Living Minimalist | The small things

they call me the blur in H&M (jacket), Zara (T, jeans and Scarf) and Clarks (shoes).

How often do we speak about the small things and taking moments when it comes to minimalism? I feel like it’s all the time but its what makes the movement so fabulous that it allows you to focus on what actually matters. Lately myself and Josh have been rushed off our feet and in this time the small things have become so incredibly important to us.

In fact I would say we are actually spending more quality time together as of a result. Rather than a whole weekend in and out of our laptops or side projects we’ve been so busy that it’s been more snuggles on the couch and going out for lunch, breakfast or coffee in the moments that we have free.

These times have actually made the last month or so pretty magical. It’s so funny how life works sometimes that when you feel your most out of control is actually when the most magic happens and you feel most fulfilled and I think that’s what a minimalist approach to life and our closet offers you. The chance to stop putting emphasis on the many things and key back to the world before computers and social media ruled the waves!

We have however decided that we do need to give ourselves a little more of break which we will on the 10th and in light of this I think that for the next few weeks I’m going to lighten the blog a little, make it less of a full on idea every post but instead give you guys some breathing room and share photos and little titbits which make up the everyday!

What do we think? Since after all isn’t a capsule all about lightening the load?

I wore this outfit a couple of Saturdays back where we had a day or errands and what you don’t see? It rained horrendously for an hour in which time we had gone to the supermarket (i’m a classy food shopper in heels) and gotten soaked repeatedly.

on a side note, just washed jeans? What a struggle!

blur you later! for up to dates thoughts check out Instagram and Snapchat!

Simple Living | Social Media Switch Off

The sweetest Elephant from our India trip to Goa last October. Image taken by my Mother and Father in Law to be.

Social Media is a beautiful thing. What I love most about it is its ability to connect us with the entire, far reaching world. You can meet people from all over who you would never have had the chance to meet otherwise! On the other hand however there is also a downside and that I think is burning out.

If I was just using social media for personal use I don’t think that this would be such a problem but when you are working with it at your day job, with your blog and freelance projects sometimes it can get pretty old, pretty fast. Therefore, in the spirit of giving myself (and Josh) a break we have decided to go social media free this weekend, and yes, that includes Snapchat (sorry).

If you’ve been hanging around here a while you will also know that we have done this before. We have taken a quick leave of absence to get some real world perspective but why actually do it? Does it make such a difference? Shockingly yes.

My Joshey last Autumn when we took another break from the outside world (yes, playgrounds were involved)

Why Take a Break?

Honestly taking a break is something that has helped us both hugely, time and time again over the last half a year or so. When we first went to India one of the biggest things we noted was feeling content. We had no (easy access) Wifi, no chances to Instagram as we went, hell, we even ended up not photographing either trip very extensively! and we were just happy.

It gave us time to think, to forget and to really let go of day to day life. There were no chores, no demands and honestly since then I have made it somewhat of my mission to continue finding those moments everyday to really switch off.

Small things make big differences.

Taking a coffee break can be a tiny thing, in fact you probably have coffee (or tea) all day but do you really take a break to experience it? Probably not, so come June we began changing that. We started by making time for lunch or a coffee break on a Saturday. Prior to this, Saturday had been a hectic chore day where we spent huge amounts of time not stopping. In fact if we consider the whole of last weekend I think we spent a grand total of three hours awake in our flat, impressive, no?

No, not really but in all that crazy we have found a coffee break where we can just sit down together and reflect for a second (sans phones) is in fact greatly beneficial. In fact as you saw on last weeks post, This is the Weekend  we now adore finding a few moments to sit somewhere pretty and literally stop talking and stop thinking so much!

What are you going to do?

So what are we going to do? Well something more simple than I ever thought possible, we will leave the rat race of social media Friday night and by Monday morning? Well, I will be right back and hopefully with a little more peace and a whole lot of less stress!

If India, and even Paris is anything to go by I would say we will be feeling a whole lot better, very soon! So whose with me? Think you could ignore your phone?

A week in the life of a museum professional.

The beauty of museum work is that each day is completely different. Excitingly, my role as a Collections Officer at the Garden City Collection in Letchworth encompasses a wide variety of museum work. In a small team of 3, I delve into conservation, cataloguing, exhibitions, teaching volunteers, researching enquiries and much more.

