Fashion | How to wear your summer kimono in winter…


Its finally the Monday before Christmas! Honestly, I’m not sure either me or Josh feel all that Christmassy yet. As I write this up on the Saturday before we are both watching Muppets Christmas Carol and I am in new Disney, Bambi PJ’s (obviously). It has become somewhat of our own Christmas tradition in fact, A muppet Christmas Carol and new PJ’s, hopefully with disney characters.

Part of this years oddness is it our first ever at home, just the two of us. It makes the event a little different to normal years of going to our parents and Grandparents and so have set aside a couple of our own traditions. A christmas day walk before lunch (post champagne however), christmas movies or more exact movies of our past, this year we intend to watch muppets again, Chanel fours 1998 straight to TV movie of Merlin, Love Actually and About Time and finally of course new christmas day clothes, PJ’s all the way….

Before Christmas however, you need a different type of outfit, one acceptable for outside and general company, thats where this post comes in. One of my favourite silhouettes at the moment is the high waist, soft harem trousers with a tucked in shirt and belt, in Marrakech I called it Annie Hall meets Indiana Jones and I’m still a little bit obsessed.

Whats not been helping our Christmas spirit is this warmer weather… it doesn’t feel like Christmas. However, in its place are outfits like these, where you can wear your summertime Kimono in the depths of winter.

Like many, I love a good jacket and this green kimono from Zara is the perfect jacket for an outfit like this, it takes an oversized polo and harem trousers and makes the outfit fun again. For my own figure it also gives me a little more shape by cinching my waist in. So how do you wear a kimono in winter, well, its as simple as layering your clothes whether that is sweaters and long sleeved T shirts or pulling a shirt over a tank and the kimono also works great on black colours as it breaks up the outfit without breaking the silhouette.

Fashion for the Weekend |Seaside Style

_DSC0450 _DSC0406

Getting dressed for a day at the beach can be surprisingly difficult. Its particularly difficult when you live in the UK and really are not good used to nice weather and live in land. For me I like to be covered up. I think I always like the idea of the beach more than I do in reality (sand, wet feet, the list goes on) but pulling on chucks and harem trousers and I’m far happier.

This day photographed wasn’t too hot so a good cover up was possible and actually this whole day was so comfortable and perfect in general. Even though Josh did fool me into eating an oyster and then after the fact informing me that they were still alive . . . yeah, that happened.

So if you are looking for a calm Sunday activity this weekend? May I suggest a seaside town to wonder through and eat fish by the sea.
_DSC0453 _DSC0467

Winter Capsule Wardrobe | How to wear the same outfit two ways

Pink Jacket: H&M, Grey Dress: H&M (in blue), Black Harem Trousers: Next, Black and Grey Heels: New Look, Grey and Red Coca-Cola jacket: Primark and altered by me, White fuzzy bag: Zara, Pink fuzzy Bag: Zara, Workmen boots: George, Asda.

As probably one of my least flattering outfits (harem trousers and a grey dress tucked in) I have worn this a shocking amount of time during the last few weeks.

Firstly I love this because it is so nice and warm doubling my grey dress up with the harem trousers but secondly I actually love how I can belt this up and with something covering my not so flattering parts (hello tum) I feel kinda quirky and for me that is the key to enjoying dressing everyday. . .

To make this work I have worn cinched in jackets and cardigans all of which work pretty nicely! Here are my two favourite ways to wear this outfit the first is a smarter, going to work look and the second is a more playful weekend look. I like both because they feel more out of my comfort zone than my normal style but I’d like to think that that’s part of the Capsule Wardrobes charm anyway that you learn how to wear less pieces more ways and become more inventive along with them.

Summer Dressing.

Top: H&M Basics (for tall girls be aware these shrink like crazy – i’m planning to buy two for india again and then chuck ’em), Harem Trousers Next (The prints not online but it is in stores), Faux Birkinstocks, Next.

When I look over the blogs history there are far less photos in summer than in winter and again as our british summer commences I can’t help but feel that I have no idea how to dress. The problem with summer is really all you want to wear is simple clothing. For me that means dresses (I have three identical H&M dresses which yes will be worn to death this summer) Its great for me (and for Josh’s sanity) because it means I will re use the same key pieces to death for several months. The only downside? Blogging the same identical outfit every week isn’t exactly why you turn up!

So I am looking into how to mix up summer dressing that works for me. This years extra summer pieces are a great pair of light pencil trousers in a pale grey perhaps that won’t be too hot while remaining cute and professional for work. Some new, not short shorts since last years got pretty trashed after weekends of constant wear. On top of that is the age old search for cargo trousers, Chinos for India, A light long sleeved linen shirt (India again) and a great hat to protect my scalp from the sun! Jacket wise I love the idea of a bright blazer for evenings, a sleeveless smart jacket for work and a denim jacket if I ever find a truly flattering one.

And not forgetting of course the age old swimsuit shopping! Hello hell, not so nice to meet you again . . .