“How you doin’?”





I’d love to show you some stunning photos of my outfits down indian streets but I have got to be honest. I have gone on total tourist mode this past week to the point that I haven’t even photographed things and struggled to even think Christmas presents!

As we speak there is a beautiful dark red/purple sari being made that might if we’re both lucky make it onto the blog in the future . . . We all had so much fun pulling beautiful fabrics and trying on different colours and patterns it was one of the best evenings we’ve spent. Outside of saris I’ve been almost beyond casual, you wouldn’t recognise me! Living in leggings, harem trousers from next long tees and scarves to be honest. I’m very much enjoying the sun and warmth though and I’m not particularly looking forward to the cold come Friday! 

But until then we’re going to enjoy the sun and Christmas abroad and pray that the new year will bring us better weather, prosperity and happiness.

And next week? India recap and why the title of this is, how you doin’?

I should’ve worn pink




Image gImage

Its that day again, the day all singletons hate and all couples like to exchange gifts on and tell each other how much they love each other. For me? Valentines has been and gone folks! It was last saturday, didn’t you know? But again, I didn’t wear pink, what was I thinking? 

I mean obviously a romantic get a way and fancy turkish food isn’t romantic enough without a romantic outfit right? Wrong, ill tell you, my mainly green inspired weekends were pretty romantic even without some hearts. But now? All I can think about is pink outfits, so maybe next week?  

Bet you didn’t see that coming, now where to buy an entire outfit covered in hearts? Mmmm, maybe not then.