies and one of those was Long Tall Sally! As a six foot tall lady shopping is sometimes hard with those additional inches. Thankfully, Long Tall Sally has come to the rescue! Better than your average high street tall ranges they also think ahead of all the ways that you will be tall!

So to celebrate that today I am sharing three of those pieces I shared earlier and how I have started wearing them for AW.

Starting from the top, this is one of the most beautiful coatigans around.

I had never thought about combining the lush cuddly factor of a cardigan with the protection and structure of a coat. However this sure works great! (Although come snowy weather I will be reaching for last years LTS fur lining (from my parka) to keep it extra cozy!)

I am loving more edgy pieces this fall and so these patterned leggings and long Khaki tunic from Zara completely fit the bill for pulling this outfit together whilst the brown accents mean these classic Chelsea boots fit right in with less expected pieces.

Something which I love about LTS is the basics that they offer to tall women and the ways in which they mix them up to remain classic with a funky edge and both these two pairs of shoes and coatigan personify this.

Moving forward this season I am looking forward to wearing these boots with literally everything from jeans and walks to the park (ahem, pub, cough) to smart dresses and skirts for work. Whilst these slip on trainers from Barefoot Tess are just funky staples that I think will be mainstays in almost all my outfits this AW.

*props to Zip who came up with this title for today.

thats all folks! Have a lovely weekend!!! This is me running to the weekend, whimsy is my thing.

#dearsally (Could I just live in your store please?)

I have a secret. I have been leaving shopping baskets all over the internet.

As the three month shopping ban, associated with my Capsule Wardrobe comes to a close I have been scouring the internet, window shopping. Or in this case, screen shopping. I’m pretty sure that I can’t be the only one who does this, right? But added to the fact that I haven’t bought clothes in three months I am also keenly aware that the best excuse for clothes shopping will shortly be upon us, Christmas.

Now if Christmas wasn’t a good enough excuse for clothes shopping, I really don’t know what is. This will be my first Christmas at my parents home since moving in with Josh. Therefore I have spent an extraordinary amount of my time imagining my outfits for each Christmas occasion. Carol singing, Christmas day, shopping (last minute of course.) So to put all my time to good use I have joined Long Tall Sallys campaign, #dearsally to share with you some of my Christmas outfit wishlists!

First up we have Christmas shopping!

Buy Me: 1,2,3,4

This is probably my favourite of all the outfits, most likely because it is so re-mixable and includes such great wardrobe staples with fantastic twists – Cords in a cranberry tile print? yes please! Knee high boots in an ever flattering brown, Yes! and a drool worthy fur lined parka hell yes!

Cranberry Cord Trousers

I am more than into trousers than jeans at the moment and these super soft, cord trousers just fit the bill! In my all time favourite colour of the moment, Cranberry! With their funky tile print these cord trousers are the stuff of dreams! And when shopping I always find its great to wear separates on the off chance that you might find a top you just have to try on!

Navy Blue Eiffel tower sweater

Oh I love thee, let me count the ways. A great sweater is a girl’s best friend. This Eiffel tower sweater has been on my wish list for a while now and makes a great shopping outfit. Easy to pull off when you get hot (I love LTS’s Stretch Cotton Cami’s for great long length basics to wear underneath) while cute and cosy for when you get outside. Not to mention a fun sweater like this is a festive must.

Brown knee high boots

This was a tossup. Boots or trainers? Don’t get me wrong I love a great trainer and in recent seasons they have become uber cute and fashionable! LTS for one have some fantastic metallic pairs but whenever I always tend to pull on boots. They have great support and are great for when it rains (no wet tootsies!) so I would have to go boots for a long day of shopping anytime!

Faux fur lined Parka

Oh my gosh, this coat. It’s a seasonal staple right? I don’t think the classic Parka ever goes out of style and a fur lined one? Well that’s just double the must. By the time December rolls in so does the bitter cold and although in store you might want to wish you didn’t have to wear any clothes at all once you’re walking your treasures home you’re going to thank me for the warmth that this beauty offers you!

The Christmas Party

Buy Me: 1,2,3,4

Christmas parties are the time for great fabrics. During the run up to Christmas I spend inordinate amounts of time wondering through my favourite stores touching fabrics that make me just want to roll around in a pile of clothes all day. There is something sexy about more tactile outfits, a great fur collar or a velvet coat just scream to be touched so this outfit ticks all the bases for a great Christmas party look.

Suede ankle Boots

Suede boots are a guilty pleasure of mine. I try to buy leather boots (far more rain appropriate I may add) but it just never works out. And yet hand me a suede pair of booties and I am sold. These were no different! Add two zips and these are keepers for sure!

