I should’ve worn pink




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Its that day again, the day all singletons hate and all couples like to exchange gifts on and tell each other how much they love each other. For me? Valentines has been and gone folks! It was last saturday, didn’t you know? But again, I didn’t wear pink, what was I thinking? 

I mean obviously a romantic get a way and fancy turkish food isn’t romantic enough without a romantic outfit right? Wrong, ill tell you, my mainly green inspired weekends were pretty romantic even without some hearts. But now? All I can think about is pink outfits, so maybe next week?  

Bet you didn’t see that coming, now where to buy an entire outfit covered in hearts? Mmmm, maybe not then.


Clueless for lunch

Clueless for lunch

I don’t tend to go out for lunch, its usually just a enjoy my sandwich with a bit of blog searching and today was no exception. Finding this blog and in particular this shoot styled on clueless has just made my day!

So gorgeously shot and I love all the clothes and styles (seriously considering getting myself the flowered dress with checkered shirt look for this summer/springs nineties trends!) this is just the best shot I’ve seen in a while. I think some more experimenting is coming up on the blog for sure!

Until next time!