The Capsule Wardrobe | How to get dressed with Shades of Grey

Yellow Scarf: Accessorize, Wool Jacket: Long Tall Sally, Grey wrap T: Next, White and Grey Houndstooth trousers: Zara, Loafers: Clarks

Wearing various shades of the same colour is quite frankly the easiest way to feel instantly put together. Grey is one of those colours that wasn’t an overwhelming main stay of my wardrobe last year and yet this year its now one of my most abused colour combos.

What I really wanted to stay away from this year was set colours and acidic colours like this scarf however apparently I’m appallingly predictable.

The item to check out here is my shoes! For my Birthday this year Josh very kindly bought me two pairs of shoes, this pair and a pair of brogues as its my intention to wear better quality, more foot loving shoes and this pair are a prime example of this! I particularly love the look of these (especially with smart trousers!) but I need your guys opinion, how can I wear these in a semi-attractive way with skirts and dresses?

That Kardashian Moment.



Grey T: H&M In store Other, Chambray Shirt: H&M Mens, Leggings: Topshop Tall, Boots: New Look Wide Fit


Firstly I love this hedge row – talk about some good greens! So secondly my apologies for the endless posts in front of said incredible hedge. Lastly I am sorry, but I appear to have fallen to the Kardashians for style tips again and dressed like one of them. I’m going with Khloe – she’s my favourite, and tall, thats like doubly great.

I wore this out last wednesday for Mexican round our friend Pauls house and man was I comfy! there is nothing better than leggings, well unless you add that old ratty t-shirt and spend a day in front of the couch in your leggings and tee that is!.

This feels a little like a best of both worlds you get the great comfort and it doesn’t look too bad either! (I don’t think) and my new grey t-shirt – so much better than my old one! Its taking all my strength I tell you not to go in and buy it in the other colour – or maybe this one all over again but then again I have to remember I don’t know how well this will wash up and we know me by now don’t we? Grey t-shirt shrinker extrodinaire! I might even get that printed up now, keep a record or you know photograph all my ruined tee shirts and post it on the internet, that should probably do the trick.

also my left foot in the last picture . . . so strange . . . like a pelicans beak! weird . . .

When one Shrinks . . . Buy another?


Grey Basic Tee: Divided H&M (in store) Other. Striped Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Similar, Leopard Print Flats: New Look Similar

Do as I say, not as I do. We all know that saying right? yeah? well this may be one of those times . . .

See theres a reason I don’t usually have time off without Josh. You could be mistaken for it being because we’re just so darn cute we wouldn’t dream of being off without Jess/Josh adventures planned right? Wrong. Its because I can’t be trusted.

Either I get hurt (hello miss so accident prone I get threatened with being wrapped up in cotton wool on a regular basis!) I make a mess in the house or I somehow end up in shops. Well today it was two of those things, firstly I thought how cute would it be (as a future wife) that I would do the washing? Well it was cute until I shrank my only grey t-shirt. (Well I say only, a have two others. Ones shrunk previously and the other well quite frankly is lost. I don’t know how these things happen only that they do. Im not exactly making a good headway in the whole housewife stakes here as you can see.

So whats a girl to do? Well this girl bought a new one. Terrible I know but a grey basic is a must, tuck it into my pencil skirts, Jeans, over swimwear in the summer, with leggings on cycle rides you need one of these beauties around! I have to be honest I also wore mine with leggings and a chambray shirt last night I felt very Kardashian . . . I can’t decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing honestly? H&M basics are long enough for me but my other favourites are GAP, NEW LOOK TALL and LONG TALL SALLY.

And I Go Back To Black . . .



Black Sweater: Dorothy Perkins, Grey T-Shirt: H&M, Maxi Skirt: Primarni, Shoes: New Look, Clutch Bag: Accessorize, Lightening Bolt Necklace: Accessorize

So theres only so much colour I can take obviously, I mean I went back to work today! Everyone knows office peeps in London-town only wear black, or grey but I did wear a bright pink scarf so i was pretty Jazzy for the big town today.

Also my apologies for the crazy hair, it was misty out and my hair really didn’t like it. Also I’ve got roots! I’ve tried hiding them, but honestly were getting to that stage now when you can see them, see them, if only I wasn’t so petrified of maidstone hairdressers then it all be ok.

Regardless I’ve never really been one of those girls, you know, the regular ones who get their colour done every six weeks. No I was the sixteen year old who cut a dread lock and knots out of my hair because I forgot to comb my hair for a year. I mean i learnt to comb my hair on a daily basis now i’ve just got to get over hairdresser fright . . .


‘Ma Boots . . . (Back to work)












Black Dress: H&M, Knitted Vest: Marks and Spencer, Brown Belt: Primark, Shoe/Boots: New Look


Embarrassingly when choosing this outfit for my first day back to work I came up with a rhyme to share with you all obviously, but as I proudly told Josh it made less sense as a title. But here goes anyway im not too worried about my insanity at this point; When you’ve got the monday (Ok so wednesday) blues, put on your comfy shoes! So I feel that there might have been more of this but too be honest my brains a little frazzled tonight. 

Also I almost fell down the stairs on my way to work today so its a miracle I made it to work, let alone to get to write this tonight, giving you one of a kind poems and all! 

How was everyones first day backs?


Lucky you.


Tee- H&M, Skirt – H&M, Boots – Cavalier?, Scarf, FatFace, Cross ring – Dorothy Perkins, Watch – River Island

So I had thought that I would only give you the two previous posts but then I realised that that was a bit mean, considering seven/eight? days have gone by without all too many posts! So I wanted to give you an outfit I wore earlier on in the week, and never got time to post. (Because I was crashed out on the couch – but you didn’t hear that from me!) 

This is a neat little work outfit thats both easy and professional to put on as well as uber comfy, its perfect for when I have to be smart but really don’t want to wear structured clothing. I mean waist bands that cut into you when you have to sit all day, do I really want that? never! 

My only complaint is I love this v-neck t-shirts from H&M but a, they make them to short on the length firstly and then secondly the things shrink! Before I washed this T for the first time I was actually able to wear it with jeans, now however, not so much. Unless I want to wear a crop top.

Which I don’t, ever, this is not the nineties, thank god.


So until next time . . . . toddles . . .