Fashion | How to Wear a Culottes Jumpsuit


Cardigan: New Look, Culottes Jumpsuit: Gap, Crab Bag: Zara (last Season), Lace Up Flats: New Look (Last year)


The first culotte jumpsuit I saw this year was actually in Anthropologie by a brand called, Saturday/Sunday. Its a brand that I love anyway (my jersey jacket is from there) and this jumpsuit was in the prettiest powder pink. I looked at that and knew instantly that this is the kind of look I want for this Spring and Summer.

Its quite an odd one in terms of style. Ideally you need to be willing to wear heels depending on where the end of the trouser portion ends. In the case of this pair with the wide flare it works far better with a heel but failing that a flat with an up the ankle tie works just as well.

You have to be able to balance your outfit and thats really the key difference between an outfit that works and one that doesn’t. For me I actually have a longer torso than my legs so high rise jeans (although a shining beacon to my stomach – which is never good) paired with a shame tuck is far more flattering than a low rise pair and a longer T-shirt.

In the case of culottes you are balancing out the shorter, wider bottom portion of your outfit and often the best bet is to make the top half as streamlined as possible. This particular pair are great because they tie up in the middle but you can always add a chunky belt to pull that part of the outfit in.

For me however, I need a little of that draped fabric on top, mainly because I’m also big busted so for me I’m just balancing out either end of my body so culottes on me don’t even really need the balancing act!

Still, that being said I have to still keep the bulky layers to a minimum to avoid looking too chunky overall. This soft, lightweight cardi is ideal, although out of stock now, something similar is always a must have for your wardrobe and its so wearable! Now if only we could cure bobbling, we’d be laughing!


Fashion Shopping | Basics and must haves

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 17.55.11

Green Cardi, Blue & White stripped cardi, White Cardi

The little cardigan that could.

I don’t think I push too many purchases on the blog but if you can get to a Gap store these adorable cardigans are £9.99 – £7.99 each! Which let me tell you for a basic is unbeatable! I love these little cardigans and lets be honest I have them in the blue and white (and totally tempted by the lilac).

Better still if you are currently looking at a cotton jumper hole in your spring Capsule Wardrobe this could just fill the void.

In reality these are really soft, wear well and are so easy and comfortable to throw on. When I first bought the blue one I think I wore it solidly between washes for about three weeks, outfit colours be damned and that, is an awful lot of wears!

The Capsule Wardrobe | Perfect fall, the ‘cute’ dress and boots

Bear Ear Hat: Zara, Jacket: Primark 2012, Bag: Next, Boots: New Look, Dress: Gap

A go to outfit, which I think, every woman with a capsule wardrobe needs is the dress and boots combo. In my mind it is this outfit that spells the arrival of fall.

Suede boots for one just spell out fall. Texture is vital to an interesting outfit and paired with a classic stripe this outfit takes me from casual Friday paired with my camel coat and purple Downton abbey hat right to Sunday with wellies for a walk around a local country homes garden. Coffee is also a big fixture in a happy Autumnal Sunday.

This dress has a certain cute edge to it. I bought it from Gap during their mid season sale after I fell in love with the idea of a red stripe. Where as the blue Breton is a classic I feel as if this is a little more different. I liked the idea of this fit being loose so I sized up and quite frankly I love the lose comfy factor, which is of course a must for Autumn snuggles!

We took these photos at The National Trusts, Ightham Mote and were taken by Josh. If you are a Kent/South East photographer looking to expand your portfolio and want to work with therealjlow please email, to see how we can work together.

The Capsule Wardrobe | Avoiding Sales.

p.s. I bought this dress on sale from Gap in early spring! best tent dress ever! Also the necklace is from Accessorize’s new Z collection which is gold plated I am 100% in love!

Sales resistance

I don’t know if I am doing it well, or if I am just being restrained by my budget but so far (touch all the wood) I haven’t bought anything in a sale. I can’t tell you what’s come over me or what this means but somethings going on and it might just be a capsule wardrobe success.

Previously I had thought that the Zara sale would happen and I would be in straight in there buying up a storm, but in reality I went online early put a thousand things in a basket, forgot about it and then came back and took it all out again. See here’s the thing, when you stop shopping for your most recent capsule it’s like you’ve had an arm cut off, you want to keep going. I forgot denim shorts! A denim jacket! I really need that twelfth white T-shirt and believe me for me it’s a struggle. Those first few weeks and I am a train wreck.

