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Happiness is . . . 

A couple of weeks ago I sat in my empty house while Josh was out in the garage and I had a plan to start writing a really quick, simple post entitled happiness is . . and then fill in the blanks. That week it was clean work surfaces as I realised simple things create the biggest rewards and this week past it was from the simplicity of a bike ride.

Its funny how you can see those closest to you everyday and think you know their happiness inside out but whilst we were cycling I got to see Josh in his most happiest and relaxed state and that is out cycling, a really well loved past time of ours we have finally brushed off the cobwebs and are taking back out to our new countryside and believe me seeing Joshes happiness gave me the greatest happiness this weekend.

Not to mention how much I needed the headspace of that ride! All I can say however is this, bring on the summer filled with bike rides and space for recollection!

What have you done this week for happiness? Leave your comments below as I’d love to hear how you find your daily doses of happiness!

2013: In Review and Resolutions . . .


Two Thousand and Thirteen

Thirteen, an unlucky number for some, I thought would be the best year for me, for us. But as it turns out it was a year of hard lessons and of learning them, the hard way. Im not saying 2014 is going to be easy either, but after 2013 I’m pretty sure its gonna be better. 

Before leaving for india I thought I had already learnt this years lessons and grown but as it turned out it really took going to India for them all to sink in. So in going forward I know that in 2014 I want to;

Enjoy the little things and each day as it comes. and ignore the inner voice telling me how teenage me expected to be somewhere completely different and getting there a lot quicker. 

Spend more time with my people whether thats, family, friends or even going to more work functions. 

Theres lots of things I have been thinking about doing and so for 2014 I want to actually act on these things rather than just keep giving myself excuses for as to why I need to wait to do them. So no more waiting!

All my other resolutions are kinda boring, you know the ones, save more, spend less, be more sensible, more exercise, less bad eating! you know, the norm!

What are your new years resolutions, is there any big lessons you learnt in 2013 that you need to take forward into 2014? This is my first year for resolutions so I’m pretty pumped!! 

“The time for l…

“The time for living is now.”

It must be a “Low” thing but they are the ones for ‘the inspirational quote”. For a while my dads was, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. (For whenever my terrible Uni were being less than helpful.) Now though, my grandmother (my fathers mum) has also gotten in on the action. 

Although with a slightly more inspirational one rather than aggressive “The time for living is now” is the quote she finishes off all my letters and cards with. As a keen traveler and explorer as well as quite frankly being one of the strongest and kindest people in my life I couldn’t agree more.

After all, if 2012/13 has taught me anything its that we need a little more courage, a little more confidence and much more living. Living for the weekend, the day? the moment no longer matters.

Its what your doing that counts.

So with that I must ask,

“What are you doing today to make your life now, be as fulfilling and amazing as you want it to be?”