The Capsule Wardrobe, Workwear

Different workplaces demand different types of workwear we all know this but more often than not I feel like none of us really know what we are doing. In canary warf, the suit, the black skirt and blazer? They’re king! In the office spaces I’ve been in there has been a more relaxed vibe, even jeans on Monday’s. However when I think about work and what makes me feel really good I rarely think denim. Sure, comfort, sexy yes, yes,yes but work and feeling business like? Thats a different outfit and exactly what I would like to develop moving forward.

This outfit was a really great starting point. You’ve got the tailored pant leg which adds the professional edge whilst its semi elastic band gives that uber comfort that jeans would. I love this butterfly cut top from Zara as well, its loose fit is my favourite for days when you need a little more relaxation whilst remaining more interesting than a regular T.

Lastly, this bag? I’ll admit I became sale pray (why does it always happen when you have no money for clothing?) but honestly have you seen it? With removable straps and attachments this bag is both a handbag and a rucksack, is that or is that not the ultimate work/casual bag?

By the way for those in the UK I couldn’t find this bag online but in store I got it reduced from £45 to £22!