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The incident of the patterned leggings

To the woman overheard suggesting I didn’t look in the mirror before I went out.

I did & I’m pleased my mental colour and pattern choices went down a storm. It’s just the look I was going for.
Patterned leggings only for sports?
I think that it is easy for us to assume roles for our clothes. Leggings are a piece which have com  e under a lot of heat in recent years. Whether we are deciding whether they can be considered as pants (trousers) or not is just one of the ways in which we have started assigning clothes to different occasions.
Interestingly I think the roles for clothes have expanded in recent years. When I wore patterned leggings and paired them with another pattern I came under heat. I was in the book store instead of the gym so it wasn’t right? Nowadays aren’t there more options for all of us? Leave your comments below! When would you wear a patterned legging?

Pass the Leggings please.

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Pass the leggings please.

It’s a Thursday and you’ve just been rammed into like you’ve stumbled into a football match and are attacking the defensive line. The tunnel you’re walking down is overcrowded and you have the unfortunate task of walking the entire distance of Clapham Junction or as I like to think of it, the station most likely to suffer a ‘one under’ when you least need it.

One more push by a disgruntled commuter hits as you clench your fists you stop to wonder, all these suicides… are they jumping or were they just pushed?

The tension is rife, you’re one in what feels like ten thousand, you look down, you carefully chose these tights and this dress because really you wanted to wear your new gap swing dress and your workmen boots but figured that would be either too hot or too inappropriate for work. Now however you feel trapped by the static polyester and the brogues you choose because they supported your feet without burning you in the spring commuter heat that permeates once you hit golden hour and are crammed up against six identically dressed business men.

You are tired because you commute four hours a day and explaining that walking one more step is too much falls on deaf ears but as you stand in your static mess wondering, did I put make up on this morning? You can’t help but feel that maybe, just maybe if you had just put on your leggings this morning and called it a day than maybe, all this fluster could have been avoided.

So please, pass the leggings. Commuting’s a bitch.

I listened to Coldplay, Shiver on Spotify when I wrote this, I feel it suits! 

The Capsule Wardrobe: A case for Leggings.

Cardigan: Next, Striped T: Primark, Leggings: H&M, Boots: George Asda, Umbrella: Zara

There is more articles on why not to wear leggings than probably any other fashion topic out there. The main reason for this? Because large quantities of women went through a terrible stage; wearing see-through leggings as pants/trousers.

And the girls of Maidstone? They love it.

Let me clear up something else I am not the worst offender although I have worn the odd shirt which isn’t quite perfect but this one above? Its not one of them. In Maidstone the girls who are guilty of the bad legging wearing are pretty shameless. They love their black leggings high waisted (and yes I know this for a fact) because they wear them with black crop tops and denim/leather jackets, true story.

So my case for leggings? Well its simple. Who wants to wear restrictive trousers/pants on your day off? Great for exercise and great for lounging, weekends are my leggings days and I love pairing them with long jumpers, T’s, shirts and Tunics and of course, boots.

I wore them an awful lot more when I was younger but I still have a soft spot for wearing them when I want a little more comfort or to go out on a long walk with Josh. Most peoples problem with leggings I believe is since they are so form fitting but just because people are uncomfortable doesn’t mean you should stop wearing what you want to. The key is to buy better quality thicker leggings which do protect your modesty.

What are your thoughts on leggings? A yes or a no?

That Kardashian Moment.



Grey T: H&M In store Other, Chambray Shirt: H&M Mens, Leggings: Topshop Tall, Boots: New Look Wide Fit


Firstly I love this hedge row – talk about some good greens! So secondly my apologies for the endless posts in front of said incredible hedge. Lastly I am sorry, but I appear to have fallen to the Kardashians for style tips again and dressed like one of them. I’m going with Khloe – she’s my favourite, and tall, thats like doubly great.

I wore this out last wednesday for Mexican round our friend Pauls house and man was I comfy! there is nothing better than leggings, well unless you add that old ratty t-shirt and spend a day in front of the couch in your leggings and tee that is!.

