The Capsule Wardrobe | Defying conventions.

Boots: Clarks, Jeans: Zara, Belt: H&M, Black top: Zara, Scarf: Zara, Coat: Next, Bag: Zara

Why you should break the rules.

Black and brown don’t mix. Don’t they?
I love the many dressing rules that we often follow blindly. If the capsule wardrobe teaches you anything instantly it’s this, rules were meant to be broken, don’t be afraid to do exactly what your fashion mother told you not to.
Colour mixing is one of the more popular what not to do lists. Never navy and black, never black and brown but reality is this; if you can pair red with black, white with black which are two very harsh and often unforgiving colour combos then you can throw in brown and navy.
If I could illuminate anything in high street fashion it’s the over patterned shirts women think are the dream workwear solution for black work trousers (pants). I’m not a fan of any outfit which features a bright in your face colour with black it’s always so stark and for me, unforgiving.
Why not pair navy and black? This soft approachable colour adds more dimensions than overblown red florals and it ultimately does more for your complexion. The same with brown, this soft brown breaks up the outfit just were you need it, pair it with similarly soft navy or a dusky purple and suddenly you’ve got interest, your approachable and interesting.
Returning to my thoughts of the black work trouser (pant) there are more options to the working life than black. In London most women have a week day in smart black trousers. Whether it’s a suit pant or skirt many appear to automatically believe that work means black. But what’s it really doing for them? Little.
Try mixing up your preconceived notions. Drop black in summer, switch plain black trousers to patterned houndstooth, choose a soft navy and brown check, hell choose a soft black and grey check! Another idea is dark coloured versions including burgundy and forest green, they are more wearable than you think and ultimately more flattering.