Big Feet? Why you should buy your sandals now…


(Clarks Sandals Left+ Right+)

The sad fact of the matter is, if you are rocking size nine feet or larger, now is probably the first and last time you are going to be able to secure your summer sandals. Especially if you have a desire for flat, practical shoes.

In the autumn and winter you needn’t worry as quickly but in terms of the summer months? You have to make a plan and get your shoes tied down and fast.

If you think I’m joking I received my first pair in the mail last month (These cheap-ish flats from Clarks+ – I have sent these back, being as they are too flat for my feet) and after having decided they were not for me I found a further two pairs to send to my Mum and Nanna for inspection. My mum fell in love with the heavier soled pair pair whilst my nanna preferred the others and also informed me that she had bought hers two weeks prior!

See? It pays to get them in early, but why? because last year I didn’t get any, frankly because there were none! It seems that the unfortunate truth for any of us with difficult feet or bigger or smaller feet means far less choice, but seemingly no less demand. Therefore however much I wanted to wait them out for the next sale it just couldn’t be on the cards, although I may be keeping an eye on this pair+ just in case.

If you want to know about the two pairs I will more than likely review them later in the year. Upon first wearing they are both nicely cushioned and comfortable although even in the wide fittings they probably won’t be enough for anyone with very wide feet.


AW2016 | The Shoes you need for Autumn

shoe week 1

It’s shoe week!!

Every girl, woman and man needs a shoe wardrobe to get them both from home to work safely but also in style. As we’ve learnt from Tuesday finding said shoes isn’t always an easy journey but knowing what you need for a successful shoe-drobe? I’ve got that covered.

The waterproof boot


Similar +

The downside to living in England? Lots of rain. Its not so bad as to be a daily occurrence but it is more often than not so a pair of sturdy waterproof boots are a must have. These are last years boots from Long Tall Sally but they are perfect for those wet days! Make sure that they are sprayed with water-proof spray and you are ready to go, puddles and all!

Even better still this classic design is great under jeans or with skirts and dresses they are also continually professional looking and isn’t that what we all need?

Suede boots


(I’ve literally just bought these but couldn’t find the colour . . . this is the same boot in a pale pink and its so beautiful)

I can’t live without a pair of suede boots, or suede shoes for that matter. Super comfortable this material stretches with time and is great for adding warmth and texture into an outfit. This are classic Clarks desert boots. They run narrow but I’m currently wearing these in so i’ll let you know how they work out moving forward!




A great pair of trainers which are both comfortable and supportive and surprisingly hard to find. This pair of boots that I’ve spoken about lately continue to be firm favourites  Super wearable I’m incredibly grateful for their wide toe box and the suede mix uppers have meant they have never rubbed me, rare but wonderful when you find them!

Work-appropriate loafers 


The same style is available in burgundy and forest green+

Finally, you need a great pair of smart shoes for work. This particular pair didn’t get half the amount of wear they needed to have last year, this was because they have taken a liking to biting my heels. This year however, is the year of wearing in unforgiving shoes. My feet have always struggled with hard leather but the need for great shoes that fit all the bills means this year I’m not giving up.



Fashion | Fuzzy Gilet style

_DSC0401 _DSC0432

Jacket: Primark, Faux Fur Gilet: Long Tall Sally, Grey A-Symmetrical sweater: Zara, Leggings: H&M, Leopard Print flats: Barefoot Tess c/o Long Tall Sally, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Since moving last fall my fashion sense has taken a serious nose dive. Partially because I get up at ridiculous o’clock now but secondly because when you have a wedding on the horizon your brain goes into, freaking out mush.

You might not believe me on this but honestly its officially happened, I’ve lost the will to spend hours creating looks. Instead, I favour getting in a crafty nap, watching a TV show or reading a magazine (I’m still working on the last one). With this in mind my closet has become a stomping ground for simple pieces that have an uber polished edge.