So far in the past week I’ve attended a Collections Trust Seminar at the Science Museum in London and spent an entire Tuesday with a conservator carrying boxes around and opening them to reveal precious silk textiles (and learning a lot about past conservation treatments and textile production on the way!) I’ve also researched Letchworth’s first public statue for a journalist of an LGBT magazine, liaised with a lecturer in theatrical studies and dramaturgy from the university of Exeter concerning photographs and copyright paperwork for a publication and put-together some themes for our new museum website.

Yesterday we received a huge ‘Conservation by Design’ order, very exciting for us museum folk! Conservation-grade storage and cleaning equipment is vital in helping to look after our collections. We unwrapped lots of secol sleeves, acid free boxes and tissue, acid free card, soft hair brushes and even a brand new hepa vac!

Not long after unwrapping the new hepa vacuum cleaner and soft hair brushes, our wonderful NADFAS volunteers arrived to clean early 20th century architectural plans. We have around 20 volunteers currently working with us, they are highly valued and we could not function without their amazing help. From cataloguing to cleaning, scanning to transcribing, anything goes – with the right training from us!

Today I’m attending a copyright training course with my colleague Collections Officer Aimee at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. This will be followed by some shopping around for art materials for next week, when i’ll temporarily become a ‘creative media’ teacher, along with my two colleagues, at North Herts College. We shall be educating 4 classes of 16-17 year olds about the wonders of that 70’s invention, the fanzine – and helping them produce their own!

Finally and rather excitingly, an oil painting in our collection of Ebenezer Howard and the original ‘masterplan’ of Letchworth are both on loan to the National Portrait Gallery, for an exhibition on William Morris that opened yesterday! Our curator went to the Private view on Monday. Many early architects of Letchworth were influenced by William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement.

Our website launches soon and I’ve recently participated in a mammoth digitisation project, to make more images available to view online.

I’m sure you’re feeling rather exhausted after that, there’s no rest for the museum professional that’s for sure.


My colleague unwrapping a conservation order!


Science Museum seminar, London.


The Curator giving a museum store tour.


Photography in process, our mammoth digitisation project working with the Mobile Scanning Company.


Our paper conservator Nick, based at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.


Wrapping WWI rifles for the Herts at War exhibition.


Me cataloguing fine art ready to take to the conservator!

Gemma is a History of Art graduate, who started her museum career back in January. She blogs at a joint blog with Jessica at and on her photography-themed blog at

Weekend Intentions.

Chambray shirt from the Capsule wardrobe (H&M) and basics, Leggings, H&M, Tee H&M, Sunglasses were freebies from Tatler 2013 and running shoes from New Balance (mens?)

Last weekend we swore we would eat healthier, get on our bikes and be active. Unfortunately after a Saturday choc full of chores and cleaning we really only ended up with Sunday to really do whatever we wanted. Because this summer has felt like such a rush of commitments we decided that for our own sanity we would instead take a walk rather than a long cycle ride and enjoy chatting and the river and get a drink at Starbucks and just spend our Sunday being.

Life is so busy that its days like this that I think we crave the most. We awoke to have toast and read magazines (well the boy read Buzzfeed but close enough right?) Then after photographing the capsule wardrobe we took off for a walk from our home to the local Starbucks which is quite the trek in the grand scheme of things! Once at the local lock what better than to take a few outfit photos right?

If theres one thing that the blog altered for me it was weekends. When I first started it realighted my love of fashion so much so that I ended up wearing elaborate outfits all the time and that eventually led me to feeling bad when I didn’t wear something so put together!

Cause everybody’s gotta get there somehow


I know, I know, you haven’t even seen my face yet so far this week! Unfortunately with our weekend away photos went completely out of the window and with it, blog posts. I also had pictures of the shop which of course where the ones that got wiped earlier in the week so I have been too afraid this week of attempting again.

So here we have it. My new favourite Pinterest pin. Its been roughly five years since I left my parents home for university and I consider all those years of me becoming an adult. Although I have gone through alot and changed even more I still wouldn’t say that I am anywhere near where I thought I would be or where I wanted to be. So this quote is perfect for me in this moment. A sweet reminder for everyday that almost 24 isn’t old and that we can’t all have Hilary Duff success at a young age and instead we hit our stride at different times. 

If theres anything I need to be reminded of its that you don’t have to have it all figured out, you just need to enjoy the good moments that happen regardless.