This feels a little like a best of both worlds you get the great comfort and it doesn’t look too bad either! (I don’t think) and my new grey t-shirt – so much better than my old one! Its taking all my strength I tell you not to go in and buy it in the other colour – or maybe this one all over again but then again I have to remember I don’t know how well this will wash up and we know me by now don’t we? Grey t-shirt shrinker extrodinaire! I might even get that printed up now, keep a record or you know photograph all my ruined tee shirts and post it on the internet, that should probably do the trick.

also my left foot in the last picture . . . so strange . . . like a pelicans beak! weird . . .



Blazer: Forever 21, Fur-eyness: Accessorize, polka dot shirt: Dorothy Perkins, Leggings: Next, Belt: H&M, Boots: New Look, Gold Watch: Michael Kors


We have been having the craziest weather recently – one week we had snow, the next we’ve had torrential rains and crazy strong winds as seen here! It was so bad on Sunday when we took these that I have literally attached this fur stole to my shirt its that kind of mental weather. 

Also last Sunday I was the idiot who wore her brand newish trainer heels on a forty minute walk to this beautiful setting. Also you know those rains I spoke about? Well if I knew the weather was mental and the fact that it had recently snowed why didn’t I think that maybe the path would be muddy? needless to say these trainers are actually now chilling in a plastic bag covered in mud, lovely – Just what I’ve always wanted!

Also these Leggings (Would you believe they are leggings – I dont!) are my favourite leggings like ever. A, they are long length – so of course I had to order them, B, they are so thick and warm I will never be cold again! and C, they were only £18! So much cheaper than topshop leggings that get ladders in ten seconds! I might just marry these leggings – I love them that much!

Hope your all having a lovely week! Jessx

30×30 Challenge . . .


So, I’ve been (lets be honest) petrified of finally taking the 30×30 plunge. I mean limiting myself to only 30 items for 30 outfits? Scar-ey so firstly I’m chickening out, thirty items in three weeks? That’s close enough right?

Saying that, however, really what am I worrying about? It’s not as if I wear my entire wardrobe anyway. Don’t tell my partner but I have more than one item of clothing that I’m holding onto just because I don’t wanna throw it out. For instance I bought a pair of green jeans back in 2011 sometime and I wore them for the first time in September . . . 2012! I don’t even like green that much!

That being said, I had a green shoes day . . .


However, for these reasons it only makes more sense to undertake the challenge. As I’ll be the first to admit that in recent years my shopping ability as made a sudden drop south. I’ve immersed myself in bad shopping habits, buying cheap as chips clothing and buying trends because I want them to look good on me, not because they suit me. Worst still I have repeatedly settled for clothing, to get that buzz that shopping creates when in fact it perhaps hasn’t properly fitted me. Tall girl problems.

I also got stuck in many a rut, millions of pairs of leggings? Check. Plain long t-shirts to go with legging’s? Check. Unsuitably cold jumpers that also make me bigger than I am? Check. Finally, jeans and trousers too short in the leg and poorly tailored? Hell yeah, I have some terrible rut clothing none of which is particularly my style in fact! Now as I feel I’m coming back to myself I find myself wearing more and more of the clothes that I bought back in secondary school. This being the case that because back then I bought higher quality, well fitting and colour suiting clothes, I wasn’t so swayed by fashion fads and better still my mum ever the honest one regularly filled me in in what didn’t suit me.

I miss her helpfulness. Unlike many girls, I love an honest opinion, but of course with that you need someone who you don’t mind hearing that from, so I figure josh or my mother are pretty much the only sensible people to take shopping with me . . . but then again living two hours away from my mother means its down to josh and to be honest I don’t know if he could put up with the amount of shopping I do . . .

Therefore it’s probably a good thing that I’m trying to not shop during this experience!

I am also currently loving BBC’s Some Girls, even though I’m English myself their leg. Accents just make this show even more amazing!

The height of the matter. . .

Lets talk about height and fashion.

