How to Maximise your Capsule Wardrobe.

When you choose your capsule pieces do you feel like you have to focus on just basics? I think when I began my first capsule that I felt like I could only focus on pieces such as a great T-shirt, a great shirt and fun and fashion forward pieces like Jumpsuits or even out there patterns seemed like a waste of my limited wardrobe space. It took about three months before I realised that maybe those pieces that couldn’t be included at the start could instead just be created to build a more interesting and dynamic wardrobe hence, the two piece Jumpsuit!

Black T-Shirt: H&M, Black Harem Trousers: Next PLC, Red Heels: Clarks 2013, Burgundy Bag: Accessorize, Purple Hat: Marks and Spencers.

The one I am wearing is simply a black three quarter sleeved T from the H&M basics range (costs about £6.99 in the UK) and all I have done to create this is tuck in the T into a pair of harem trousers, belted the join between the two pieces and voila! Here you have it a one piece! I have also loved using a wider brown belt which has been tied in order to create a more casual look but you could of course dress this up with more with glitter, leopard print or even a silk sash!