Now give me a month and a bit behind me and that has worn of substantially and its only really then (now) that I feel as if I can safely say that I don’t feel the urge to buy. Sure I love the idea of shopping I love the idea of new clothes but once I get in there and you’ve tried something on (I still do this during my capsule really just for fun – I don’t know what that says about me) I just want to put it back.

I just currently have no desire to buy things, if anything I don’t want to buy anything at all! So maybe it’s just the sale cycle, maybe I don’t have much disposable income right now but whatever it is I am actually quite enjoying it!

I think that when you come to the capsule from having somewhat of a problem, you do get to find relief in the capsules constraints. Reality is spending a lot and shopping a lot (especially if you go out of budget) can be a really stressful sport. I have felt beyond stress when I have spent unnecessarily and do I miss that? Not at all.

I know that these shopping bans haven’t solved the problem and maybe they won’t but they at least help. Which is at least the start of being more responsible with fashion.


The one where I almost had a heart attack

The one where I almost had a heart attack

 Long Jumper: Next 2014, Green Dress: Gap, Backpack: Primark, Socks: Lidl, Boots: c/o Long Tall Sally

Let me tell you this; never let a man get Sky TV. Now I’m not being overly mean here, just that they get far too over excited about such things like new TV stations so much so that they will unexpectedly give you a heart attack.

Now let me tell you a little fact about my charming, Joshey-bear, (I like cutsey nicknames ok? I also call my dad pica and my mum girlie-pants – because that’s the kinda girl I am!) This boy does not communicate! I mean obviously he does in day to day life but via phone? Gah, good luck! So I am minding my own business Tuesday afternoon at work when the phone rings, my desk vibrates and his face pops up on my screen. Josh is calling me. Why? Why is he calling me? Oh no, he got hurt, something happened . . . the cone men!* Oh my god he fell in a hole, I have to get to the hospital, crap I came to work by train, pray it’s not serious . . .

Well I pick up the phone, I’m ready for bad news and he goes; “so the sky mans coming on saturday the 14th, thats ok right? . . . ”

um sure . . . but my heart, that as sure as hell wasn’t o-k!

Now this outfit? Its perfect for the weekend, uber comfy and easily the greatest outfit for those first days of spring when you can . . . look! risk bare legs!!! I may or may not have worn this dress all last weekend, it just made perfect sense for both Saturdays food shop and sundays walk down the river to get breakfast with Mr Josh!

*who are the cone men? Well let me tell you Josh is currently working with water but before that he was doing street lighting in the south east area and he worked nights for I think for about three months? It was crazy I got uber skinny (because josh does all the good cooking) and almost forgot what he looked like but anyway, he told me this story about, cone men. Who are they? Well they are the guys that you may have seen on the motorway putting out cones to barricade off the work sites. Now this to me doesn’t scream danger, but Josh was quick to rectify me, if you hit a motorway cone and it by some terrible fault, hits someone you’ve effectively killed that person. I’m not lying I wish I was but alas!

So of course let me tell you be safe when driving around those cones!

Not so mellow yellow



Jumper: Gap (sale – my favourite word), Black Pencil Skirt: H&M (old as time but I know stores like Dorothy Perkins do these kinda things!) Black bag: Primark (my 2nd) Yellow Flats: New Look

DSC_0245 DSC_0221 DSC_0219


I’m on a mission. A colour mission. I may have  mentioned this before but back in university my wardrobe considered off four colours, black, white, red and navy. Don’t get me wrong this made dressing pretty easy and let me be pretty put together at all times, but you know what else? It was incredibly boring. Yep you heard that right, dressing, boring? so incredibly boring.

So as I do I set out on a mission to not only focus on better quality (less cheap bulk buys – le sigh) but to also make sure that each piece can both fit in with my wardrobe and be well loved and remixed but to also be at the same time completely different!

I am really trying to not only inject some much needed colour but to also add patterns and interest and I hope with paying that little bit more that I will also get some more textures and often its the little fancy extras on a piece of clothing (like a little bit of velvet covering the seems) that just adds to that wow I feel good factor! and who doesn’t want that?

