Fashion | Big Sleeves & even bigger jeans

_DSC0396 _DSC0393

Unfortunately only the shirt of this outfit are available (although the jeans are from New Look and only cost, £7!) (the faux fur was from Zara before Christmas, the jacket was onsale from Anthropologie and the shoes are from, Barefoot Tess).

Really this faux fur waistcoat takes pride of place in this outfit. I waited it out on the latest Anthro sale (£30 from £95! Bargain!) I love how cosy it is and I also love its lack of sleeves! That lack of sleeves means I can wear these fantastic wide sleeved shirts which are all over the place at the moment!

Now this shirt is quite short in the body but it actually flatters me really well! (Although perhaps a little see-through.) I’m in love with white shirts in Spring and Summer so this has been a great kick start into the warmer seasons! Now onto these jeans, I bought these a little larger for comfort but actually they have wayyyyyy too much fabric on the crotch. Why are jeans so hard to find in a great, overall fit? A fellow blogger worked with Dorothy Perkins the other day on jeans and I couldn’t help but wonder, should I try out the classic bailey jean again? There is also a great instagram blogger I follow who’s been wearing thrifted paige jeans which look incredible and it makes me wonder, should I spend more on jeans? Are these high in elastic jeans actually good on fit or not?

Oh denim thoughts do they ever end? While I mull it over however, I would suggest that you all purchase a white t shirt with wide sleeves, great with skirts and of course jeans, fitted or oversized.

_DSC0420 _DSC0443_DSC0446

Simple, Effortless Style: Jeans and a T-Shirt

_DSC0678 All of these clothes are really, really old . . . _DSC0683

_DSC0703 _DSC0687

Sometimes easy clothes are the answer. In fact, scrap that easy clothes are always the answer. I love wearing a fancy outfit but honestly most of the time I want comfort and easy style.

Jeans are a prime example of this (for most). After having found the dream denim in New Look I was actually (shockingly) a little sad to wear these from last year’s Zara collection.

Don’t get me wrong I still love them but in comparison they are just not as comfy but this look is an uber simple one. Just jeans and a T-shirt.

If anyone tells you fashion needs to be hard then may I present them jeans a T?

The Capsule Wardrobe| Sometimes A girl just needs them: Good Jeans.

A good pair of jeans are like a hug from your favourite person in the world. They hug you perfectly (no lumps and bumps) and don’t judge you when you ate your weight in chocolate at the weekend. Those my friends are the dream jeans.

The bad news? They are often impossible to find.

Lucky for you guys I had a break through.

Last year, the Zara jean ruled supreme. The downside? For apple shapes like myself they are cut in such a way that they do have a tendency to pull in sharply at the waist band. If you are a pear shape however these might be ideal!

My best friend, Becky has long raved about New Looks, Disco Jean. Unavailable (or un marked in stores) This jean she has told me is her favourite. Whether its traditional blue or timeless black she loves this jean.

So when I was looking to upgrade my denim game this Autumn/Winter I knew really I needed to try these jeans, after all for £20 can you go wrong? However I stopped, I was afraid of a high waist.

Having grown up in the 00’s as a teen all I have ever really worn is low rise to a low mid rise and honestly I feel it suits me. Maybe not with my body shape perhaps (a good mid rise looks perfect) But to avoid stomachache? I can’t do high waist. With that being said however, one lunch time I went to New Look.

Another Zara must have. I really wanted classic black denim and last year these ticked all the boxes. Having re found New Look however it is my plan to replace these this year. I hate to but these were pretty snug and I’d rather not base all my decisions over whether I have lived off salad or not! I’m just not one of those girls.

What I picked up shockingly was a pair with a high waist. It wasn’t on purpose but it seems that this year this is the overwhelming trend for denim! So pulling these on I instantly knew, these were the dream.

I love jeans with stretch, I don’t understand them without it and these my friends have stretch, maybe some may say, too much. They are those lovely jeans which need washing every, two/three wears. But that means you have the perfect breathing room which every girl needs in her life!

This pair in particular remind me of 2004. They have the nineties scuffing to them, but did it stop me after all my talk of feeling outdated? Never. They are just too comfortable to care!!!

I think we all need to be prepared to see these all the time!! My next investment though, are these black ripped jeans for those darker days!

So if you feel like your body shape matches mine this is what is in these jeans so if you don’t have a New Look this is what you should look out for! 98% Cotton mixed with 2% Elastane. I have also bought these in my regular size (no going up or down) and have stuck with a 32 leg as I feel with super skinny you don’t need them to reach the ground!