So heres to the weekend and the future ahead!

Running, Dresses & Global Warming all in one post!


Blue Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Belt: H&M (Old), similar (yes mens but who said they can have all the fun?), Bag: Accessorize sale, similar, More expensive, Blazer: F21 Similar Shoes: New Look


I think the sun has gone to my head. Why you ask? Well it could be because I find myself no longer capable of getting anywhere without rushing. The worst part is; I don’t even know why I am perpetually running – I get up at the same time, I am ready almost early and yet every morning I find myself running onto the train, running into the office, running out of the office, running for my next train, running for dinner . . . you name it I no longer walk to it, I run.

So during the week this dress is pretty useless but on the weekends . . . oh the weekends! I am one cool cookie. In fact we jammed so much in this weekend that I even chose to wash our car. Now if you know me you’ll know that car washing, not my strong suit. I was spoilt with a dad who loved his cars and made sure they looked good. Well that and I’m pretty sure he was just insuring that my messy mug of a car wasn’t bringing down the neighbourhood. (Or driveway, It probably was)

But then you know what happened? Monday. That’s what happened and so starts the cycle of running again. Oh global warming you are a cruel mistress!

I dream of Ice cream . . .


Pink blazer: H&M Sale (January 2014) Alternative, Tee: H&M Basics, Mint Bag: Accessorize Pink Jeans: Next Leopard Print flats: New Look (January Sale 2014) Similar


I look really tan and over healthy (and a little bit tired in these photos) and I’m not entirely sure why. How does this happen? It must be all the pink im wearing in this outfit so say hello to my new pink jeans! my quest for pink jeans arrived one day with no warning. Literally one moment I wanted bright coloured jeans and the next pale pink had jumped into my mind and wouldn’t leave.

So first I tried Boden – New would equal great right? Well no. Not for me & my apple shapes but Next did! These ankle skimmers were just what I was looking for and even better they had a great zip detail which meant they were that little bit more different and perfect for updating my wardrobe! Success! So get ready to look forward to seeing these little gems with my striped tunic, long thin sweaters and peplum tops! cause I’m coming for you!

Bring on the mint!


Blazer: F21 (2012) Same shape/blazer in colbolt (you can’t go wrong!), Mint Tee, Dorothy Perkins (2011) Similar , Zara BF Jeans 2013 Similar (I love zara jeans for comfort price and fit! well suggested!), Pixie Flats Next 2013 Similar in Raspberry, Mint Bag Accessorize Necklace, thrifted.



Who knew that back in University I would pick up this gem of a shirt without realising that mint was going to be such a big deal in a couple of years? Well as luck would have it I did! I loved it then and I certainly love it now as well I mean mint and polka dots all in one? That is the style bloggers dream! It has also kept itself quite well over the years so its still wearable, remixable and loved now as well as back then! In fact even Josh loves it!

Now I must tell you I didn’t plan for a weeks worth of Mint posts but apparently its like my new favourite colour. Who’d’ve guessed right? Also these jeans make me so happy! They are so relaxed and soft that I could literally sleep in them they are that good! So the fact that spring/summer is on its way is very welcomed just so I can wear these jeans all the time!

p.s What are our thoughts on these shirts? I just wanna live in one of these on weekends with leggings! Thoughts?

Spring Updates (Did someone say shopping?)


Accessorize, Accessorize! Mint Bag, Scarf

DSC_0215 DSC_0214

I have been on a bit of a bag/scarf kick recently. Literally a new one every month! I mean firstly thats crazy and I obviously don’t recommend od’ing on accessories but when they are this cute? Honestly hows a girl to say no? Also they weren’t too badly priced this bag is only £17 which wasn’t bad! (I don’t think) Shockingly though it doesn’t feel as sturdy as my trusty go to Primarni bag so if you get this one wedged in the tube doors you’re probably not going to win but its mint and was only £17 so that outweighs it for me! (Although I know, I know I am meant to be saving for investment pieces! whatcha gonna do?)

The scarf also wasn’t too pricy at £15 which isn’t bad for a transitional piece, its not always warm enough yet but its got more warmth than a silk number! I also liked it because there was more fabric as alot of their new spring stuff doesn’t have enough for this time of year so you’d literally have to wear another into work and then change when you get there! how annoying right? but this was a nice best of both worlds piece!