Right now my number one weekend go to’s are these slip on trainers which make the comfort of a trainer look uber funky (who can say no to leopard print). Zara Knitwear! I never paid too much attention to the knitwear basics in Zara but since purchasing this piece on sale (£12.99 from £25.99) I will definitely be purchasing these again! There is something to be said for picking up more quality pieces, I have become way over jumper shaving! Please stop with the bobbles!

Lastly faux fur? Instant glamour in a jacket!
_DSC0388 _DSC0396

Christmas Shopping | #oneforyouoneforme

srkle copy

Longline Sparkle Cardi, Faux fur wrap, Shimmer top, Sequin shoes

I hate to say that shopping can be problematic because honestly its one of my favourite hobbies. However when shopping for Christmas with family and friends over the age of about eight it gets a lot harder. Gone are the days of buying the latest toy obsession for my cousins or there being something you really wanted but couldn’t afford. Instead we all buy what we want, when we want it making it all around harder come Christmas time. Whats a girl to do?

Look at the pretty things of course!

The first problem will be this, will they love it? Whilst the second, will they wear it? I actually found that most of these items could work for any number of women in my family, the key was to find something beautiful or sparkly mixed in with what we need, so for my mum and nanna they like something to keep them warm so mix sparkle with a cardi and that is a keeper! Pair a handy faux fur stole with it and voila! A seasonally appropriate winter outfit + a must needed boost of warmth! Then obviously glittery shoes (perfect for my sister in law (Boo) or even a great friend) a mildly shimmery top with cut sleeves all paired with jeans makes an easy look, festive.

fuxfur copy

Faux Fur Gilet

Oh, faux fur. Come to me.

I knew exactly what I was looking for this winter and it looked a lot like a faux fur gilet. I have considered them for the longest time, but now is when to take the plunge! This makes me want to mix fabrics, adding leather makes it tougher, sheer tops or silk add glamour whilst pulled over another jacket mixes practical with fun.

2nd copyBlanket Scarf, Chevron Stitch Poncho, Suede Skirt, Shimmer Box T,  Faux fur trim gloves

Eventually it might get cold in the UK and when it does, we want to be ready. The suede skirt is 100% my mum, she adores suede, in fact if she could have an outfit made of suede then I think she would! For me I also love the brand, Taller Than Your Averages collaboration with Long Tall Sally’s (TTYA London) suede dress which looks phenomenal.

trjl sli

You should never underestimate the power of a good pair of slippers. When it comes to christmas I am all about stocking up with a nice warm pair to keep my toes toasty when it gets icy.

These are just a few of the items I love from Long Tall Sally this season, check out their site for more ideas and follow the hashtag #oneforyouoneforme to see other bloggers favourites and recommendations!

The Capsule Wardrobe | Basics, the tunic

The Capsule Wardrobe | Basics, the tunic

I’ve talked about this dress all too often this summer so instead I’m going to just tell you these two things, If you want to know what has to be in your capsule but spring/summer and Autumn winter this year? Make it a tunic and a chambray shirt, I promise you won’t look back.

Blogging behind the scenes | The outfit you forgot.

Hat: Gap, Spring 2015, Top: H&M 2012, Tunic: Long Tall Sally SS collection 2015, Heels: Clarks: 2015

Sometimes something unbelievable happens and you forget to blog an outfit, an amazing outfit an outfit you love and were really pleased with and somehow it sits on your computer completely wasted for weeks until you realise, wait a minute . . . its not here? Why isn’t it here? Oh that’s right . . . I never blogged it.

This outfit was one of those lucky hits and I have to say I have worn it multiple times since! We had actually gone to the beach this day (not that I wore my heels this day) but of course in true English fashion it was cold and it rained so yes we did end up on the beach (in rain macks) eating fish and chips and fending off the sea gulls! I also inadvertently realised too late that I had actually been both a wind and rain shield for josh and had a soaked side. nice.

But before then . . . oh yes, I had been rocking this and praying for sun! This tunic btw is from tall brand, Long Tall Sally and for those tall girls out there I am only 5 foot 11 so you might find this too short to be worn as a dress!