What kind of height do you think of when you think about fashion? high fashion is definitely height. Its all about these supposedly amazonian sized women right? tall, you think about tall women striding down the catwalk right? At least I do, but then again maybe I’m biased. At six foot myself I love thinking that fashion is a tall girls game, as I tower over my gorgeous 5ft friends. (By this I mean 5’1 – 5’9/10, not just 5ft)

I honestly love being tall. Being tall is a part of me, something I didn’t like as a child but as i hit my later teens to be honest I began loving my height. Its part of me like having brown eyes and i’m proud of it even, I like feeling tall and striding through town, its me but fashion recently seems to have taken a turn against us tall girls.

Lets go back to 2008-11/12. I was in jeans/trousers heaven, I had finally realised that tops that are slightly too short look terrible on girls like me who are in my case a little off kilter in the fact that my torso (I tend to think is a little too short for my legs etc . . .) So I learnt to dress right and at the time the stores were in my favour with what they call ‘tall’ sections.

Great stores I loved at the time were,

Topshop – long tops and jeans that cost the earth but fit fab! and leggings! my uni staple finally long enough that I didn’t have to call them cropped leggings!

Dorothy Perkins – affordable jeans and more importantly for me skinny jeans that finally looked right! (None of these straight leg jeans masquerading as skinny jeans)

New look – every tall girls dreams, shoes up to size nine! (US 11 – I think?) I got so excited over this finally cute shoes! heels! Boots and flats that dont look like orthopaedic shoes! and great long flowey tops that every girl needs!

Everything suddenly became reachable. I was suddenly in charge of my clothes, long leg lengths were in abundance and I suddenly had great choice of clothes that fit great. I was in tall girl heaven. However it was short lived. Any tall girl in the UK has probably noticed this (and I hope its not just me in London and Kent that has found this) but somehow the Olympics were looming and we lost the tall sections. Much to my dismay.

Annoyingly for me (and not because I have a dislike for the shorter person) but it seems that petite sections have grown in a huge way while there is no longer sections for tall girls. I fight stores for long leg lengths, refusing just to order them online. I want the chance to try these things on in the stores not order them through and continually send them back (as something like jeans and trousers take me ages to find a good pair that suits me and fits right – as i’m not particularly curvy)

SO what I want to know is why if we love all these tall supermodels do we not get tall sections or even just a slightly longer leg lengths? After all as we all get taller naturally why not cater for it? Its far easier to hem something or take something in then add to it. After all us tall girls cant exactly add some denim to the bottom of our jeans find the same fabric to make our t-shirts longer, we just have to live with short numbers that don’t suit or show off to much skin.

So, if you know where the tall sections have gone comment below, or link up some great sites that maybe give us tall girls a chance to be as a fashion forward as the rest of the more ‘average’ height girls.

Some stores that I have found are great are . . .

Long Tall Sally – This amazing company offer a new couple of ranges every season. Whats great about the store is their great clothes and the fact that each new season follows some great timeless patterns and keep to similar complimentary colours which make wardrobe building nice and easy.

The clothes are great as they are also well made and tailored to the tall girl, with good fabrics as well as patterns! Unlike stores like Dorothy Perkins who seem to only offer black trousers and plain t-shirts with a range of simple jeans.

Saying that . . . Dorothy Perkins. (Now this is a case of being a great store when you can find the pieces) looking I have found some great skinny jeans I love their ultra soft skinny jeans at £25 I don’t mind buying multiples, (I currently have them in blue and black) the only store to do proper skinny/skinny jeans These are uber comfy and i think that they are great. Also LEGGINGS! again when you can get these I live in them for years, probably my favourite thing. I also love their jeggings, i’m currently lusting over these steals at £23 and they are longer in the crotch as well which is great so they fit far better than those low-low rise jeans.


New Look shoes! You have to search but there is still the odd size nines kicking about my new home town is actually great for this as I tend to buy them in the sale most often and they also offer wide fit for girls with wider feet. And if you can find the tall sections, CONGRATS! as they have some fun pieces like sequinned pencil skirts that don’t look like mini’s.

I love being a tall girl, but high street fashion options are taking their tolls. So if you have a great tall store or some tall fashion options write in the comments section below, link your blogs and sites that offer great tall clothing choices.