Now I am hoping next month not to go so accessories crazy! As I’d like to buy some basic sandals (India ruined last years ones – lots of sand = very discoloured white shoes! – but oh so worth it!) and maybe a summer dress! But in my window shopping I have fallen in love with this dress from Dorothy Perkins . . .

red dress


I love that skirting pattern! Its not in tall unfortunantely but so what if I show a little ankle this summer right? After my failed Boden denim shop (too tight around the middle a tad too short (in tall) and to baggy around the legs!) I am also trialing these jeans from Next this weekend, fingers crossed cause I could do with some comfy (coloured) jeans!

What are you guys shopping for this month and next? Do you have any spring essentials that you feel are worth investing in this year?

Not so mellow yellow



Jumper: Gap (sale – my favourite word), Black Pencil Skirt: H&M (old as time but I know stores like Dorothy Perkins do these kinda things!) Black bag: Primark (my 2nd) Yellow Flats: New Look

DSC_0245 DSC_0221 DSC_0219


I’m on a mission. A colour mission. I may have  mentioned this before but back in university my wardrobe considered off four colours, black, white, red and navy. Don’t get me wrong this made dressing pretty easy and let me be pretty put together at all times, but you know what else? It was incredibly boring. Yep you heard that right, dressing, boring? so incredibly boring.

So as I do I set out on a mission to not only focus on better quality (less cheap bulk buys – le sigh) but to also make sure that each piece can both fit in with my wardrobe and be well loved and remixed but to also be at the same time completely different!

I am really trying to not only inject some much needed colour but to also add patterns and interest and I hope with paying that little bit more that I will also get some more textures and often its the little fancy extras on a piece of clothing (like a little bit of velvet covering the seems) that just adds to that wow I feel good factor! and who doesn’t want that?

Mom-olog and Decisions

I need a dress. Now when I get that I need feeling I’ve started pulling out my inner mum-olog. You know the one, (and if you don’t – how do you get so lucky?) It’s that inner voice which a, rolls its eyes and says you need a new dress do you? But I finally beat her down this time to a yes I need a dress.

However that did not help me decide which one should I buy. Now, firstly why do I need a dress at all? Well you see every February the 18th is mine and Joshes anniversary. And every year we go back to where we met, London, stay the night in a posh hotel go out and eat Turkish food, get cocktails at browns and go see Greenwich on the Sunday. It’s a tradition now and if there’s a year without it I’m not sure how we would cope.

But anyway I normally buy a new outfit for the dinner (it’s only fair – especially to claim I bought it for him) So I found three I love and I know after having spoken with inner mum-olog that I probably should just save for the fancy Boden dress but then I asked Jess-olog (that’s mumolog’s worst enemy, thanks for asking.) and she was all, “but then you could buy two for the same . . . “But mum-olog told her off so I’m back at square one, which to buy?

So thoughts everyone? Is any of them a keeper?

Number one, pink! from Dorothy Perkins

pink dorothy

Number two, Leopard Print from Next

Leopard Print

Number three, (kinda thinking this one, but saving? the woe.) Boden Polka dots



P.s. don’t judge me if I can manage to throw a new blazer into this party . . .

You-ey-tube. Thats cool right?



Black Cardigan: (Was Dorothy Perkins) Similar, Black three quarter length Tee: H&M Basics, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Sale (InStore) Similar black leather, Similar Camel, Shoes: New Look (Sale, In Store) The ones I really wanted Bracelets: India (any good sari shop?!? Ebay!) Rings: Primark Stacking Rings (2013) Cute Stackables






“you-ey-tube” Thats a thing right?”

Its not even Monday and I am making up words! But I am pretty sure that this word is a keeper however, I mean you-ey-tube it just makes it seem that much cooler right? No? Well ok then, must just be me.

Now if you follow me on Instagram you may know that this morning (my morning, UK time) That I posted the now popular hashtag #100dayshappy (thats happy, not shappy everytime I re-read this I think of Shappi Khorsandi and this just isn’t the same), yep I joined. I’m not sure how I feel about it, yes I love the concept and I photograph enough anyway but arn’t my Insta-followers gonna get sick of a picture proclaiming happiness everyday? I get the feeling that they will, and I will, so i’m gonna have a go see how it goes and all that . . .

For now however I’m up for the challenge! So whose with me?

p.s  do stay tuned cause I have been working on a little piece about India that I originally emailed my family on christmas day!