AW Collections | Long Tall Sally Musts

The Coatigan

The Denim

The Tunic

The Boots

The Trainer

The Heels

You know what I love best about August? The highstreet AW reveals! They start slowly but my oh my does it get you excited for the new season!!! Ack! Now onto my first store – because I love looking at the new collections its my hope that over the next few weeks I can show you my initial go to stores for clothes inspiration and shopping and give you the lowdown on my favourite pieces.

Now Long Tall Sally – if our not tall I am super sorry because look at these pieces above! *dying* for me this is a store that I love for the longer pieces like T shirts and of course jeans and trousers but those of you who are a little shorter give me a heads up on what stores you love and I’ll have a gander and make a post just for you! This post is also not sponsored!

So onto the fashion, I love LTS shoe game this season, I’m not overwhelmed by the clothing options but as you can see above I am all about their shoe collection! In fact I can’t even decide which pair I should buy (first?). You’re totally right if you suggest buy them all! haha – Now Long Tall Sally do their shoes in size 7 to I think 12? So its great if your feet are on the larger side!

The clothes above are like the perfect outfit! I don’t understand what my obsession is with greyscale this year when everything I wanted last year was coloured but here you have it! Hopefully the blog won’t become therealgreyscale blog but we will see!

Have you got any favourites I missed or any store you want covering, drop a link below!

SS15 Capsule Wardrobe: The little stripped tunic.

Chambray Shirt: H&M (2012), Sweater: Gap (2014), Tunic: Long Tall Sally, Shoes: Do you really wanna know? Bag: Next

What do you wear for your first summery saturday in a while to go eat lunch in the park? Well a dress or in this case tunic of course. I love a great summery dress and this is a steal at only £18.

So far it has kept its shape well and I have worn it with everything from walking sandals and walking boots to sandals and heels its really great and versatile and I really can’t fault it, a great go to. To mix it up so you can’t get bored of it too quickly I layered it up with my favourite jumper and a chambray shirt acting as a jacket which both worked well as make shift blankets for when the sun went in! The perfect day in the park ensemble!

TRJL SHOPS | Best of the sandals SS15

1. Long Tall Sally, Gardenia

2. Scholl, Pocket Ballerina Sandal

3. Toms, Correa in Burlap

4. Long Tall Sally, Mimosa

5. Clarks, Romantic Moon

6. Office, Williamsburg

7. Birkenstock, Arizona

Holy Cow. Sandals.

I have had a two year bad streak and I know I’m in my capsule and I shouldn’t be looking but my sandals rub. Isn’t that always the way? I. am. so. sad about the state of the summer shoe situation! Why must you hurt? So I have been searching the internet and here you have it my list of gorgeous shoes that have support or cushioned soles!

That’s all I ask for in life, you know? Memory foam, soles! May I also point out, Toms!! I want, I want, I want! I just have to wait until June and I am all in!!

Update your Capsule Wardrobe with TTYA and Long Tall Sally!

If you’re like me and are rocking the capsule wardrobe then you are probably thinking a lot about spring by now. With the recent spate of good weather (hello sun!) me and Josh have been maximizing our time out in the early sun while we can and while we’re not? Well of course I am looking into the next stage of my wardrobe evolution, getting ready for Spring.

One such range which I was privileged to view early is the Taller Than Your Average range for Long Tall Sally. During LFW I actually attended the brands launch party for #IWASBORNME and ever since I have become obsessed with the brands cooler than cool aesthetics.

The greatest thing about the TTYA’s collections is they are a capsule in on themselves! This springs it’s all about those pretty powder blues, neutral whites and greys with pops of fantastical silver and girls I am in love . . .

I still feel a tad conflicted about my colour palette for spring but I know that I need to get in on this collection so I figured what better a plan than to go through the collection and work out how you guys can wear it for Spring 2015!


Amplify your jeans!

