The Capsule Wardrobe | Dream Jeans Required.

If you are of an average height you will have probably had this problem at some point or another and that is trying to find the dream denim. I’m not just talking pulled of the rack denims that fulfil a season in your life but the fall back jean the jean that lasts years and never fails to make you feel sexy, pulled together, comfortable and quite frankly amazing. Now add to that being tall, curvy, apple shaped or petite and the dream jean hunt becomes a whole other ball game.

The last time I found my perfect jean I was a teenager, I was considerably smaller, shorter and Principals was still a physical store on its own. They were boot cut, low rise and reached my toes, with great fading and a thick, soft denim with stretch they made all my denim dreams come true. In January this year I pulled them back on, hello great butt and hello horrid low rise. There is a comfortable low rise and then there is a oh hell no rise. These jeans had that hell no rise.

What were we thinking back then? low, low rise thats indecent? I still can’t get over it. Yesterday myself and my lovely sister in law to be were trawling Zara for the dream or at least I was and an article by Laura from all the tall things came to mind why? Because in her article about underwear for tall girls she mentions about having a tall bum – sound crazy yet? But it struck a cord with me while jean shopping. I had never thought about how if I’m tall in one direction then won’t I be tall in every other? So this means the dreaded low rise is gonna be super low rise on me! So my first couple of Zara jeans looked fantastic in fact I had thought I had found the jean, finally! But when I did the sit test I knew these gorgeous jeans could not in fact come home and complete my life because quite frankly that whole indecency thing? Appears to be making a comeback.

So whats a girl to do? Well wear mid and high rise frankly. Only problem is being an apple shape with IBS neither are particularly comfortable so begins the search again. I’m still holding on for Zara their Special collection is perfect in leg length and their mid rise would sit perfectly. The only thing with Zara nothing is a set size there are great differences in fit and those differences are what I am looking for.

I’m most likely going to write about this again as an apple shape I think its an interesting thing to approach looking at changes in fit, sizing and how companies looking to make a cut on costs are skimping on quality of fabric, size and shape.

If you find jeans are hard to buy and have maybe found the dream do pop me a comment or email! This Autumn my focus is definitely on finding a pair of long enough jeans (36 inch leg) with great stretch, fade and no funny crotch (unnecessary fabric which bunches unflattering – I am not a man!).