Furniture | Copper Accents

Made, three legged table +  Desk top lamp from Sainsburys (now, only in store), Utensil pot, Oliver Bonas (now only in store if available), Large bamboo display bowl+ Next copper mirror +

I hate to tell you that I’m trend led but sometimes I am. There is something so delicious about a good metallic that how could I resist such beauties? Whats a particular favourite about a metallic is it reflects light! I know my flat wasn’t exactly in the dark but I certainly have my days of wishing we had more light and a little light reflecting lamp stand or bowl and your laughing, in copper perfection . . .

Cheating on Fashion with Furniture.

Cheating on fashion with furniture

In the last few months I have had what feels like the worst dress sense in the world. On the blog I somehow manage to pull it all together, especially on weekends but during the week I have the worst version of my own personal style.

So where is the problem? I know that somewhere in the past I dressed well and without much thought but now it is as if there is a brick wall between me and looking even mildly put together – the problem is the use of my brain power.

For some getting dressed is as simple as a uniform. The capsule is a tool which should make this uniformity simple and yet for me whose ability to get dressed is closely tied to my creativity it never seems to be quite this simple.

What is actually simple is the reason, we are buying a house. A big(for us) house that is taking all of our time, attention and our hearts. So much so that we have already joked that the house is our new family member, our child and quite honestly all the brain power we have is being funnelled into it.

I am even more in love with soft furnishings now then I was before, a home décor Pinterest over consumer, even my dreams include me wondering around our future property re designing. I am consumed and because of this I am an official lack lustre dresser.

I know what I need to do is simple, wear all black, put my skinny jeans and my pumps on, keep it simple or even just wear a dress. It’s the easiest thing I could have done and yet I haven’t. Why though? Because leggings and paint smears are just more full-filling right now!

I had never really thought about how getting dressed is affected by your mood even though I knew shopping was! It seems crazily obvious now but now that I know this I have begun to think that maybe I need a backup uniform. Something that works with bloating, is effortless and you can wear it different ways for a whole week until the inability to dress passes.

What about you guys? Do you have a backup outfit for those nothing to wear, can’t get dressed days? Also if you have suggestions for styles you think will suit me and are simple drop me your suggestions below!

Budgeting for Anthro . . .


We fell in love with . . . Their incredible door knobs, Ryan Hoffmann Bowls and two placemats. and we will most likely go back for two of their large cappuccino mugs . . . and possibly their little umbrella ring pot for keeping things safe . . .

DSC_0215 DSC_0207 DSC_0204DSC_0216 DSC_0210 DSC_0221

I am a lover of expensive and beautiful things for the home. I will spend more money on these pieces than my clothes without even a second glance and without supervision I will run rampant with our budget if we’re (Josh) is not careful.

Naturally then I would love Anthropologie. I first heard of the store via style blogs (for clothes) and truthfully I didn’t think much more of it until we needed bowls to complete our dinning set and I thought why not have a quick look . . . that won’t harm anyone right?

Well heres the thing . . . I ended up finding some gorgeous bowls in various patterns (my original want was for something Mediterranean) and I was happy to stretch the price as after all most of our dining set was inexpensive Ikea so why not right?

So on our weekend away we thought this was the time then, we set ourselves a little budget + extras and went to the London Branch up Regents Street.

We did not end up with the original bowls (although they are still online) but instead these beautiful ones by the artist Ryan Hoffmann. This may surprise you but they were actually found and liked by Josh! Who would have thought I had trained him so well hey?

Throw in some gorgeous door knobs for a chest of drawers project I have in mind for spring and two place mats for our bedroom and we were two very happy shoppers!

We go back to our regular fashion on Thursday with my weekend outfit and fun flats on friday so stay tuned!

Homer called. Why are you going on an odyssey?


Sometimes me and Josh get a little silly. Today it was helped by the fact I have a cold thats made my hearing a little worse than normal. So when Josh said “home’s calling” I heard, “homer called. . .” so of course in that situation you have to ask the question “why are you going on an odyssey?” No? Ah, I did fear that response. Guess you’ve gotta be there in our strangeness.

Before we move on, thanks to the lovely Boo you need to check out Octodad we laughed and laughed and laughed. . . so funny.

