Must be a mid-Capsule thing

Must be a mid-capsule thing

We have gotten to the end of July and my creativity has apparently abandoned me for someone better. I have to ask myself, is this a mid-capsule thing? During winter I got bored of being too one style, in autumn I had the hot mess stage and again I have those pesky hot mess feelings.

I don’t understand how this happens I can’t help but wonder if maybe I get lazy? When you buy new items every week its almost easier to dress yourself but once you’ve lived with your set clothes for a while it’s almost as if you stop seeing the good parts of your wardrobe and just forget how to be original.

I will say this here the key is really simple re organise your closet! Obviously if I was doing the traditional capsule I would be at that three month mark where I could switch everything around but in this case it’s a case of re organising what I have to better see what I have.

I have approached this in several quick steps which are as follows;

Remove the items that you haven’t worn or don’t work for you.

This is the after from my first clear out – there’s even less now and it makes us so happy!!!

Doing a capsule for six months is vastly different to three, I gave myself more room by having more clothes and of course this also means that there are pieces I haven’t worn or worse, even thought about. So I’ve pulled those out with items such as my thick jumpers which I will probably only put back in come mid-September time.

Keep your space clear

As you know I recently bought some sale purchases for fall now being lazy I have just hung them up in my current capsule and although I haven’t worn them they are cluttering prime real estate which could be giving me a bit more space to see potential outfits! So I have pulled them out

Re order

So the big one, reorder your closet! I am a big colour coordinator when it comes to my clothes. Back when I still lived with my parents we had these fantastic double hanging, nolte wardrobes. I used to love cleaning up mine and making them all beautifully colour coordinating (bottoms on the top shelf, tops on the bottom) and then I would be told off for leaving my wardrobe doors open – which I did so I could stare at my clothes from my bed. Sad but true.

So right now I have them colour coordinated (or course) but by item so it goes, tanks, tops, dresses, sweaters, skirts, trousers. So since I have less this time I have made it so I have all items in white together, all items in blue together say so I can hopefully put better ideas together!

When in doubt go back to black

So recently I have been struggling predominately with colours. My ultimate get back to basics solution? Go back to black, or white or navy, whatever your capsule’s normal base colour go back to it, pull on an outfit made entirely of that colour and then have a few stress free days to give your mind a break! My go to are,

White on white is my new surprising favourite! I love how easy it is to bring a look together just my making your colours the same!

  • Black jeans, Black Blazer and a black T-shirt
  • My white wrap skirt, white tee and white converse
  • My denim jeans, navy t-shirt and navy boots

Maybe dressing in all one colour seems weird but I like to think that taking it back to something so simple is really helpful for sparking your creativity again and feeling put together.