So I am in love. Quite frankly I have been wearing these non stop! I still love Zara, but you have to be pretty skinny for theres so if you don’t feel like that, New Look really has the perfect formulae! and I am very excited to continue trying out their different styles!

Them Jeans | Are Boyfriend jeans a one fit suits all?

I absolutely adore my boyfriend jeans, I think I bought them at least three years ago from the Zara sale and I haven’t wanted to replace them since. Now that being said would I say that they are the most flattering? They’re not, they work ace with heels and a tucked in shirt but a loose T and flats? Passable i’m sure but not as great and I also think its easy to get the boyfriend jean wrong.

The reason I am talking about this is because honestly I have been looking for a pair of full length, girlfriend jeans. These clearly are cropped at my ankle because they are for far shorter ladies and thats fine but I really wanted a pair that I could wear throughout winter and feel as relaxed and as comfortable as these, but did I find them? no.

What I did find is a load of ill fitting and strangely dyed jeans. I thought at first that maybe I couldn’t wear these but now I also think that the stores are not making as attractive denim. I have even seen it on the streets where women have walked out trying to rock oddly shaped denim and it made me wonder are boyfriend jeans really a one style fits all, honestly at the moment I think not.

There is some strange obsession with boyfriends in too stiff a fabric which sticks out and shows how loose they are in odd areas on a woman and that to me just isn’t flattering. If your boyfriends aren’t broken in and well faded I again don’t think this is nearly as flattering as a soft, well dyed pair. My favourite are those that are really bolded faded or failing that in a light denim.

Now do I think that they’re is a shape they don’t suit? I’m not sure, maybe. All I know if that for an apple girl like myself they work because naturally I have skinny legs and no butt so these actually balance out my top heaviness and work well to give me a uniformed silhouette so I can only assume that should you be the opposite of that that it might not work quite as great unless they are far closer tailored, but of course I could be entirely wrong!

What are your thoughts on the boyfriend jean? Are their shapes you feel don’t suit them as well or do you like me wonder whether current dyes and fabric choices are ruining the chances of women the world over? leave me a comment below I’d love to hear from non apple shapes your thoughts on these, my wardrobe staples!

Dream jean genie in a bottle . . .

Necklace: Accessorize, Top: Primark (mens, 2013), Jeans: New Look (Sale, Skinny fit) cute option, Sandals: New Look (In store), Bag: Primark

Guys, I’m uber psyched. It’s almost time for another three day weekend! The only problem with a three day weekend however is a four day week. You’re probably all squinting at the screen right now re reading that sentence but here’s the thing . . . I have realised that I have pretty much spent the last two months having four day weeks. Nothing bad with that of course well, until you have a five day week – hello much confusion!

See today is Thursday right? Well I also thought yesterday was Thursday, even the calendar on my watch stopped working. So I think I can confirm; five day weeks after four day ones are weird and about four days too long! So what’s a girl to do with that extra day? Well plan for jeans tomorrow, that’s what.

See, I have been having somewhat of a jeans crisis. It feels like years since I had a great pair of fitted, classic jeans. So far back in time in fact that back then super low rise was cool and no one seemed to be bothered by butt bearing jeans. I was, because obviously jeans (or most clothes in fact) are not thought with a tall girl in mind so regular butt bearers became almost unwearable!* I have deeply missed blue, faded denim. There’s nothing more flattering or more classic so why did I ever think black, navy and grey were much needed? I’m not sure, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I may have fallen into another of those trend traps again. But anyway, I have been on the lookout. Back in BBT (butt bearing times) I bought all my jeans from New look. They always fitted great, came in a 34” leg and were just, eghh, perfect! They had stretch that didn’t give me a muffin top to rival ones from Costco and yet still hugged in all the right places. Quite frankly, every girls dream, and yet somehow along the line I forgot about poor old New Look and cheated on it with other denim. That is until the other week.

One of my besties (yep, that words still hip with me) and I met up after her picking up a black pair from NL and it was then that I felt like hitting myself in the face. How had a forgotten my favourite drop in shoe store in the world? So I went down the following Sunday and what should I find but a, a sale, and B, these beauties. I’ve never been so happy! Or feel like the world should let me wear them all the time. Who said you should wash your jeans? Chip Burgh hasn’t after a year! Then again, I would probably miss skirts and dresses after a while! Shucks, my plans been scuppered . . . but regardless I have jeans! My card can rest easy again. Well at least until that powder blue blazer goes on sale at Dorothy Perkins that is.

*I did say almost, even I’m not above fashion disasters! Even when I still can’t figure out how I used to sit down in them, how? No really, how?