These babies are so on trend it hurts and not only that but they mix the patchwork trend with the mom jean, can this get any better? No, I thought not! These are an uber fun way to mix in the everyday classic comfort of jeans with on trend styling! Add in some double denim duty or the ranges oh so sexy leotard and hello we have an outfit!

Off duty model style

In Spring and Summer I love simple, I am naturally a dress and go kinda girl once the sun hits so a great T like this one would work great for those boyfriend jeans and trainer days or smartened up with a great pair of shorts or culottes.


Silver Skirt £85

Silver, love it or hate it, it makes a fantastic impact. If you asked my mum she’d probably think of a silver poncho that still haunts her nightmares whereas for me I think space boots and those metallic bags from a year back and I love it. Guys I love spaceboot style so of course I would gravitate to this. Spring I feel is a great time for the midi skirt just long enough to not get too bitten by the early morning chill but also perfect for twirling in your living room when you get home from work. Josh loves a good twirl you know . . .

Nights out

Where TTYA excel? Its party wear. When I attended the #IWASBORNME party I was able to wear their stunner of a dress, the keyhole maxi. This collection is no exception and I love how classic these clothes are as well as being easily the sexiest transformers available on the highstreet!

The playsuit

Playsuit in White

I loved the playsuit last year but this is a step up. Structured with a low back this is a head turner and I would wear this out on as many date nights as I could convince Josh to go on and of course to go out dancing!

The two pieces

Mesh skirt £65

In the collection there is also a white suit. I kid you not, it’s the sexiest thing I’ve seen but I naturally gravitated to this look. When it comes to Spring and Summer I really want to enjoy not having my legs covered up, as one of my better assets I think it’s important to focus on the parts of you that you love rather than hide them so a great pencil skirt is a must have and the mesh detailing just gives it that added sporting umph which is so in for SS15.

Spotlight Piece

Now as your aware the collection is gorgeous, its wonderful but there is always the one piece where you stop, stare and realise that all your prayers have been answered and that is these shorts.

flippy shorts £30 TTYA for LTS

Whether you are tall, short or you have anything that proves difficult to dress than finding mecca or that piece that will change your world is of vital importance with any collection and TTYA is right on the money with this, their classic black short.

I love a great pair of shorts and I think they are fantastic for tall women as we already have so much leg anyway I think its great fun to show that off. Now add in the fact that these come in classic black and have a looser fit then I think we have hit the jackpot! Speaking about price these are only £30 which is amazing for the type of quality product that TTYA are putting out there! I have their keyhole maxi in black and it truly is the softest most fantastic piece in my wardrobe.

So if you want my ultimate purchase from this collection then it would be these shorts!

For more of the collection check out the Long Tall Sally website for both The Taller Than Your Average range but also for their own gorgeous items!

#dearsally (Could I just live in your store please?)

I have a secret. I have been leaving shopping baskets all over the internet.

As the three month shopping ban, associated with my Capsule Wardrobe comes to a close I have been scouring the internet, window shopping. Or in this case, screen shopping. I’m pretty sure that I can’t be the only one who does this, right? But added to the fact that I haven’t bought clothes in three months I am also keenly aware that the best excuse for clothes shopping will shortly be upon us, Christmas.

Now if Christmas wasn’t a good enough excuse for clothes shopping, I really don’t know what is. This will be my first Christmas at my parents home since moving in with Josh. Therefore I have spent an extraordinary amount of my time imagining my outfits for each Christmas occasion. Carol singing, Christmas day, shopping (last minute of course.) So to put all my time to good use I have joined Long Tall Sallys campaign, #dearsally to share with you some of my Christmas outfit wishlists!

First up we have Christmas shopping!

Buy Me: 1,2,3,4

This is probably my favourite of all the outfits, most likely because it is so re-mixable and includes such great wardrobe staples with fantastic twists – Cords in a cranberry tile print? yes please! Knee high boots in an ever flattering brown, Yes! and a drool worthy fur lined parka hell yes!

