Shopping | Pre Spring shopping sweep…

Since Spring and Summer have less trends to follow the potential of pre planning a season of clothes becomes infinitely easier to plan for. Whereas Autumn and Winter always seem to cost me far more in terms of money they are far less cohesive and organised.

In Spring and Summer however I have had great fun in developing a firm and simple style which is easy to reinvent year after year. For the past two years I have kept focused on simple lines and patterns, often a mix of white blue and grey and in keeping with this I’ve been on the outlook of similar timeless items with a couple of stand out pieces to invest in more exuberant, timeless summers.

Here are a few of my favourite emerging pieces…

The simple, timeless and classic

These are pretty expected from me but its always good to have the odd classic piece to carry over year after year.

Classic spring and summer pieces

Gingham Dress: Tu, Sainsbury, Chiffon Shirt: Zara, Denim Skirt: Next, White shorts: Topshop, Blue rain mac: Sainsburys, Paris Haute top: New Look

Fancy Pieces SS17

White Skirt: River Island, Floral Body suit: Zara, Grey pencil skirt: River Island, Yellow backpack: Zara, Blue off the shoulder shirt: Next, Red patterned Skirt: Zara

Fashion | AW2016 Outfit Remixes

AW2016 Outfit Sudoku

You know how last week I shared clothes that I loved? I may have gotten ahead of myself and made endless outfits, created a basket and repeatedly showed clothes to Josh in the hope that I could spend all our savings on a seasons worth of clothes.

We didn’t go for it thankfully (living and all that) but the endless outfits remain so get ready! Here are the remixes for a season of clothes . . .


AW Outfit Mix up suede time
AW Outfit mix ups

AW2016 pink and grey workwear

AW2016 Outfit Mixups grey trousers and ribbed swing top AW2016 Outfit mix up red and brown AW16 Outfit mix up smart comfort


AW2016 blue dress and suede AW2016 Outfit Remixs casual weekend
AW2016 Outfit mix up weekend lace up boots and suede AW2016 outfit remix patterned skirt

Now whose up for remortgaging for a new wardrobe of clothes? I think Josh is gonna go for it. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t  . . . 

Affordable Fashion | Not shopping so I can plan to shop?

AW 2016 Next Clarks

Striped Sweater, Red Shirt, Blue & White Check dress, brown suede boots, chambray T shirt, blue and red skirt

AW2016 dusky pink and grey

Cropped Pink Shirt, Grey striped cardigan, grey check trousers, dusky pink mules, pink wrap skirt, lace up boots

AW2016 initial thoughts

Trainers, Grey swing top, grey fitted dress, white top with flared sleeves, green suede skirt, green and yellow patterned skirt

No Shopping?

It can be the hardest part of a capsule and certainly the hardest thing for those who emotionally shop and thats the idea of giving it up. Why should you give up the fun of fashion? To plan it of course!

As we know I love the stores who release their next seasons early and they are perfect to start gauging the season ahead. What trends are the high street going to be taking part in? Most importantly of course, what do you (or in this case, I) want to see in my own wardrobe moving forward. If you follow my Pinterest board+ you’ll see glimpses of this but I wanted to share the pieces and styles which are already high on my list.

up close textures and colours

Olivia Burton Watch

Soft & Irresistible textures

Of course my first go to was comfort, style and great fabrics. A ribbed knit dress? Yes a thousand times? Velvet in Autumn and Winter all the way! Least but not last plaid is always my favourite in thing to wear in Autumn and Winter. On top of that I’m still weighing up which Olivia Burton watch I want. Honestly, I originally wanted the Marc Jacobs one in black but considering the price, Olivia Burton is a way better choice for an uber beautiful watch.

suede and patterns

All that suede

I got this suede obsession from my mum, so lets just say it, “This means I’m allowed all the suede items right? You can’t get mad at me?” She probably can, //“>but can she say no to this face from the other day? Unlikely.

I’m living in suede during the AW16 season it’s already been decided. One thing I’ve not decided on, a long suede coat (not floor touching, don’t freak out) or a short biker style jacket. One thing I’m sure on is it will either be this green above or the rich brown. Also that skirt is so going on my to buy immediately list.

chambray shirt and skirt

Denim & New Shapes

Do we remember how much I wanted to introduce new shapes into my wardrobe? Last AW I choose to be more edgy, reality is this, the only edgy things I really wore were my black and white coatigan from Long Tall Sally (It was so comfortable, who doesn’t like being wrapped in a huge blanket?) and of course my tunics which meant leggings and jeggings were so much more wearable!

In regards to my picks above I love the twist on this chambray T-shirt, the pleated pattern skirt which can go from work to the party and that pretty red top at the beginning of this post with a tie? Both cute, fun and 100% unexpected for me getting dressed in the morning.

AW16 Accessories

Pink suede bag, Black super soft scarf, Black and silver belt, light brown hat

Finishing touches

Accessories are the key to any look, I have poorly ignored them this year so far (I can’t actually believe how little effort I have put into my outfits) but this year I am going to be changing that all up and it started with a pendant necklace from Accessorize. A small thing but it reminded me of all that I have always loved. Unique bags, fun hats, unusual belts and warm, scratchless scarves (usually in leopard print, I won’t pretend) have always been the backbone of my looks and I’m bringing it back this year!

As you can see I have spent quite a lot of time pulling this together but I am so excited to start curating again and coming back to the styles that I really want and love. Sometimes its fun to go out of the box but most of the time? The classics are perfect with me.

I’m now off to put everything in my basket, bulk at the price and then start cutting down the options but I think you can guess, suede is going to be all over this season.

Fashion | Fuzzy Gilet style

_DSC0401 _DSC0432

Jacket: Primark, Faux Fur Gilet: Long Tall Sally, Grey A-Symmetrical sweater: Zara, Leggings: H&M, Leopard Print flats: Barefoot Tess c/o Long Tall Sally, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Since moving last fall my fashion sense has taken a serious nose dive. Partially because I get up at ridiculous o’clock now but secondly because when you have a wedding on the horizon your brain goes into, freaking out mush.

You might not believe me on this but honestly its officially happened, I’ve lost the will to spend hours creating looks. Instead, I favour getting in a crafty nap, watching a TV show or reading a magazine (I’m still working on the last one). With this in mind my closet has become a stomping ground for simple pieces that have an uber polished edge.

Right now my number one weekend go to’s are these slip on trainers which make the comfort of a trainer look uber funky (who can say no to leopard print). Zara Knitwear! I never paid too much attention to the knitwear basics in Zara but since purchasing this piece on sale (£12.99 from £25.99) I will definitely be purchasing these again! There is something to be said for picking up more quality pieces, I have become way over jumper shaving! Please stop with the bobbles!

Lastly faux fur? Instant glamour in a jacket!
_DSC0388 _DSC0396