Make: Joshes, end of summer Mocktail/Cocktail

A refreshing cucumber & lemon Mocktail or Cocktail when you add Gin!

So did you know that Josh is the main Chef in our house? You might be surprised by this but Josh is one of the best cooks I know and I am blessed weekly by all his lovely food! In fact terribly you can witness how often I cook by how often I post an Instagram of food, if its Instagrammed I’ve made it. Mad proud of my limited skillz ok?

We had this little dream of a mocktail a few weeks ago and although I had photographed it and talked everyone I knows ear off about it it just never made it to the blog. So although this is a little out of season it is just as good to have now! (we also have this as a mocktail but you can do this same drink with Gin and it will be just as good!)


  • Tonic Water
  • Mint
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon (you could also use limes – we had run out!)

(Glasses (are from IKEA!!), chopping board (from Joseph & Joseph and knife!)

So these are the Josh instructions!

Firstly cut your ingredients (cucumber and Lemon) into pieces and pop them in the bottom of your glasses. Next thing is ice cubes! Crushed ice would be amazing but we have these strange reusable ice cube things which you can see above instead. The next of course is, mint. Crushing this is best so tear it into your glass as you go! Now once the three are together a good idea is to crush the ingredients down a little bit as this will give you more flavour! From then it really is as simple as adding tonic water. A great idea is to let this settle somewhat as it gives you more flavour but I can understand that if your in a rush you might not wait all that long!

Another tip is if your adding gin put that in first before the tonic water and crush your lemon or lime into this mixture!

To finalise it we also put a few pieces of fruit in there as well just for a more summer vibe!

p.s we may have also eaten a nice big bowl of strawberries and raspberries! Sooooo good!

The Lazy Girls Sweet Potato Fries . . .


You’ll need;

A Baking Tray

Tin Foil

1 Sweet Potato

1 Cal Spray Oil

Coarse Sea Salt or like we used, a Lemon and Rosemary salt recipe found here+

Because I am an inherently lazy girl when it comes to cooking after work, when I do cook I like to make things really simple. Something which I always loved when going out were sweet potato fries. More healthy than regular potato and sweeter they were my go to. Only when buying in a restaurant you never know what goes into them except usually a lot of oil and maybe deep fat frying. As a sufferer of IBS a lot of oil or high fat is a no go on anything more than a blue moon occasion so this is great because its also really low fat.

Firstly heat your oven, again as a lazy girl I don’t even use a set heat for long cooking say over several hours 150 degrees is fine but if you need them quicker higher is probably better or you can part boil them first.

Next cut your sweet potato into strips arranging them on your foil lined tray spray with 1 calorie spray oil (but not too much you don’t want your food to taste like oil.) Rub the oil into the potato pieces and season with sea salt or your lemon and rosemary salt and put in the oven until crispy and soft in the middle.

and that my friends is that! Easy as pie and healthy to boot we pair ours with roasted chicken, burgers or even when I’m uber lazy just on their own . . . Perfect.