Cranberry Cord Trousers

I am more than into trousers than jeans at the moment and these super soft, cord trousers just fit the bill! In my all time favourite colour of the moment, Cranberry! With their funky tile print these cord trousers are the stuff of dreams! And when shopping I always find its great to wear separates on the off chance that you might find a top you just have to try on!

Navy Blue Eiffel tower sweater

Oh I love thee, let me count the ways. A great sweater is a girl’s best friend. This Eiffel tower sweater has been on my wish list for a while now and makes a great shopping outfit. Easy to pull off when you get hot (I love LTS’s Stretch Cotton Cami’s for great long length basics to wear underneath) while cute and cosy for when you get outside. Not to mention a fun sweater like this is a festive must.

Brown knee high boots

This was a tossup. Boots or trainers? Don’t get me wrong I love a great trainer and in recent seasons they have become uber cute and fashionable! LTS for one have some fantastic metallic pairs but whenever I always tend to pull on boots. They have great support and are great for when it rains (no wet tootsies!) so I would have to go boots for a long day of shopping anytime!

Faux fur lined Parka

Oh my gosh, this coat. It’s a seasonal staple right? I don’t think the classic Parka ever goes out of style and a fur lined one? Well that’s just double the must. By the time December rolls in so does the bitter cold and although in store you might want to wish you didn’t have to wear any clothes at all once you’re walking your treasures home you’re going to thank me for the warmth that this beauty offers you!

The Christmas Party

Buy Me: 1,2,3,4

Christmas parties are the time for great fabrics. During the run up to Christmas I spend inordinate amounts of time wondering through my favourite stores touching fabrics that make me just want to roll around in a pile of clothes all day. There is something sexy about more tactile outfits, a great fur collar or a velvet coat just scream to be touched so this outfit ticks all the bases for a great Christmas party look.

Suede ankle Boots

Suede boots are a guilty pleasure of mine. I try to buy leather boots (far more rain appropriate I may add) but it just never works out. And yet hand me a suede pair of booties and I am sold. These were no different! Add two zips and these are keepers for sure!

Leather Look Pencil Skirt TTYA

Taller than your average has to have created the most perfect capsule collection for tall girls. Now that I am considering my second capsule I have been paying close attention to this incredible brand! Now look at this skirt, faux leather, it has a thigh, high slit towards the front. Is that not the Christmas party dream? Well, if its not I don’t know what is, but I have fallen in love and this my friends, is my new lover.

don’t tell Josh that of course . . .

Stretch Cotton Cami

Another key basic which as a tall girl you can only really get from LTS and TTYA is the stretch cotton cami. This fabulous black Cami keeps your modesty while fully tucked into the sexy leather skirt above gives you curves in all the right direction.

Velvet Devore Longline Kimono

This summer was all about the Kimono! I adored the idea of swanning around the summer months in a light weight patterned Kimono but unfortunately I never found the perfect one. This one however, oh where have you been all my life? Velvet? With Tassels yes please!!! Pulled over the sexy faux leather skirt and T this pulls in an interesting dimension and softens an otherwise provocative look.

Christmas Day

Buy Me: 1,2,3,4

Christmas day with my family is a day for dressing up. Throughout my childhood I remember my aunt and grandma dressing up and so dressing casual on Christmas day has never come all that easy for me when really all I want to be wearing is a dress, possibly with sparkles. However this year I had a change of heart. I am in love with leather and faux leather (could you tell?) but the leather trousers are just not for me. However when I saw this alteration on the classic Camden jean I just knew that this was the Christmas for denim. Add in some velour Ballerinas and a sparkly tee and I present you a smart casual Christmas day look for all of you who want to be smart and festive without having to give up on any of those edible treats!

Velour Almond toe Ballerina

A soft burgundy, this adds that great tactile edge to the outfit softening the edgy leather stripe on the Camden Jean while being comfy if you have to travel away from your home.

Leather look Panel Camden Jeans

The classic tall girl LTS jean is A, uber flattering and B, with the leather look panel this pair of jeans combines comfort and style all in one easy to wear package so you can even say yes to that game of twister! (if thats what you do on Christmas! I have promised my nanna that this won’t happen for us but that I couldn’t promise that there wouldn’t be a family conga line . . .)