Anyway, so today I am interrupting fashion with home-wares! Yay. I hope you all don’t mind, but one of my other loves since moving to Kent has become our flat. After our first year we are beginning to get everything together in some resemblance of a style. When I say that though, I mean were still a pretty hot mess but we are also realizing what we like and what we don’t and that was also need a bigger place . . . but thats a story for another day.

Instead today, I want to share with you all our flat in progress. Our living room is completely done which I’ll probably share another day but for today I wanted you all the see a bit of the process as hopefully our mess might be a little less messy soon!

In the bedroom we aim to get a nice plain bedspread obviously our current one is a little bit wacky for that amount of cushions! then some rugs but also we need a new bed frame and I’ve gotta ask what wood? Because we are again currently living on very kind donations from our family so that means a fabulous mix of Elm, Pine and oak all in various colours, styling I know but I’m thinking of painting the side cabinets but the question remains, white, black dark brown? Colours are proving to be difficult for me to resist so far did you notice?

Finally, I wanna thank you all for dropping by and for taking this blog to 100 subscribers! which is just too much for me to handle, so thank you for stopping by I appreciate it!

In Which I realise you can’t escape fate. Or family. Well, unless you run really fast, but even then . . .






I am obsessed. I realised it when I stopped looking at clothing and paid more attention to the fact that we had an entirely too large collection of clear pint glasses. I then decided I needed more coloured glass and that I should probably replace those chipped plates we bought me for uni four years ago.

You know what I’ve realised? I am my mothers daughter.

I kept thinking as a child that I could escape it, but to be honest its just highly unlikely that I will. I am part her after all – who was I kidding to think that I could escape a family that have been in house furnishings for 80 something years that I somehow wouldn’t love furniture and everything else home related? It just wasn’t going to happen.

So recently you may ask I have become pretty single minded after all there is an amazing range of chopping boards we love, glasses from habitat to buy a lamp from asda whose shade I have make over plans for, New bed covers, the cutest kettle in kitchen aid cream that would match its blue counter part toaster we haven’t bought yet . . . the list goes on.

I blame Uni – why? well I have got to be honest I got used to the moving every year. I loved having an entirely new space each year. it was great to make your life over and now for the first time in a long time we are actually staying in one place and me? I’m thinking about painting. Walls, furniture (joshes pine bed has sanding, sealing and painting in its future – it just doesn’t know it yet . . .) and so many other things if i listed them we’d be here for days!

Really though I’d like a house I could paint. I’ve got colours on the brain and a future study to create so whose going to foot the bill? Anyone?


Who saw november coming? One minute it was the summer, I’d just left uni and now look its almost christmas! and me and the boy are now making christmas plans and trying to get everyones christmas presents sorted! Worse still as the time flew its almost been a month since I have updated this blog! even worse was that I had been dedicated to having something new on TVCLifestyles every week and it went un-updated for at least two! which I must apologise for because theres new excuse for an empty blog! none at all! 

Here however its less about vintage and a bit more about me, so let me fill you in on the month gone . . .



With TVC, me and the boy went out and experimented with setting up scenes for accessories, at this point it was still warm out and I was still overly excited about wearing a scarf. Now however Id do anything to be back on the millennium bridge not feeling the arctic wind. 

However sometimes wearing a scarf is fun and you don’t feel like your still freezing when wearing it. 



This is my bf’s scarf which was made by his mum and sister however its so long that we can be redonkulously couperly and share it. Much fun was had trying to breathe while both wrapped in this thing! 


Thinking of scarves I decided the time to re-learn to knit was now! so I bought a bunch of rowen wools from hobby craft in town and got to my needles, I was quite pleased with the outcome. 


This month I also got the pleasure of going to check out the stock of the up and coming vintage and antique furniture and interiors website The Phoenix and the Lion. I loved the stock here are a few photo’s of my favourite pieces. The worst thing was my camera began to run out of battery so I didn’t quite get the perfect shots that I wanted. If your interested in anything posted below, keep checking back as upon the sites launch Im gonna give it a shout out and a couple of links for you guys to check out. 



have a great month! and hopefully I’ll be back again before december strikes!