Spring time Denim’s



From the top: Eden: Dorothy Perkins, Polka Dor: Primark, Fiance Jeans: Zara, Pink! Next – Scroll for links

As well as my trusty Chambray shirts spring calls for thost springful coloured and patterned jeans! Last year it was cropped ‘traditional denim’ and my looser fit floral jeans from TU (which this year are going to re appear as shorts!) but this year im getting back to basics. Coloured denim and maybe the odd pattern . . .

I am still looking for a brighter pair as these are all pretty tame but I am so glad to have already injected some much needed spring colour into my wardrobe! and my first pink thing in a while as well!

Eden Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins.

These jean/leggings are my go to comfort pair and sexy pair all rolled into one! Great fading and comfort is this girls go to piece! Great length and great for both day and night!

Polka Dot: Primark (In store)

Shockingly long for regular length! These fit quite well actually and are comfortable with a great deal of stretch!

Boyfriend/Fiance/husband jeans (whichever applies): Zara

The creme de la creme! These are my go to pj jeans so comfortable it puts all else to shame!

Pink! Next

Great colour and fit for XL ankle length jeans I fell in love with the zip detail the first moment I saw them!


Spring Updates (Did someone say shopping?)


Accessorize, Accessorize! Mint Bag, Scarf

DSC_0215 DSC_0214

I have been on a bit of a bag/scarf kick recently. Literally a new one every month! I mean firstly thats crazy and I obviously don’t recommend od’ing on accessories but when they are this cute? Honestly hows a girl to say no? Also they weren’t too badly priced this bag is only £17 which wasn’t bad! (I don’t think) Shockingly though it doesn’t feel as sturdy as my trusty go to Primarni bag so if you get this one wedged in the tube doors you’re probably not going to win but its mint and was only £17 so that outweighs it for me! (Although I know, I know I am meant to be saving for investment pieces! whatcha gonna do?)

The scarf also wasn’t too pricy at £15 which isn’t bad for a transitional piece, its not always warm enough yet but its got more warmth than a silk number! I also liked it because there was more fabric as alot of their new spring stuff doesn’t have enough for this time of year so you’d literally have to wear another into work and then change when you get there! how annoying right? but this was a nice best of both worlds piece!

Now I am hoping next month not to go so accessories crazy! As I’d like to buy some basic sandals (India ruined last years ones – lots of sand = very discoloured white shoes! – but oh so worth it!) and maybe a summer dress! But in my window shopping I have fallen in love with this dress from Dorothy Perkins . . .

red dress


I love that skirting pattern! Its not in tall unfortunantely but so what if I show a little ankle this summer right? After my failed Boden denim shop (too tight around the middle a tad too short (in tall) and to baggy around the legs!) I am also trialing these jeans from Next this weekend, fingers crossed cause I could do with some comfy (coloured) jeans!

What are you guys shopping for this month and next? Do you have any spring essentials that you feel are worth investing in this year?

Like Father . . .


Hat: Marks and Spencers  Scarf: Accessorize Sale (January 2014) Similar Top: H&M Basics Bag: Accessorize Sale (January 2014) Similar Jeans: Next Concert Ticket Heels: Clarks Similar (want, want, want!) Watch: Michael Kors (December 2011).


(This was for comical reasons – I try not to pull this face too often. It scares people.)

Like Father, Like Daughter. 

Growing up, my dad was a Scout and Venturer Scout leader. This meant that several nights a week he was down at the ‘hut’ with a division of Hitchins Scouts. One of my dads favourite parts of scouting was the 40 mile walk. Several days of walking and camping was like a dream to my dad. Now before we get ahead of ourselves I am not saying that was all passed down. In fact I feel the oposite about camping. However walking is something he did pass on, however much we didn’t realise this when I was a kid.

When I left for University I spent a huge amount of time exploring London, by foot.

I didn’t expect to be the girl who would end up spending her free time working out how to walk from Greenwich & Deptford to Blackheath, Lewisham, Canary Warf, Bank, . . .Central. I even took trains into central to walk from Bank to Piccadily Circus (for the National Gallery) Westminister, Waterloo, Southbank . . .

And then when I met Josh our first date was us walking from Greenwich first to Canary Warf caught a train to Bank walked around Covent Garden for Lunch walked over to Green Park, Hyde Park down to St James and started back to greenwich via Elephant and Castle (thats how far we made before catching a bus).

Cities are my thing. Where my dad walks the countryside over hills and moutains I’m more the urban explorer. Luckily three years of exploring the city have meant that I have gained a slightly odd internal compass when it comes to the London Streets. So when the tube stikes hit I knew what I wanted to do. Walk it.