Leather Look Pencil Skirt TTYA

Taller than your average has to have created the most perfect capsule collection for tall girls. Now that I am considering my second capsule I have been paying close attention to this incredible brand! Now look at this skirt, faux leather, it has a thigh, high slit towards the front. Is that not the Christmas party dream? Well, if its not I don’t know what is, but I have fallen in love and this my friends, is my new lover.

don’t tell Josh that of course . . .

Stretch Cotton Cami

Another key basic which as a tall girl you can only really get from LTS and TTYA is the stretch cotton cami. This fabulous black Cami keeps your modesty while fully tucked into the sexy leather skirt above gives you curves in all the right direction.

Velvet Devore Longline Kimono

This summer was all about the Kimono! I adored the idea of swanning around the summer months in a light weight patterned Kimono but unfortunately I never found the perfect one. This one however, oh where have you been all my life? Velvet? With Tassels yes please!!! Pulled over the sexy faux leather skirt and T this pulls in an interesting dimension and softens an otherwise provocative look.

Christmas Day

Buy Me: 1,2,3,4

Christmas day with my family is a day for dressing up. Throughout my childhood I remember my aunt and grandma dressing up and so dressing casual on Christmas day has never come all that easy for me when really all I want to be wearing is a dress, possibly with sparkles. However this year I had a change of heart. I am in love with leather and faux leather (could you tell?) but the leather trousers are just not for me. However when I saw this alteration on the classic Camden jean I just knew that this was the Christmas for denim. Add in some velour Ballerinas and a sparkly tee and I present you a smart casual Christmas day look for all of you who want to be smart and festive without having to give up on any of those edible treats!

Velour Almond toe Ballerina

A soft burgundy, this adds that great tactile edge to the outfit softening the edgy leather stripe on the Camden Jean while being comfy if you have to travel away from your home.

Leather look Panel Camden Jeans

The classic tall girl LTS jean is A, uber flattering and B, with the leather look panel this pair of jeans combines comfort and style all in one easy to wear package so you can even say yes to that game of twister! (if thats what you do on Christmas! I have promised my nanna that this won’t happen for us but that I couldn’t promise that there wouldn’t be a family conga line . . .)

Sequin Front Jersey top

Sequins. If you don’t have somthing sparkly on your person than you can’t enjoy Christmas. Thats not a rule or anything but I’m pretty sure it should be.

Textured Jersey Jacket

You want to look good, cute and comfortable in my families Christmas so to have a soft jacket on hand completes my Christmas day outfit. In my current favourite colour this burgundy jersey jacket means its still cuddly while looking effortlessly put together.

Gift shopping!

Buy Me: 1,2,3,4,5

Gift Ideas!

While your out Christmas shopping its always good to buy your loved ones a great Christmas present! I for one would always ask my parents for snuggly pj’s, socks and scarves so in my books there is never anything better than clothes for Christmas!

TTYA – Ripped Skinny Jeans

If you’re going to get someone a gift you might as well go all out right? Right. These are the must have statement piece for winter, taking cues from my mum from her teenage years add fishnet tights underneath for that edgy appeal.

Lloyd Baker across the body satchel bag

Any girl needs a cross body bag. Why? Because it makes that hands free life that much easier (hello texting on the move!) I love my Cross body bags so much, they mean commuting is that much easier and you don’t have to tussle with a falling bag strap when you could be doing something more interesting like trying to read your ipad as you walk!

Removable Fur Boucle coat

Statements, Statements, statements. When buying someone a gift its important to find something that really stands out and shows them that you care. If that’s what you are looking for (aka, I am) this coat is for you, look at that collar girls! Faux fur, you can’t say no to that right?

Georgette spot Shirt

There is nothing cuter than spots. This shirt works great at work and paired with skinny jeans plus polka dots are an all time classic. Do I need to say more as to why you need this in your life?

Gift Card!

When in doubt, buy a gift card. I know some people feel like this is a cop out gift but I always love a gift card as for someone like me who loves going shopping having a gift card means I can get exactly what I want and means I get to come home with a big bag of shopping to open and feel that new stuff feeling . . .

To see what more tall bloggers are in love with check out the campaigns hash tag #dearsally or see what other tall girls love on the brands community page which you can find here+

What are your plans for your festive outfits! link me any ideas you have as I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!

Also next week is the last week on my Fall Capsule! Ack! so this time next week is our last Capsule catch up for this year! Sadness, right?

In the interests of full disclosure this post is in collaboration with Long Tall 
Sally. All thoughts, outfit constructions and ideas are my own. I was however 
gifted one of the looks above in acknowledgement of this article.