Therealjlow Shops | Christmas Fashion Buys

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Zara, Black Velvet Bag, George Asda, Jumping Stags jumper, Next, Red Dress, Zara, dancing shoes.

So I always have these ideas about a Christmas outfit, that I will buy one, photograph it on the blog, that it will look fabulous! The truth however is I never find anything I really love for the price I’d like it at.

This year however, things are going to be different.

We have decided to have a ‘friends Christmas’ this year where our nearby friends get together, with each person making a different dish and of course that will be all done in a Christmas jumper.

Now this will be held at my own house so I don’t really need a bag and shoes and probably not a floor length dress but who said you have to need something to want it? No one at all.

The Curse of Sabrina and the over the knee boots.

I think we can safely say this is my new favourite skirt. Anything thats flippy or flares is great on me as it balances out my broader top half. For a more fun work look or date night I love this look I also love these boots since they bridge the gap between knee high and over the knee high boots. I’m not sure that these are meant to actually reach my knees or not but as I am a little short for Long Tall Sally they come up nice and high.

I actually love this length more than over the knee however! Ever since watching the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a child I have always associated knee high boots with the patent pair she wore to party in in the other realm and so I guess you can say they might always speak nineties fashion to me!

Roll Neck Jumper: Lidl, Flippy Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Boots c/o Long Tall Sally, Bag: Accessorize (2011)

Capsule Revamp | Christmas Edition.

Time for a Capsule Revamp! Only guys, its Christmas so you know what I thought might be more fun? 30×30 style christmas outfits! From work to  party on the blog and on Instagram I am hoping to share my favourite colour schemes, outfit choices and style notes for the festive season!

Houndstooth Trousers: Zara, Lime Green Jumper: Primark, Waterfall Coat: Next, Booties: New Look, Furry Bag: Zara

Can you believe we only have around 6-9 blog posts left until the greatest time of year? Thats right I have turned into one of those people, the Christmas obsessed. I’m not obsessed per say but I have certainly developed a love of all things Christmas in recent years!

I’m not a massive fan of the shopping fiasco and the trying to come up with amazing presents but what I do love is the Christmas feeling, I love seeing the pretty lights and having a christmas tree and decorations in the flat, I love christmas meals (even brussels), cider, carol singing, traditional christmas music (not a fan of anything mildly eighties and beyond however!) But more importantly I love spending time with our families and of course Christmas fashion!

The only problem I have at this time of the year is that I fall in love with all these gorgeous fabrics and styles only to find that when I get to the stores that nothing really well, grabs me? Yesterday I stood in Asda with a mini dress entirely made of sequins and I felt nothing . . . My whole trip had been to find sequins and they were staring me in the face and nope, not interested enough. So as I fall in love over and over again with all the other bloggers incredible festive outfits I was concerned that I might fall flat. However it was then that it occurred to me, why not keep in with my capsule wardrobe and share how I will be remixing my existing wardrobe for festive styles this season? First up is a work look!

I love these houndstooth trousers from Zara and I can’t believe that I have finally found the illusive trouser! Black works wonders when it comes to winter & christmas parties but I feel like this zingy yellow really makes a simple outfit more of a standout! Furthermore I really love how by simply adding a great pair of heels can take this look from the office to a party or at least evening drinks!

Are there any occasions your still looking for this christmas? If so comment below and Ill try coming up with a look for you!