Weekend Wears and Eats. . .



H&M Leggings, Black Sandals from New Look, Mint Bag Accessorize . . .

Theres no photos of me this week. Apart from these legs (they’re mine). So normally we do photos on the weekend of either weekend outfits or outfits from the week before and although I certainly got dressed this weekend we honestly just wanted to wear slouchies and do nothing (so thats leggings and a t-shirt for me, and a tee and jeans for the boy – or PJ’s, they were pretty prominent this weekend.)

Instead we spent the weekend cooking various Japanese and Thai food from The Hairy Bikers book, Asian Adventures.


Watching as many films as we could fit into a Sunday afternoon, Ted, This is 40, Worlds End and RIPD. On Saturday I baked a crazy cake which ended up a little bit like those forest gateaux cakes at Chinese buffets but I’ll share that on Friday with you all . . . (lucky things you!).


Blue Plate: Ikea, Black and White striped mat: Ikea

So instead of fashion we have well . . . Cakes, Katsu Burgers and my thoughts on cardigans so until next week dress fabulously! And if I can work out how to dress well and still walk into and out of work without turning into a puddle you might catch some of that action on Instagram but until then catch you next week stylish ladies!


tidy room


The other day I had a restless sleep. When I say sleep I meant I didn’t get any. No instead I kept dreaming over and over again about our bedroom (mine and Joshes that is. Not our bedroom . . . that’s a whole other room)

But in my dream it was as if dream me wouldn’t let me sleep properly until I fixed the room we were in. The problem you see is naturally I am not a neat person; I’m a collector and a pile maker. When I visit my parents it never takes long for my stuff to spread either. It’s in my nature and that of course means my house is no different. If I ever thought it as a child that I’d grow out of being messy once I started paying the bills I was wrong.

So there was me half asleep having to mentally clean our bedroom so that I could sleep. Just like imagining your body going to sleep when you were an overactive child this was almost comical. Especially the next morning I had to check to see if I had in fact physically cleaned the bedroom. I hadn’t, but from then on I realised something important. There’s a reason our bedroom becomes messy and it’s not a lot of different things cluttering, its clothes.

That’s because our room isn’t big enough for a wardrobe so we keep our clothes in the spare room. (Which is basically a slightly bigger than average closet) and the reason for why we can’t seem to leave our clothes just a few steps further away? It’s the age old excuse, we work 12 hour days we get in late, eat late, sleep late and wake up early it’s a vicious circle of knackeredness sometimes. Something that it isn’t helped by mentally having to tidy your room every night to go to sleep.

So finally this week I made the decision. No more clothes in the bedroom, no more piles, no more shoes, no mud corner from the expanding bike accessories collection. Only in our bedroom and en suite are we going to live such clutterless lives but even since Wednesday when I took away the piles and made our bed up with our favourite bed spread and pillows have I felt like such a weight lifted! Finally our bedroom was a haven of sorts somewhere where I could actually switch off for once. The next hurdle of course is mobile technology. Like most couples we watch TV in bed (The Goodwife, Luther, First dates anyone?) and often check Instagram and Facebook etc but I think back to our week in India and remember so much more peace brought on by simply being out of wifi range.

So here’s to a clutter free, calming sleeping space!

Heres a few of my favourite bedroom pieces for a calming bedroom . . .

The Quilt pillowThe throwdiptyque1

When nothing goes right . . . go left.

When nothing goes right . . . go left.

So, i’m really sorry but I don’t have a full blog post for you today, I know the shame. . . I’ve also had a creative block of late so maybe thats not helping . . . I blame Ikea. Why? were going there on Friday and I’m pretty damn excited! Sad, I know, but Ikea folks! Ikea!!!

Also, check out my Tumblr by clicking on the above!

Soon though you’ll get to see my Downton abby hat though so that should contain you!

But on another note post wise, what do you guys like best? Just fashion? Fashion and Home? the odd quote your views on selfies I’m having a blog crises and I’m not even middle aged yet!

Homer called. Why are you going on an odyssey?


Sometimes me and Josh get a little silly. Today it was helped by the fact I have a cold thats made my hearing a little worse than normal. So when Josh said “home’s calling” I heard, “homer called. . .” so of course in that situation you have to ask the question “why are you going on an odyssey?” No? Ah, I did fear that response. Guess you’ve gotta be there in our strangeness.

Before we move on, thanks to the lovely Boo you need to check out Octodad we laughed and laughed and laughed. . . so funny.

Anyway, so today I am interrupting fashion with home-wares! Yay. I hope you all don’t mind, but one of my other loves since moving to Kent has become our flat. After our first year we are beginning to get everything together in some resemblance of a style. When I say that though, I mean were still a pretty hot mess but we are also realizing what we like and what we don’t and that was also need a bigger place . . . but thats a story for another day.

Instead today, I want to share with you all our flat in progress. Our living room is completely done which I’ll probably share another day but for today I wanted you all the see a bit of the process as hopefully our mess might be a little less messy soon!

In the bedroom we aim to get a nice plain bedspread obviously our current one is a little bit wacky for that amount of cushions! then some rugs but also we need a new bed frame and I’ve gotta ask what wood? Because we are again currently living on very kind donations from our family so that means a fabulous mix of Elm, Pine and oak all in various colours, styling I know but I’m thinking of painting the side cabinets but the question remains, white, black dark brown? Colours are proving to be difficult for me to resist so far did you notice?

Finally, I wanna thank you all for dropping by and for taking this blog to 100 subscribers! which is just too much for me to handle, so thank you for stopping by I appreciate it!