The first day, I didn’t. Primarily because I was concerned about not making it in on time. On google it said 38 minutes to work. Back in my hayday that would have been an easy 20 minutes but with a broken ankle dividing me from my prime I was little bit concerned on timings but by the second day I was away.

In fact, I got into work earlier than the day befores bus trip 25 minutes? Not bad. Especially for the girl who wanted to lay down by the time she got to The Oval Stadium. But the buzz that I get from walking is equivilant to when I’m on my bike, when I have gone on a run, you name it. Like father Like Daughter apparently. So with that in mind heres to the next Strike!

p.s. I didn’t wear this to walk in. I wore leggings and a “We love fish and chips tee from Zara” But I’d love to think that I am this stylish all the time . . .

Hot mess.





Hot mess thursday.

Today has been one of those days. The one where I wanted to wear my slouchy bf jeans but couldnt find a decent top so I ended up wearing this monstrosity.


I can’t show you more, its too terrible. Yes I rolled up my old skinny jeans overcowgirl boots . . .

The above is a sensible outtake from the weekend. If I’d have had any sense this morning I would have reworn this. But I dont actually know where these jeggings are right now.

See thats the problem you get when you’ve worn nice outfits all week then have somewhere to go and forget how to dress yourself!

It also happens when your clothes no longer live on their hangers but instead are piled in a need to be washed pile on the floor!

But thats a story for another time . . .

Happy hot mess thursday!!

Gull Guards and Dog Days.


Myself and my partner took our (now) almost tradition, sunday walk around one of our local parks and decided that a sunday sandwich in the park was just what we needed. However what we weren’t prepared for was the seagull that kept protecting us from the other seagulls and birds who were trying to get our sandwiches from us! Were still not to sure what he’s motive was but he certainly kept the birds away from our food nicely!


Top – H&M, Jeans – New Look

A bit of Oxblood and Red for a saturday. This top is actually one of the basics tops from h&m that looks a lot more like a dress on the hanger, but being tall means its definitely a top for me, but for many you could double this up as a great t-shirt dress.

Sunday however I went for something to kick off my 30×30 Challenge, so here is number 1!


Pom-Pom Scarf, Accessorise – Black Sweater – Dorothy Perkins, Bird T – Dorothy Perkins, Brown leather belt – H&M, Super Stretch Skinnys in Blue – Dorothy Perkins Tall, Converse trainers.


While our food was being guarded by the seagull, my legs were however not. So if you can see any paw prints, it was because I must have had my dog attracting perfume on today, as at least three jumped up and tried to get on my lap in about the space of ten minutes!

They must have known I was going to take pictures today!

30×30 Challenge . . .


So, I’ve been (lets be honest) petrified of finally taking the 30×30 plunge. I mean limiting myself to only 30 items for 30 outfits? Scar-ey so firstly I’m chickening out, thirty items in three weeks? That’s close enough right?

Saying that, however, really what am I worrying about? It’s not as if I wear my entire wardrobe anyway. Don’t tell my partner but I have more than one item of clothing that I’m holding onto just because I don’t wanna throw it out. For instance I bought a pair of green jeans back in 2011 sometime and I wore them for the first time in September . . . 2012! I don’t even like green that much!

That being said, I had a green shoes day . . .


However, for these reasons it only makes more sense to undertake the challenge. As I’ll be the first to admit that in recent years my shopping ability as made a sudden drop south. I’ve immersed myself in bad shopping habits, buying cheap as chips clothing and buying trends because I want them to look good on me, not because they suit me. Worst still I have repeatedly settled for clothing, to get that buzz that shopping creates when in fact it perhaps hasn’t properly fitted me. Tall girl problems.

I also got stuck in many a rut, millions of pairs of leggings? Check. Plain long t-shirts to go with legging’s? Check. Unsuitably cold jumpers that also make me bigger than I am? Check. Finally, jeans and trousers too short in the leg and poorly tailored? Hell yeah, I have some terrible rut clothing none of which is particularly my style in fact! Now as I feel I’m coming back to myself I find myself wearing more and more of the clothes that I bought back in secondary school. This being the case that because back then I bought higher quality, well fitting and colour suiting clothes, I wasn’t so swayed by fashion fads and better still my mum ever the honest one regularly filled me in in what didn’t suit me.

I miss her helpfulness. Unlike many girls, I love an honest opinion, but of course with that you need someone who you don’t mind hearing that from, so I figure josh or my mother are pretty much the only sensible people to take shopping with me . . . but then again living two hours away from my mother means its down to josh and to be honest I don’t know if he could put up with the amount of shopping I do . . .