Sequin Front Jersey top

Sequins. If you don’t have somthing sparkly on your person than you can’t enjoy Christmas. Thats not a rule or anything but I’m pretty sure it should be.

Textured Jersey Jacket

You want to look good, cute and comfortable in my families Christmas so to have a soft jacket on hand completes my Christmas day outfit. In my current favourite colour this burgundy jersey jacket means its still cuddly while looking effortlessly put together.

Gift shopping!

Buy Me: 1,2,3,4,5

Gift Ideas!

While your out Christmas shopping its always good to buy your loved ones a great Christmas present! I for one would always ask my parents for snuggly pj’s, socks and scarves so in my books there is never anything better than clothes for Christmas!

TTYA – Ripped Skinny Jeans

If you’re going to get someone a gift you might as well go all out right? Right. These are the must have statement piece for winter, taking cues from my mum from her teenage years add fishnet tights underneath for that edgy appeal.

Lloyd Baker across the body satchel bag

Any girl needs a cross body bag. Why? Because it makes that hands free life that much easier (hello texting on the move!) I love my Cross body bags so much, they mean commuting is that much easier and you don’t have to tussle with a falling bag strap when you could be doing something more interesting like trying to read your ipad as you walk!

Removable Fur Boucle coat

Statements, Statements, statements. When buying someone a gift its important to find something that really stands out and shows them that you care. If that’s what you are looking for (aka, I am) this coat is for you, look at that collar girls! Faux fur, you can’t say no to that right?

Georgette spot Shirt

There is nothing cuter than spots. This shirt works great at work and paired with skinny jeans plus polka dots are an all time classic. Do I need to say more as to why you need this in your life?

Gift Card!

When in doubt, buy a gift card. I know some people feel like this is a cop out gift but I always love a gift card as for someone like me who loves going shopping having a gift card means I can get exactly what I want and means I get to come home with a big bag of shopping to open and feel that new stuff feeling . . .

To see what more tall bloggers are in love with check out the campaigns hash tag #dearsally or see what other tall girls love on the brands community page which you can find here+

What are your plans for your festive outfits! link me any ideas you have as I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!

Also next week is the last week on my Fall Capsule! Ack! so this time next week is our last Capsule catch up for this year! Sadness, right?

In the interests of full disclosure this post is in collaboration with Long Tall 
Sally. All thoughts, outfit constructions and ideas are my own. I was however 
gifted one of the looks above in acknowledgement of this article.

Taller Than Your Average X Long Tall Sally

If you haven’t heard already the tall community got some incredible news this last week and that is that the hot new online taller retailer, Taller Than Your Average has partnered up with tall girls all time fav, Long Tall Sally.

Together they have created a wonderful 18 piece capsule collection which offers young, stylish, high-quality pieces that are specifically cut for women like myself who are 5’8″ or taller!

Taller Than Your Average was actually started by the London based fashion stylist and former ASOS stylist, Irene Agbontaen who decided to use her years of fashion experience to create TTYA – a label for ultra-cool ‘jersey staples’ for tall girls and as any girl or guy like myself who is undertaking the The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge knows basics can easily make an outfit!

The best bit of this collection is its accessibility and its price points available online on the collection is priced between £24-£110! For great, well designed pieces that are made using high quality fabrics this collection could just possibly be the answer to all my basics needs! A few of my favourite pieces from the collection that I am considering for the Winter Capsule Wardrobe are their gorgeous Burnout Tees my only dilemma being which colour? I love the look of the Collarless Shirt but my favourite things have to be the Scuba Biker Jacket (above, £100) and the ripped jeans (£70).

To find out more about the collection and shop the collection of course check out and shop the collection here+ or maybe you want to check out Taller Than Your Average’s own store which can be found here+ 

Don’t forget to tag the collection with #TTYA4LTS!!