Jess in Boots

CSC_0308 CSC_0319 CSC_0320


Hat: Marks and Spencers
Top: Gap (in store)
Skirt: H&M (Other options)
Shoes: New Look

I’m beginning to think that I have a problem. A boot Problem.


My shoe collection has become less shoes and more boots this last year than I (normally) care to mention. I think I went from last year having one pair of knee high slouchy boots (my beloved cowgirl/pirates of the Caribbean boots – I can’t believe those babies aren’t still around, it makes me sad.) One heeled knee high boots to . . . well a lot.


So there’s no shame here right? (If so . . . um, shhh??) Here’s the list;


Trainer boots x2 (grey and sand – yes I bought the same shoe in two colours!)


Sort of crepe soled boots x2 (Brown/Black again I bought the same shoe twice)


Black knee high boots (flat)


Grey-ey flat sort of pirate style ankle boots


Brown ankle boots (there new, A, I love them. B, this is my problem!)


The Sparkle boots of joy (there glitter is now falling off in places, again, makes me sad!)


Cowgirl ankle boots


My snowy fur lined boots (which have a heel and still allow me to walk in the snow fine (shocking)


That’s 11 pairs! 11!! And I feel like I’ve missed a pair as well!! The worst thing is . . . I keep looking for more. I see my favourite bloggers in a different type of boot and I’m like . . . want! Want! WANT!


So I think it’s my latest obsession. Like when I had ten thousand dolly shoes (this is a small exaggeration) it was more like 12 thousand. But I like to think, on the plus side these have a bit more sole to them, they don’t hurt my feet (unless they pinch, but that’s just wearing them in . . .) and they are ankle friendly! So win win!


I’m hoping to get the new brown boots on the blog soon so stay tuned!!


Your Cheatin’ Heart

CSC_0323  CSC_0321

Jacket: Next 2008/9 Top: Gap Skirt: H&M 2012 Shoes: New Look summer 2013 Bag: Victorias Secret, gifted by Joshes lovely parents.

I am, let’s be honest here, a bit of a hoarder. I often buy things in bulk and stick to things that I know work, and work well. That’s why I have no less than five stretchy (jersey) pencil skirts. Now my mother would say that’s about four too many and yes, she’s right (whose mother isn’t? Can I get an amen?) But here’s my argument.

I work in an office five days a week. That’s five skirts! Can I rest my case? Your right, probably not. Especially since I have jeans, jeggings, treggings, dresses, two pairs of actual trousers somewhere . . . (read: not worn much, eh?) But anyway a great jersey skirt ticks all my boxes, they aren’t too restrictive which is great for you know, moving, sleeping in on the train (what? Me?) Just sitting . . . all day . . . and they don’t crease; they don’t need ironing (as if that would happen anyway) so what’s not to love?

Even better, I find is that I can wear them in a varied amount of lengths. This is doubly great at the moment as the trend is for the midi skirt in a jersey material. So yes, maybe I bought too many but now each skirt can be worn like this!

This is probably the least flattering of all the looks on me as I’m pretty top heavy (plus an apple shape – joy of all joys) but I do wear them like this anyway – I like to think the camera adds weight. That’s still a thing right? Regardless if you’re tall girl, rejoice! Cause a mid-length jersey skirt can be pulled higher to be a just over a knee or later this week a tall girl acceptable mini!

You can’t say I never gave you anything . . .

Desperately Seeking . . . Shirts


Shirt: H&M circa 2011, Tee: H&M Basics, Skirt: H&M Basics, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Accessorize, Shoes: Not a clue . . . 

When I dream, I dream of checkered shirts. Not the ones I already own unfortunately but the ones I have yet to . . . In particular these+ little beauties from gap. At the moment I can’t decide whether I prefer the blue or red but either way a shrunken mens shirt? looks like a mans shirt but fitted like a girl, hell yeah, shirt me up! 

My only concern is, are gap shirts long enough for tall girls? leave me a message if you think yay/no because right now im very much considering taking the plunge and risking an online purchase.

My apologies about not knowing who the shoes are by but to be honest I bought them in 2007 so im pretty sure they don’t exist anymore! How have your tuesdays been?