Life behind the capsule Wardrobe

Blazer: H&M, Tunic: Long Tall Sally, Chinos: Next, Flats: New Look, Bag: Zara

Life behind the capsule Wardrobe

Hey guys! So you might notice later, that this week has far less outfit posts (again) This makes me as sad as you (or maybe it makes you happy?) but anyhoo for just a four day week myself and Josh (photographer at large) feel like we have been repeatedly run over this week. Just before the long weekend we had received news that our flat is being sold, effective of … well now. So what should have been a relaxed exciting weekend became a freaked out and confusing weekend of calling estate agents and trying to get viewings and staring at each other like, what the hell are we doing?!?!?!

I have now lived in the town of Maidstone in Kent for the last three years. I can’t even believe it myself but when we got the call about moving, all hell broke loose. Isn’t it always the way that you make plans for life and then something comes up which changes them all? In this case we thought we’d be able to stay where we are until after we were married (October 2016) and until we could buy but as it is, life has other plans.

The big why this is so stressful is this; we decided that we wouldn’t move in Maidstone.

I don’t know when I became so daring. (Jessica circa 2006 who lived in only two homes in the same town all her life is currently looking on in horror) but here’s the thing, we were never going to buy in Maidstone so living there again seems daft when we haven’t tried anywhere else so we are moving on! This time to (hopefully) Rochester (home to Charles Dickens and many dickens festivals!) to experience another side of Kent!

At the moment we are jumping between petrified and overly excited but with all of this going on and spending part of this weekend trolling Rochester we have just felt completely deflated so two outfit posts it is I’m afraid!!! Moving forward of course this means lots of Instagram’s of us clearing out our current flat, packing and moving into our new one and I wanted to ask you minimalists/budget keepers out there, are you interested in a few interiors posts? The best thing about moving of course is getting to re imagine your interiors (even if you can’t paint or upgrade internal fittings) but still would you be interested to see before and after kinds of things?

Epic Fails all round.


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I have no new pictures. How silly is that? I don’t mean I never took them, because I did but I forgot to upload them. Who does that? A tired girl petrified at the thought of more tube strikes thats who. So heres a little bitty about life recently until later when I can get you the goods I mean, photos.

Lesson 1: How not to fall off your bike, Aka; Read the Instructions.

“I have a plaster on my knee. (And a bruise. Whats one without the other?) and now everytime I see it I remember one important thing, every 23 year old should probably already know. Lesson 1; when getting your newly delivered bycycle read the instructions first.

I didn’t read the instructions. So my new bike and I came to not so much of a screaming hault but more of a slow-mo fall to the ground sideways. It was classy, especially with all the local smokers staring at me. Number two? I probably shouldn’t have done it in sparkle boots either but I like to live on the edge. 
Luckily Josh made me feel better, fed me chicken dippers, and gave me a plaster. I already felt like a six year old whats one more thing?”
Stay tuned folks – I promise to post photos soon.