therealjlow 2014 in review and resolutions.

Recaps and resolutions.

Its only been in recent years that I have begun making resolutions. Not a big fan, its taken a while to realise the benefits in having goals for yourself and not just for your career or business. This year has been incredible because it has been stabilising. Finally after almost three years I feel like I have a handle on this whole being an adult out of university business. We are no longer making really silly mistakes with our finances and time management but instead have been saving up a storm and making ‘us’ time which has been vital in our day to day happiness. So in this year to come its all about making big steps in small ways that don’t undo our past years good work but instead start building pillars on our new shiny foundations!

Make things easier on myself.

Did you know that I am entirely self taught on photoshop? Probably you didn’t, mainly because (I’m secretly uber proud) that therealjlow doesn’t use any photoshop, “retouching.” Thats not to say it won’t in the future but bar a few crafty Instagram filters therealjlow is all, you get what you see and yes that is my real face and in all its “real” glory. But in my day job a huge percentage of my day is filled with photoshop used, professionally.

However, I have never taken a class, read probably three tutorials in my lifetime and watched 1 youtube video and although that should make me incredibly proud its also made me frustrated and upset more than once – why? Because what came to others easily was harder for me and for one really daft reason, because I thought it would be better to fiddle until I learnt it. Well here’s the thing, there are tricks to photoshop as there are in all things and this year I have decided to not make everything so difficult and to instead make everything that little bit easier. So hello tutorials, books and workshops, I’m coming for you!

Personal goal? – to take a short course on Fashion Journalism

Work Goal? – To take an up to date course on social media and in particular getting the most out of analytics and associated programs.

Start planning a wedding!

In 2014 something huge happened! We got engaged! A massive milestone which I haven’t really spoken about here is that by November this year we had only done one thing towards actually getting married and that was choosing a time and rough estimate for when we wanted it to happen, October 2016! Now any woman who has gotten married will tell you that in the grand scheme of things that is hardly any time at all! But of course you’ve met me (and heard I like to do things the long way) so of course I am eager to accept the challenge of getting a lot done in a short space of time so here goes in 2015 we will start planning! (or at least looking busy)

Personal Goal – to find and put a deposit down on a venue and get our theme together!

therealjlow will . . . . get a domain at least!

Finally you might be thinking I am planning on taking the plunge and moving therealjlow to be hosted elsewhere and to have its own domain. Its gotten to a point that I think therealjlow deserves its own space on the internet and I hope you agree that this is the next step!

I would love to have some of your thoughts what do you love on blog sites and what do you hate? I’m talking layout and usability! I know my own pet peeves but as readers this will be more important to you all! So please leave any thoughts you have below or on any post or even email me! on

therealjlow photos

Have you noticed a pattern up there? I always put my head to the same side and worse the backgrounds are getting more than boring, right? definitely time to find some new photograph spots!


This feels a little bit like the last non big deals year for a while with 2016 hopefully being getting married and 2017 being a house this is our year for saving and getting ourselves as together as possible.

The clothes –

This year has been the year of good outfits. Clothing wise I am somewhat better dressed and as that was my aim I’m pretty proud of that!

Keep an eye out for my winter capsule! Ack! I am super pleased with this one and I hope you guys will be too! Equally however I am also very much excited for Spring! haha see you back to normal come Monday!