AW Capsule Wardrobe Budgeting | Little sale updates

AW Capsule Wardrobe Budgeting | Little sale updates

One of my favourite ways to save money is to buy new season items in the sales for half the price. For instance, I bought three pairs of boots for AW15 back in the mid-season May sales and now I have bought my jumpers. I had no intention on buying only jumpers just as I had no intention on buying a load of boots the other month but I am pleased to see that the next season might be all jumpered up!

The only downside to this is that I set out for cardigans (or coatigans) but I seem to have only come back with jumpers to upside to this of course is I am going to be super, super snuggly this winter and that obviously is the dream.

The black v backed jumper.

When I was a kid ribbed jumpers freaked me out. I couldn’t explain why but they always made me feel . . . strange. However the design on this one from Zara had me quickly overlooking my childhood fears and for only £7.99 I thought it was best for my own benefit to trial this out.

Now I am going to be honest I don’t think this looks so good with the drop back facing backwards I think that is simply because of the way they have had to build it to keep it on your shoulders so yes it does have the potential to make your chest look a little strange but I am totally going to risk it. Another thing which I like is that I can turn it around and where it as a v-neck jumper which I love.

Multi-coloured jumper

My next jumper is a multi-coloured knit again from the Zara sale with a drop back. This is quite honestly the thickest and warmest jumper, but then again when I tried it on it was one of the hottest days ever so what do I know? This may or may not be on the blog in AW. I say that just because it is so thick it is more of a snuggle jumper than a high fashion one!

The light white holed jumper from Gap

I waited this little number out like a pro and I finally got it when it hit £7.99, success again. Of course I then wore it and at dinner out with Josh dropped chocolate sauce down it, which was of course far less successful. This is possibly to light for winter but it is perfect for now and the transitional stage.

The sporty jersey dress

I had seen this for full price in H&M a while back but it never seemed quite worth the cash so instead I again waited this out. I think this only cost me £6 which is great for me as I think that this will be a really casual dress for me, something to pull on, on the weekend and wear with Josh for coffee dates and the likes. I also see myself wearing it over one of my flippy skirts as well to make a slightly different look.

The suede T shirt

When I first saw these T’s I tried it on a navy and fell in love. I risked it however since I had recently bought my summer capsule and let’s be honest suede in the summer as a T-shirt? Not a good idea but in the cooler months? Yes please!!

Now I always love suede I think I have worn suede (or faux suede) boots every single winter and this one will be no different! I certainly want to wear this trend more and I am contemplating one of my five to be something fun and suede (I love those waistcoats, or a suede jacket!) but I haven’t quite decided yet since I am also pretty hooked on the idea of a sleeveless blazer.

The bright Scarf

I have actually Instagramed this scarf before but its quickly become a go too. I believe because its such a switch up in colours for me I love the idea of embracing more soft, khakis and beige tones for autumn to mix in with deep reds, burgundy’s and denim.

A little gold plated jewellery

Since getting engaged I have struggled with cheaper jewellery because in all honesty once you put really gold or silver next to fake gold and silver you can really, really tell the difference! Thankfully Accessorize now sell their Z collection which offers gold plated pieces and for me they have been really bridging the gap between full expensive pieces and cheap throw away a pieces! During the sale I stocked up on stacking rings which I like to wear everyday to work!