Therefore it’s probably a good thing that I’m trying to not shop during this experience!

I am also currently loving BBC’s Some Girls, even though I’m English myself their leg. Accents just make this show even more amazing!

The height of the matter. . .

Lets talk about height and fashion.

What kind of height do you think of when you think about fashion? high fashion is definitely height. Its all about these supposedly amazonian sized women right? tall, you think about tall women striding down the catwalk right? At least I do, but then again maybe I’m biased. At six foot myself I love thinking that fashion is a tall girls game, as I tower over my gorgeous 5ft friends. (By this I mean 5’1 – 5’9/10, not just 5ft)

I honestly love being tall. Being tall is a part of me, something I didn’t like as a child but as i hit my later teens to be honest I began loving my height. Its part of me like having brown eyes and i’m proud of it even, I like feeling tall and striding through town, its me but fashion recently seems to have taken a turn against us tall girls.

Lets go back to 2008-11/12. I was in jeans/trousers heaven, I had finally realised that tops that are slightly too short look terrible on girls like me who are in my case a little off kilter in the fact that my torso (I tend to think is a little too short for my legs etc . . .) So I learnt to dress right and at the time the stores were in my favour with what they call ‘tall’ sections.

Great stores I loved at the time were,

Topshop – long tops and jeans that cost the earth but fit fab! and leggings! my uni staple finally long enough that I didn’t have to call them cropped leggings!

Dorothy Perkins – affordable jeans and more importantly for me skinny jeans that finally looked right! (None of these straight leg jeans masquerading as skinny jeans)

New look – every tall girls dreams, shoes up to size nine! (US 11 – I think?) I got so excited over this finally cute shoes! heels! Boots and flats that dont look like orthopaedic shoes! and great long flowey tops that every girl needs!

Everything suddenly became reachable. I was suddenly in charge of my clothes, long leg lengths were in abundance and I suddenly had great choice of clothes that fit great. I was in tall girl heaven. However it was short lived. Any tall girl in the UK has probably noticed this (and I hope its not just me in London and Kent that has found this) but somehow the Olympics were looming and we lost the tall sections. Much to my dismay.

Annoyingly for me (and not because I have a dislike for the shorter person) but it seems that petite sections have grown in a huge way while there is no longer sections for tall girls. I fight stores for long leg lengths, refusing just to order them online. I want the chance to try these things on in the stores not order them through and continually send them back (as something like jeans and trousers take me ages to find a good pair that suits me and fits right – as i’m not particularly curvy)

SO what I want to know is why if we love all these tall supermodels do we not get tall sections or even just a slightly longer leg lengths? After all as we all get taller naturally why not cater for it? Its far easier to hem something or take something in then add to it. After all us tall girls cant exactly add some denim to the bottom of our jeans find the same fabric to make our t-shirts longer, we just have to live with short numbers that don’t suit or show off to much skin.

So, if you know where the tall sections have gone comment below, or link up some great sites that maybe give us tall girls a chance to be as a fashion forward as the rest of the more ‘average’ height girls.

Some stores that I have found are great are . . .

Long Tall Sally – This amazing company offer a new couple of ranges every season. Whats great about the store is their great clothes and the fact that each new season follows some great timeless patterns and keep to similar complimentary colours which make wardrobe building nice and easy.

The clothes are great as they are also well made and tailored to the tall girl, with good fabrics as well as patterns! Unlike stores like Dorothy Perkins who seem to only offer black trousers and plain t-shirts with a range of simple jeans.

Saying that . . . Dorothy Perkins. (Now this is a case of being a great store when you can find the pieces) looking I have found some great skinny jeans I love their ultra soft skinny jeans at £25 I don’t mind buying multiples, (I currently have them in blue and black) the only store to do proper skinny/skinny jeans These are uber comfy and i think that they are great. Also LEGGINGS! again when you can get these I live in them for years, probably my favourite thing. I also love their jeggings, i’m currently lusting over these steals at £23 and they are longer in the crotch as well which is great so they fit far better than those low-low rise jeans.


New Look shoes! You have to search but there is still the odd size nines kicking about my new home town is actually great for this as I tend to buy them in the sale most often and they also offer wide fit for girls with wider feet. And if you can find the tall sections, CONGRATS! as they have some fun pieces like sequinned pencil skirts that don’t look like mini’s.

I love being a tall girl, but high street fashion options are taking their tolls. So if you have a great tall store or some tall fashion options write in the comments section below, link your blogs and sites that offer great tall clothing choices.